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Opening And Switching Apps; Entering Text - Zte Z233VL User Manual

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Knowing the Basics

Opening and Switching Apps

Opening an App
1. Press the Power/End Key if the current screen is not the home screen.
, then use the 4-Way Navigation Key to highlight an app.
2. Select
3. Press the Center Key to open it.
Switching Between Recently Opened Apps
1. Press the Recent Apps Key. A list of the names and thumbnails of apps you've recently
used opens. If you've been using more apps recently than can fit on the screen, you
can scroll the list up and down.
2. Select a thumbnail to open that app.
NOTE: Select Clear all to remove all thumbnails.

Entering Text

Changing the Input Mode or Language
You can enter text using the following input modes: abc, Abc, ABC, T12 abc, T12 Abc,
T12 ABC, and 123 (number input).
When entering text, you will see the input mode indicator on the right side of the
Status Bar.
• To change the input mode, press and hold the Vibration Mode Key and select a text
entry mode.
• To change the input language, press and hold the
Entering Letters
• Press a number key (2 ~ 9) multiple times until the preferred letter is shown on the
screen. Press once to enter the first letter on the keypad; press twice quickly to enter
the second letter, and so on.
• Press the 0 Key to insert a space, or press the
• Press the Clear Key to delete the letter to the left of the cursor. Press and hold the
Clear Key to delete all entered text to the left of the cursor.
NOTE: When using Abc mode, only the first letter will be capitalized. After entering the
first capital letter, Abc mode will automatically change to abc mode.
Entering Numbers
In numeric mode (123), you can enter numbers directly using the number keys.
Entering Symbols
1. Press the
2. Use the 4-Way Navigation Key to select a symbol.
3. Press the Center Key.
Using Predictive Text
Predictive Text Mode (T12 abc/T12 Abc/T12 ABC) is based on a built-in dictionary and
generates words from the combination of letters pressed.
• Press each key once that corresponds to the letter you want to enter. The letters are
shown on the display as they are entered. The list of candidate words changes as each
key is pressed. Use the 4-Way Navigation Key to highlight a candidate word, and then
press the Center Key.
Knowing the Basics
Key to select symbols.


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    This manual and/or the phone are terrible. When activating my account with tracfone it offered to set up security. That required entering my email. There is no way to enter any characters other than letters and numbers. Symbols don't seem to be available. And the manual gives no help on the matter. I have the printed manual which came with the phone and it is just the same.
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