Philips MAGIC 5 ECO PPF 650 User Manual

Philips fax machine user manual.
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PPF 650
User Manual


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   Summary of Contents for Philips MAGIC 5 ECO PPF 650

  • Page 1

    PPF 650 User Manual...

  • Page 2: Dear Customer, About This User Manual

    Dear Customer Introduction Brand Variable With the purchase of this device, you have chosen a quality PHILIPS product brand. Their device fulfils the most var- ied requirements for private use or in your office and busi- ness everyday. Your device is delivered with an already inserted free ink film for a few test pages.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Dear Customer ... 2 About this User Manual ... 2 1 General Safety Information ... 5 2 Overview... 6 Overview of the Menu Functions ... 6 Device Overview ... 7 Cordless Telephone Panel ... 8 Panel ... 9 3 Initial Operation ...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Changing the Batteries in the Cordless Telephone ... 47 Checking the Firmware Version ... 47 Using Service Codes ... 48 Power Cycling ... 48 16 Appendix... 50 Technical Data ... 50 Guarantee ... 50 Declaration of Conformity (DoC) ... 52 Customer Information ... 56 Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 5: General Safety Information

    1 General Safety Information Introduction 3 Your device has been tested in conformity with standards EN 60950-1 and IEC 60950-1 and should only be oper- ated with telephone systems and power equipment that meet these standards. The device was built exclusively for use in the indicated sales region.

  • Page 6: Overview

    93 Selecting the country... page 35 94 Entering Number 94 Entering number... page 35 95 Entering Name (PPF) 95 Entering name... page 35 96 Configuring Telephone Lines and Services 96 Configuring telephone lines and services ... page 40 Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 7: Device Overview

    Device Overview Basic Description ‚ Paper tray ƒ Document feeder (writing facing up) „ Panel with display … EXT socket—Connection socket for additional devices † LINE socket—Connection socket for telephone cable PPF 620 Internal Description Overview · Device Overview ‚ Scanner glass ƒ...

  • Page 8: Cordless Telephone Panel

    Telephone EXT £—External telephone call _—New SMS received Alarm ¥—Alarm clock switched on Timer ©—Timer switched on Registration Number 1 —Number with which the cordless telephone is regis- tered with the base unit Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 9: Panel

    Panel Message ä—Lights up, if new messages are received / list of the new messages with submenus / blinks in the case of device error (for example no ink film) Dect (PPF 650) {—Locating cordless phones (all registered cordless phones start ringing) Telephone Book ma—Press briefly: Calling up the telephone book entries.

  • Page 10: Initial Operation, Contained In The Packing, Attaching The Paper Tray, Inserting Paper

    2 Insert paper in the paper feeder. You can insert maxi- mum 50 sheets (A4 · 80 g/m2). 3 Fold open the lever on the right beside the paper feed backward in order to enclose the paper. Inserting Paper Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 11: Connecting The Telephone Cord, Connecting The Power Cord, Initial Installation

    Connecting the Telephone Cord Connecting the Telephone Cable Notice Analogue Fax Machine Your device is an analogue fax device (Group 3). It is not an ISDN device (Group 4), and there- fore it cannot be operated directly on an ISDN connection.

  • Page 12: Inserting Batteries In Cordless Telephone

    Never place the cordless telephone into the charging station without batteries. Notice Charging Batteries for 12 Hours Leave the cordless telephone in the charging station for at least twelve hours. The batteries will heat up slightly during charging; this is not dangerous. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 13: Putting Cordless Telephone In Operation

    Putting Cordless Telephone in Operation Switching on Cordless Telephone Press the green “ key for at least two seconds for switch- ing on your cordless telephone. Configuring the Cordless Telephone Normally your cordless telephone is registered with your device in the factory. In the starting mode, press OK. The display shows on which base unit and with which number the cordless telephone is registered.

  • Page 14: Telephone Functions, Putting A Call From Cordless Telephone, Calling Additional Telephone Functions

    Switching Between Calls (= Call Toggling) 2: Call Toggling Notice Hot Key Press R, to toggle between the calls. 1 During a call, press ô Menu . 2 Using [ select SWITCH . 3 Confirm with OK. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 15: Getting Outside Line, Hands-free, Forwarding A Call, Placing Internal Calls

    Making a Second Call Dialling Another Number Notice Hot Key Pressõ, and dial the other number. 1 During a call, press ô Menu . 2 Using [ select SECOND CALL . 3 Enter the desired number using the numeric keypad. 4 Press ô...

  • Page 16: Calling Line Identification (clip), Missed Calls

    If you receive calls in your absence, a message appears on the display of the cordless telephone. 1 Press OK. 2 Using [, you can page through the list of missed calls. 3 Press “, to call back. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 17: Telephone Book Of The Device, Saving Entry, Edit Entry, Deleting An Entry, Groups

    5 Telephone Book of the Device Help 3 · Telephone Functions Notice Printing Telephone Book Functions Press i and 3 to print an overview of the tel- ephone book functions. Telephone Book In the telephone book of your device, you can save entries with multiple numbers and collect multiple entries into groups.

