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Axis 211 Quick Start Manual

For somat edaq; somat edaq lite; axis m7001 video encoder; korenix jetnet poe switch
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Quick Start Guide
Network Camera Devices



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  Summary of Contents for Axis 211

  • Page 1 Quick Start Guide Espanol Deutsch English Network Camera Devices lite SoMat eDAQ/eDAQ...
  • Page 2 Network Camera Devices A3090-1.1 en...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1.2.1 Reset the Camera to Factory Default 1.2.2 Configure the Camera Step 2: Configure and Run a Test 1.3.1 Add a Camera Message Channel Step 3: View the Camera Data Troubleshooting Troubleshooting During Configuration Troubleshooting After Configuration Configured Axis M7001 Does Not Show Video A3090-1.1 en...
  • Page 4 Network Camera Devices A3090-1.1 en...
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    General dangers of failing to follow the safety instructions The Axis network camera devices comply with the state of the art and are safe to operate. Inappropriate use and operation by untrained personnel can give rise to remaining dangers.
  • Page 6 Network Camera Devices Maintenance and cleaning The Axis network camera devices are maintenance free. Please note the following when cleaning the housing: • Before cleaning, disconnect the equipment from the power supply. • Clean the housing with a soft, slightly damp (not wet!) cloth. Never use solvents, since these could damage the labelling on the front panel and the display.
  • Page 7 Error messages may only be acknowledged if the cause for the error has been removed and no further danger exists. Conversions and modifications HBM’s express consent is required for modifications affecting the Axis 211 Network Camera design and safety. HBM does not take responsibility for damage resulting from unauthorized modifications.
  • Page 8 Network Camera Devices A3090-1.1 en...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    HBM only supports the devices listed in the above table and assumes no risk if any other devices are used. 1.1.1 Equipment To use an Axis network camera to record and view video, the following equipment is required: • a networked eDAQ or eDAQ lite with firmware version 3.14 or later •...
  • Page 10: Configure The Camera

    Network Camera Devices 1.2.2 Configure the Camera Next, configure the camera using the web interface: 1. If not already, power on the camera and connect it to the network via a shielded Ethernet cable to the POE switch. 2. Open a JavaScript-enabled web browser and enter the IP address of the networked eDAQ to display the eDAQ web interface.
  • Page 11: Step 2: Configure And Run A Test

    15 frames per second each. NOTE The camera image may be upside down by default. To rotate the image, refer to the Axis documentation Step 2: Configure and Run a Test 1.3.1 Add a Camera Message Channel To record camera data, configure a TCE test with a camera message channel.
  • Page 12: Step 3: View The Camera Data

    Network Camera Devices 6. Select a size, compression and frame rate. • The defaults are 640x480 pixels, 60% and 30 Hz. • For more details on these settings, refer to the eDAQ or eDAQlite User Manual. 7. Select OK to add the configured channel to the test. 8.
  • Page 13 Network Camera Devices 3. In the resulting multiplot, use the cursor to scroll through the data. The image shows the camera frame at the time value of the cursor. Notes on Viewing Camera Data in InField Consider the following when viewing camera data in InField: •...
  • Page 14 Network Camera Devices A3090-1.1 en...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    HBM. Configured Axis M7001 Does Not Show Video When using the Axis M7001, make sure to close all like video feeds before recording data. Because of resolution restrictions, the M7001 cannot deliver video for recording or as a thumbnail and as a live, full-resolution feed (opened by clicking the thumbnail in the hardware specifics column of the web interface).
  • Page 16 Europe, Middle East and Africa HBM GmbH Im Tiefen See 45 64293 Darmstadt, Germany Tel: +49 6151 8030 • Email: The Americas HBM, Inc. 19 Bartlett Street Marlboro, MA 01752, USA Tel: +1 800-578-4260 • Email: Asia-Pacific HBM China 106 Heng Shan Road Suzhou 215009 Jiangsu, China...

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