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Omega CL1000 Series User Manual

Mini hot point dry block probe calibrator.
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User's Guide
230 VAC Model
CAUTION! – This product
is not intended for medical
use or use on humans
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Mini hot point
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  • Page 1

    230 VAC Model Only CAUTION! – This product is not intended for medical use or use on humans Shop online at ® e-mail: For latest product manuals: CL1000 SERIES Mini hot point Dry Block Probe Calibrator ®...

  • Page 2

    For Other Locations Visit The information contained in this document is believed to be correct, but OMEGA accepts no liability for any errors it contains, and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. WARNING: These products are not designed for use in, and should not be used for, human applications.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    5.2.3 Fan .................. 5-1 5.3 Fuse Replacement ..............5-1 Section 6 Specifications ................6-1 Section 7 Troubleshooting Guide ............7-1 Section 8 Glossary of Terms Used in this Manual ........ 8-1 The Omega Family of Dry Block Calibrators .......... 8-2...

  • Page 4

    Table of CL1000 Series Mini hot point Dry Block Probe Calibrator ® Figures Table of Figures Figure Description Page Figure Description ................Page IEC Symbols ................1-2 Maximum Setpoint Temperature Versus Ambient Temperature ............... 2-2 Front Panel .................. 3-1 Probe Well Styles ............... 3-2 Right Side Panel .................

  • Page 5: Section 1 Introduction

    CL1000 Series Introduction Section 1 - Introduction Your CL1000 Series Mini hot point has been designed for ease of use and ® reliability whenever you have the need to test or calibrate temperature probes. It is important that you read this manual completely and follow all safety precautions before operating this instrument.

  • Page 6: General Description

    1.4 Statement on Marking It is the policy of OMEGA to comply with all worldwide safety and EMI/EMC regulations that apply. OMEGA is constantly pursuing certification of its products to the European New Approach Directives. OMEGA will add the CE mark to every appropriate device upon verification of compliance.

  • Page 7: Section 2 Installation

    CL1000 Series Installation Section 2 - Installation 2.1 Unpacking Remove the packing list and verify that you have received all your equipment. If you have any questions about the shipment, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-622-2378 or 203-359-1660. We can also be reached on the Internet at

  • Page 8: Relative Humidity

    CL1000 Series Installation Amb. Temp. Max. Setpoint °C (°F) °C (°F) 24.0 (75) 260 (500) 24.4 (76) 252 (486) 25.6 (78) 244 (472) 26.7 (80) 237 (458) 27.8 (82) 229 (444) 28.9 (84) 221 (430) 30.0 (86) 213 (416) 31.1 (88) 205 (402) 32.2 (90)

  • Page 9: Standard

    CL1000 Series Operation WARNING: High voltage is present at the power cord connection and inside the calibrator’s enclosure when connected to the AC mains supply. Do not remove the top or bottom cover of the calibrator for any reason. NOTE: There are no user serviceable parts inside the calibrator.

  • Page 10

    CL1000 Series Installation Notes: 2-4...

  • Page 11: Section 3 Operation

    CL1000 Series Operation Section 3 - Operation 3.1 Important Notes On Calibrator Operation • The calibrator is a precision instrument. Although it has been designed for optimum durability and trouble-free operation, it must be handled with care. • The probe well can be set to very high temperatures. Probes can be very hot when they are removed from the well.

  • Page 12: Available Probe Well Styles

    CL1000 Series Operation WARNING: This calibrator can be set to very high temperatures. Exercise extreme caution when operating the unit. Keep hands and fingers away from the probe well area. Keep all flammable material such as paper, plastics and clothing away from the unit.

  • Page 13: Overheat Reset Switch

    CL1000 Series Operation 3.2.6 Overheat Reset Switch OVERHEAT RESET SWITCH FRONT BACK HANDLE (IN RETRACT POSITION) Figure 5. Right Side Panel If the unit is operated at high temperatures in elevated ambient temperatures, an overheat condition may occur. In an overheat situation a mechanical reset switch on the right side panel will pop and open the heater circuit (see figure 5).

