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Introduction; Important Safety Instructions - Epson ELPMC02 User Manual

Pendant microphone kit
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The pendant microphone kit is an optional accessory that is used with the wall-mountable
Connection & Control Box (ELPCB01) and speakers to add functionality to your Epson
projector. After installing your projector and Connection & Control Box, read this booklet
Install the IR receiver module
Install the IR dome sensor
Set up and use the pendant microphone
Before using the pendant microphone kit, make sure you read all of the safety instructions
below and then save this information for later reference.

Important Safety Instructions

Please follow these guidelines as you read your instructions:
Warnings indicate information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or
even death due to incorrect handling.
Cautions indicate information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or
physical damage due to incorrect handling.
Notes contain important information about your equipment.
Do not set the volume too high from the outset. A loud sound may be produced
suddenly that may cause damage to your hearing. As a precaution, lower the volume
before you turn off the system then raise it gradually after you turn it back on.
Epson accepts no responsibility for any of the components of this product falling due
to the lack of strength of the ceiling or inadequate installation.
Do not leave the system or the pendant microphone with batteries inside a vehicle
with the windows closed, in places where they will be exposed to direct sunlight, or in
other places that may become extremely hot. Thermal deformation or technical
malfunction may occur, which could result in fire.



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