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Solving Problems; Problems And Solutions - Epson ELPMC02 User Manual

Pendant microphone kit
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Solving Problems

If you have a problem with your pendant microphone kit, check the following sections for
basic troubleshooting suggestions.

Problems and Solutions

There is no sound
If you can't hear audio from the microphone, make sure that the Gain control wheel
on the pendant microphone is set so that the white line is next to Up, but still visible.
Try increasing the volume. Depending on your audio source, it's possible that no
sound may be heard at lower settings.
If you've connected an external audio device such as an MP3 player, make sure its
volume control is adjusted to allow sound output.
Press the Audio Mute button on the Connection & Control Box to make sure the
sound wasn't muted or turned off.
Make sure the Connection & Control Box is turned on.
Check to make sure that the pendant microphone's power button is green. If it's red or
not lit, replace the batteries.
Adjust the Gain control on the pendant microphone to increase the microphone
Make sure that the pendant microphone is positioned with the black emitter window
facing away from you and is free of obstructions.
Check the connection of the pendant microphone to the IR reveiver module.
Check to see if the IR dome sensor's red power light is lit. If it's not, make sure the
cables are connected properly.
My voice isn't loud enough
Adjust the audio levels, see page 9 for details.
Adjust the volume on the IR receiver module.
Adjust the Microphone gain control knob on the IR receiver module.
Solving Problems



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