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zika TIG160S User Manual

Tig series
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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for zika TIG160S

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. SAFETY ................................... 2 2. GENERAL DESCRIPTION ............................3 3. MAIN PARAMETER ............................... 4 4. INSTALLTION & OPERATION ............................ 6 5. WELDING PARAMETERS TABLE ........................... 10 6. FAQ ....................................11 7.
  • Page 3: Safety

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 1. SAFETY Welding is dangerous, and may cause damage to you and others, so take good protection when welding. For details, please refer to the operator safety guidelines in conformity with the accident prevention requirements of the manufacturer.
  • Page 4: General Description

    MMA and TIG welding functions are available on TIG180A, TIG200A, TIG300 and TIG400. TIG160SⅡ, TIG200SⅡ, TIG180PⅡ, TIG180AⅡ and TIG200AⅡ are models of new products with plastic enclosure. The enclosure is made of non-flammable ABS material. Compared to the machines of metal enclosure, it has more advantages, such as beautiful appearance, excellent insulation, waterproof, antistatic and anticorrosion.
  • Page 5: Main Parameter

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 3. MAIN PARAMETER MODEL TIG160S TIG200S TIG180A TIG200A TIG180P TIG200P Single-phase AC230V/AC230V 15% Input voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Input current (A) No-load voltage (V) Output current range 10~160A 10~200A 10~180A 10-200A 10-180A...
  • Page 6 OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 TIG250/ TIG300S/ MODEL TIG300 TIG400 (TIG250 single-phase) (TIG300S single-phase) 3-phase AC380V15% Input voltage (V) (Single-phase AC200V15% for TIG250 single-phase and TIG300S single-phase) 50/60 50/60 50/60 Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Input current (A) 9.5/29 12.5/38 12.5 19.8 No-load voltage (V)
  • Page 7: Installtion & Operation

    3) Check whether the voltage value varies in acceptable range with a multi-meter. 4.2 Connection of output cable ◆ TIG: Applicable to TIG160S/TIG200S 1) Correctly connect the TIG torch according to the above drawing. Connect the gas-electric connector of the TIG torch to the corresponding connector (2a) on the machine panel, and tighten it clockwise.
  • Page 8 OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 DCEN: Connect the electrode holder to “-” output terminal, and the work clamp to “+” output terminal. 4.3 Operation Main switch (3): Switch the power switch on the back panel to “ON”, the machine is started with the power LED on and the fan working.
  • Page 9 OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 After the welding is completed, press the torch trigger again, and current will slowly drop to the crater current value. Release the torch trigger after the crater is well filled, and the machine will stop working. Downslope time control (10): The downslope time can be adjusted between 0 to 10 seconds.
  • Page 10 OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 Arc force current control (12): Applicable to TIG250/TIG400 only. You may adjust the arc force upon your requirement in MMA welding. This arc force control knob is used to control welding performance. Especially, it can be used together with the welding current control knob under low current to adjust the arc ignition current conveniently, not controlled by the welding current control knob.
  • Page 11: Welding Parameters Table

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 5. WELDING PARAMETERS TABLE Table 1- Parameters for TIG welding on stainless steel sheet (for reference only) Plate Electrode Wire Welding Welding Current Gas flow Thickness Welding joint diameter diameter current speed type (L/min) (mm) (mm)
  • Page 12: Faq

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 6. FAQ The phenomena listed below may be caused by the accessory you use, the working environment or the power supply condition. Try to improve the working environment to avoid such occurrence. ◆ Black weld bead This indicates that the weld bead is not well protected and is oxidized.
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 3) Overvoltage is forbidden. Regarding the power supply voltage range of the machine, please refer to “Main Parameters” table. This machine is of automatic mains voltage compensation, which ensures that the welding current varies within the given range.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    R160A SC-A5 9. TROUBLESHOOTING Note:Only the qualified technicians are authorized to undertake the maintenance and repair task in case of machine fault. 9.1 Troubleshooting for TIG160S/TIG200A/TIG 200S/TIG180A/TIG180P/TIG200P/single-phase TIG300S/ single-phase TIG250 Malfunction Phenomena Cause and Solution Turn on the machine, the 1.
  • Page 15: Machine

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 Malfunction Phenomena Cause and Solution 1. The primary wire of the arc ignition transformer is not well connected to the power PCB. Reconnect it. Turn on the machine, the 2. The discharge nozzle is oxidized or the interelectrode distance of the protection LED is off, but discharge nozzle is too long.
  • Page 16: Machine

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 9.2 Troubleshooting for TIG250/TIG400 Malfunction Phenomena Cause and Solution 1. Make sure the air switch is not damaged and is closed. 2. No input power. 3. Check if the four thermal resistors on the power PCB are damaged. (This Turn on the machine, the fan is mainly caused by the bad contact of the DC24V relay or that the relay is does not work, and there is...
  • Page 17: Machine

    OPERATORS’ MANUAL · TIG SERIES R160A SC-A5 Malfunction Phenomena Cause and Solution 1. Overcurrent protection: Shut down the machine, and restart it when the protection LED is off. 2. Overheating protection: Wait for 2~3 minutes without shutting down the machine, and it will recover automatically. 3.