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Epson MP-60 Basic Manual

Pendant microphone


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Available languages

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Attach the Neck Strap

1. Disconnect both ends of the pendant microphone's neck
2. Attach the ends of the neck strap to the pendant
3. Reconnect the ends of the neck strap.

Insert Batteries

1. Open the pendant microphone's battery cover.
2. Insert the included AA batteries into the pendant
3. Close the pendant microphone's battery cover.

Using the Microphone

1. Wear the microphone around your neck with the black
emitter facing away from you.
2. Adjust the neck strap so that the top of the microphone is
just below your collarbone.
3. Press the power button on the pendant microphone until it
clicks into place. The power button turns green.
4. Verify that the
light on the AP-60 is lit. The light
should match the
5. Adjust the microphone sensitivity by rotating the
control wheel on the pendant microphone, if necessary.
If your system has more than one microphone, make sure that
each microphone is on a different channel.
For complete instructions on using or maintaining the pendant
microphone, see your AP-60 User's Guide.


Audio input:
One 3.5 mm stereo-mini jack
Two AA alkaline manganese
Power Consumption:
DC 3.0 V 260 mA

Pendant Microphone

selector on the pendant
Contacting Customer Support
Internet Support
Visit Epson's support website at and select
your product for solutions to common problems. You can
download product documentation, view FAQs, or e-mail Epson
with your questions.
Speak to a Support Representative
Before you call Epson for support, please have the following
information ready:
Product name (Epson ELPMC01)
Product serial number
Proof of purchase (such as a store receipt) and date of
Then call:
U.S.: (562) 276-4394, 6
through Friday.
Canada: (905) 709-3839, 6
Monday through Friday
Days and hours of support are subject to change without notice.
Toll or long distance charges may apply.

Important Safety Instructions

Never pull the neck strap when it is hung around the neck.
It may result in injury or accident.
Incorrect battery usage may cause leakage of battery fluid
and battery rupture, which could result in fire, injury or
corrosion of the system. When replacing batteries, take the
following precautions:
Do not leave the microphone with batteries inside a
vehicle with the windows closed, in places where they
will be exposed to direct sunlight, or in other places that
may become extremely hot. Thermal deformation or
technical malfunction may occur, which could result in
Insert batteries so that the polarities (+ and -) are correct.
Do not use batteries of different types or mix old and
new batteries.
Do not use any batteries other than those specified in
this guide.
If the batteries leak, wipe away battery fluid with a soft
cloth. If fluid gets on your hands, wash them
Replace the batteries as soon as they run out.
Remove the batteries if you will not be using the system
for a long period of time.
Do not expose batteries to heat or flame and do not put
them in water.
Consult your state and local regulations regarding proper
disposal of batteries.
Keep these batteries out of the reach of children. Batteries
are choking hazards and are very dangerous if swallowed.
To reduce the risk of fire, do not expose this apparatus to
rain or moisture.
to 6
, Pacific Time, Monday
to 6
, Pacific Time,



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