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Parts List - Epson ELPMC02 User Manual

Pendant microphone kit
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Never loosen any bolts, screws, or nuts after installation. Periodically check to make
sure that none of them have come loose. If you find loose hardware, retighten it
Before moving the system, be sure to check that the Connection & Control Box
power is turned off, the plug is disconnected from the outlet, and all cables are
disconnected. Fire or electric shock may result.
Do not use or store the system where the temperature is too high or too low. Avoid
places where the temperature changes frequently and rapidly.
Additional Safety Instructions
Do not install this product where it may be subject to impact or vibration.
Never disassemble or modify the product in any way. Dangerous electrical voltages
inside the components can severely injure you.
Be careful not to pinch your fingers when installing the IR receiver unit into the
Connection & Control Box.
Use a dry cloth (or, for stubborn stains, a moist cloth that has been wrung dry) for
cleaning. Do not use liquid, aerosol cleaners, or solvents such as alcohol, thinner, or
Turn off the microphone power after use.

Parts List

Before starting, make sure you have all the parts listed below. If you're missing any parts,
contact Epson as described on page 16.
Pendant microphone
IR receiver module
Neck strap
IR dome sensor
AA alkaline batteries
Coaxial cable



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