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zika I-TIG 200AC/DC II User Manual

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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for zika I-TIG 200AC/DC II

  • Page 2 Preface This manual includes hardware description and operation introduction of the equipment I-TIG 200AC/DC For your and other people’s safety, please read the manual carefully. Pay attention Pay attention to the words after the signs below. Sign Description The words after this sign means there is great potential danger, which may cause major accident, damage or even death, if it is not followed.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SAFETY WARNING ............................4 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS TABLE ....................... 10 PANEL FUNCTION INSTRUCTION ........................11 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION ........................12 MAINTENANCE .............................. 16 NOTES BEFORE CHECKING ........................16 NOTES OR PREVENTIVE MEASURES ......................17 QUESTIONS TO BE RUN INTO DURING WELDING ..................18 TROUBLESHOOTING AND FAULT FINDING ....................
  • Page 4: Safety Warning

    SAFETY WARNING The safety notes listed in this manual is to ensure correct use of the machine and to keep you and other people from being hurt. The design and manufacture of welding machine considers safety. Please refer to the safety warning listed in the manual to avoid accidents.
  • Page 5 Please follow the rules below to avoid heavy accidents. ● Never use the equipment to do other things but welding. ● Follow related regulations for the construction of the input-driven power source, choice of place, usage of high-pressure gas, storage, configuration, safe-keeping of workpiece after welding and disposal of waste, etc.
  • Page 6 ● Keep hot workpiece after welding away from flammable gas. ● Do move away the combustible around when weld the dooryard, ground and wall,. ● The wire connection of base metal should be as close to the welding place as possible. ●...
  • Page 7 ● Never put the cylinder under high temperature or sunshine environment. ● Keep your face away from the gas cylinder exit when opening it. ● Put on the gas shield when it is not used. ● Never put the torch on the gas cylinder. The electrode can not meet the gas cylinder. Any touch of the switch part will cause injury, please note the following.
  • Page 8 signal cable and phone cable. b) Wireless electric as well as TV radiation and reception equipment. c) Computer and other control equipments. d) Safety-recognition equipment etc. Such as supervise of industrial equipments. e) Health of people around. Such as personnel using the heart pacemaker or audiphone. f) Equipments for adjustment and measurement.
  • Page 9: Machine Description

    MACHINE DESCRIPTION The welding machine is a rectifier adopting the most advanced inverter technology. The development of inverter gas-shielded welding equipment profits from the development of the inverter power supply theory and components. Inverter gas-shielded welding power source utilizes high-power component MOSFET to transfer 50/60Hz frequency up to 100KHz, then reduce the voltage and commutate, and output high-power voltage via PWM technology.
  • Page 10: Technical Parameters Table

    TECHNICAL PARAMETERS TABLE Model I-TIG 200AC/DC II Parameters Power voltage 1ph AC220V±15% Frequency (Hz) 50/60 TIG: 28 Rated input current (A) MMA: 43.5 Output current (A) 10-200 No-load voltage (V) TIG: 18 Rated output voltage (V) MMA: 28 AC duty cycle %...
  • Page 11: Panel Function Instruction

    PANEL FUNCTION INSTRUCTION Front panel layout Power switch AC/DC switch Current meter AC balance adjustment Abnormal indicator Post flow adjustment ARC start current adjustment Positive output terminal Welding current adjustment Remoter control Basic current adjustment Torch switch socket Down slope adjustment Gas connector Remote control switch Negative output terminal...
  • Page 12: Installation Instruction

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION Equipment is equipped with power voltage compensation equipment. When power voltage fluctuates between ±15% of rated voltage, it still can work normally. When use long cable, in order to prevent voltage form going down, bigger section cable is suggested. If cable is too long, it may affect the performance of the power system.
  • Page 13 Installation diagram (TIG) Power supply (1Phase~220V) Argon gas cylinder Connected to the ground Earth clamp Work piece TIG torch Installation diagram (MMA) Power supply (1Phase~220V) Connected to the ground Earth clamp Work piece Electrode holder...
  • Page 14: Operation Instruction

    OPERATION INSTRUCTION DC TIG welding 1. Turn on power switch, fan begins to wheel. 2. Open argon switch, and adjust gas flow to rated standard.( refer to flow table) 3. Put the welding switch to “upper position” is TIG WELDING. 4.
  • Page 15 AC TIG welding 1. When put the switch to “AC” position, it is AC arc welding, which can be for aluminum materials. 2. Pulse duty knob: During AC arc welding, current transfers between up side and down side continuously. When current goes from tungsten stick to work piece, it is positive current time. At this moment, stick heats slightly and quantity of heat is concentrated, which is good for welding.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE WARNING Before maintenance and checking, power must be turned off, and before opening the housing, make sure the power plug is pulled off. 1. Remove dust by dry and clean compressed air regularly, if welding machine is operated in environment where is polluted with smokes and pollution air, the machine need remove dust every month.
  • Page 17: Notes Or Preventive Measures

    NOTES OR PREVENTIVE MEASURES 1. Environment The machine can perform in environment where conditions are dry with a dampness level of max 90%. Ambient temperature is between -10 to 40 degrees centigrade. Avoid welding in sunshine or drippings. Do not use the machine in environment where condition is polluted with conductive dust on the air or corrosiveness gas on the air.
  • Page 18: Questions To Be Run Into During Welding

    QUESTIONS TO BE RUN INTO DURING WELDING Fittings, welding materials, environment factor, supply powers maybe have something to do with welding. User must try to improve welding environment. A. Black welding spot ——Welding spot is not prevented from oxidizing .User may check as following: 1.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting And Fault Finding

    TROUBLESHOOTING AND FAULT FINDING Fault symptom and solutions. Faults symptom Solutions 1. Power switch is damaged. Power indicator is not lit, fan does not work and no 2. Make sure the electric wire net connecting to input cable is working alright welding output 3.
  • Page 20 1. Primary cable of arc-striking transformer is poor contact with power board, tighten it again. Abnormal indicator is not lit, sound HF arc- 2. Arc-striking tip is oxidized or distance is too far, get rid of film oxide of burner or adjust the distance between burners to be 1mm. striking can not be heard, wiping welding can strike 3.