  • Page 14: Controller Parameters Settings

    CL1000 Series Operation 3.4 Controller Parameter Settings 3.4.1 Changing Controller Parameter Settings The parameters in your calibrator have been set and fine-tuned to provide the best performance possible from your unit. The unit will operate at its optimum performance when left with the factory parameter settings. The only parameter that the operator should change is the temperature setpoint or displayed engineering units (°F or °C).

  • Page 15: Controller Parameter Factory Default Settings

    CL1000 Series Operation 3.5 Controller Parameter Factory Default Settings LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 TUNE SP1.P SP1.d SSd1 BAND hAnd SP2.d SSd2 int.t A 3.3 PL.1 burn Up.SC der.t A 11 PL.2 rEU.d Ir.2d A 4.0 sp2.A nonE rEU.L In.2n...

  • Page 16: Testing/calibrating Temperature Probes

    CL1000 Series Mini hot point Dry Block Probe Calibrator ® 3.7 Testing/Calibrating Temperature Probes CAUTION: Handle hot probes carefully. Use protection for your hands and the surface you will be placing the hot probes on after removing them from the well.

  • Page 17: Section 4 Rs-232 Communication

    This section only applies to CL1000 Series Calibrators purchased with optional RS-232 Communications (–C2) Option. 4.1 Communication Port Location The RS-232 communication port is located on the left side of the CL1000 Series calibrators as shown in Figure 9. RS-232 JACK...

  • Page 18: Section 5 Maintenance

    CL1000 Series Maintenance Section 5 - Maintenance 5.1 Calibration This unit has been fine tuned at the factory and calibrated to give optimum performance of its full temperature range. It is recommended that the unit be returned annually for re-calibration.

  • Page 19: Section 6 Specifications

    CL1000 Series Specifications Section 6 - Specifications Target Plate Temperature Range: Ambient + 11°C to 260°C* (Ambient + 20°F to 500°F)* ±1.5°C (±2.75°F) Accuracy: Display Resolution: 0.1° Stability: ±0.15°C (±0.3°F)** Probe Well Uniformity: ±0.15°C (±0.3°F) Heat-Up Time: from 38 to 260°C (100 to 500°F) (15 Minutes) Cool-Down Time: from 260°...

  • Page 20: Section 7 Troubleshooting Guide

    CL1000 Series Troubleshooting Guide Section 7 - Troubleshooting Guide Problem Solution 1. Unit will not turn on. a. Check all electrical connections. b. Check rear panel fuse(s). c. Unit requires service, contact our customer service department. 2. Unit turns on but the probe a.

  • Page 21: Section 8 Glossary Of Terms Used In This Manual

    CL1000 Series Glossary of Terms Used in this Manual Section 8 - Glossary of Terms Used in this Manual Calibration The process of adjusting an instrument or compiling a deviation chart so that its reading can be correlated to the actual value being measured.

  • Page 22: The Omega Family Of Dry Block Calibrators

    Family of Dry Block Probe Calibrators ® Listed below is a selection guide of OMEGA’s current line of dry block probe calibrators that are in addition to the one you have selected. This family of rugged, portable and highly accurate calibrators covers a wide range of temperatures, well sizes and features making them perfect for temperature probe testing and calibration.

  • Page 23

    Department will issue an Authorized Return (AR) number immediately upon phone or written request. Upon examination by OMEGA, if the unit is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. OMEGA’s WARRANTY does not apply to defects resulting from any action of the purchaser, including but not limited to mishandling, improper interfacing, operation outside of design limits, improper repair, or unauthorized modification.

  • Page 24

    Where Do I Find Everything I Need for Process Measurement and Control? OMEGA…Of Course! Shop online at TEMPERATURE M U Thermocouple, RTD & Thermistor Probes, Connectors, Panels & Assemblies M U Wire: Thermocouple, RTD & Thermistor M U Calibrators & Ice Point References M U Recorders, Controllers &...

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