  • Page 18: Short Dial

    1 Press OK, 14 and OK. 2 Use [ or the respective number key to select the entry you would like to delete. 3 Press C. 4 Confirm the deletion with OK. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 19: Telephone Book Of The Cordless Tele Phone, Saving Entry, Edit Entry, Deleting An Entry

    6 Telephone Book of the Cordless Tele- phone Restricted Telephone Book Functions Notice Restricted Telephone Book Functions All functions for the telephone book of the device are not available to you on the cordless telephone. Deleting and Closing Notice Navigating in the Menu Use C to delete individual characters.

  • Page 20: Calling Options

    SMS to the number, edit or delete the entry, assign a special ring tone or add an additional number to the entry, search for some other entry or save a new entry. 5 Confirm with OK. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 21: Cordless Telephone, Looking For Cordless Telephone, Switching On And Off, Navigating In The Menu

    7 Cordless Telephone Looking for Cordless Tele- phone Using the Search Function This function helps you in locating cordless telephones, which you have misplaced. For this purpose the cordless telephones must be registered with the device and must be within its range. Press { on the device.

  • Page 22: Additional Functions

    1 Press õ Stop . 2 You will be asked, whether you would like to switch off the timer . Confirm with ô Yes . You can now access the timer menu and modify settings. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 23

    Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder Using the birthday reminder you can enter the dates for up to ten birthdays. The cordless telephone rings at the entered time on the entered date. Press any key to switch off the alarm. Entering a Birthday 1 Press [, and using [ to select ACCESSORIES .

  • Page 24

    2 Press “ to make the connection. 3 Press ’ to end the call. The cordless telephone returns to the room monitoring mode. Ending Room Monitoring Press ’ on any one of the cordless telephones to end the room monitoring mode. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 25: Sending Fax

    8 Fax Help 4 · Fax Notice Printing Informations for Fax Transmis- sion Press i and 4 to print instructions for send- ing fax messages and for configuring the fax switch. Unsuitable Documents! CAUTION! Unsuitable Documents! Do not insert any documents into the device that ...

  • Page 26: Insert Dialling Pause, Direct Inward Dialling Or Selecting Sub-address, Eavesdropping While Connection Is Established

    Transmission to Multiple Recipients If your device cannot reach a recipient, the fax message is sent to the other recipients. After the device has called all recipients, it once again dials the numbers that previously could not be reached. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 27: Sending Fax Later, Fax Reception, Receiving Fax Manually, Polling Faxes, Using Fax Templates

    Sending Fax Later Sending Fax Later If you would like to make use of the lower telephone tariffs or if the recipient can be reached at some specific time only, you can send the fax at a later time—within 24 hours. 1 Insert the document.

  • Page 28: Copier, Inserting Documents, Making A Copy, Creating Multiple Copies

    (maximum of 15 copies). ument in size when copying. You can magnify up to 200 percent or reduce to as small as 50 percent of the original size. Cancel Copying Press STOP to eject the documents without copying them. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 29: Sms Requirements, Sending Sms

    10 SMS Function is not supported in all countries and networks (Function is not supported in all countries and networks) Help 8 · SMS Notice Printing Instructions for SMS Functions Press i and 8 to print the instructions for SMS functions. SMS Requirements CLIP for SMS Your device is preset for using the SMS (Short Messaging...

  • Page 30: Notification By Sms

    SMS Messages to Fax Function is not supported in all countries and networks (Function is not supported in all countries and networks) You can send an SMS as a fax to a fax machine. 1 Press _. Notice Access Function You can also call the function by pressing [ and selecting using [ SMS .

  • Page 31: Receiving Sms Messages, Reading Sms Messages

    10 Enter the number to which the SMS should be sent. 11 Confirm with OK. A message appears on the display stating the notification by SMS is activated. Receiving SMS Messages Paper Not Inserted Correctly Receiving an SMS on the Device Notice Paper Not Inserted Correctly Check if you have inserted clamped paper cor-...

  • Page 32: Calling Sms Functions, Printing Sms Messages, Deleting Sms Messages

    [ SMS . Confirm with 2 Using [ select DELETE SMS . 3 Confirm with OK. 4 Select the folder you would like to clear using [. 5 Confirm with OK. 6 Confirm the deletion with ô Yes . Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 33: Modifying The Settings

    Modifying the Settings Available Only on the Device Notice Available Only on the Device These functions are available only on the device. Changing Transmitting and Receiving Numbers Send and Receive Numbers All numbers that you need to send and receive SMSs are stored in your device.

  • Page 34: Fun And Games, Sudoku

    13 Confirm with OK. Sudoku for Every Day Notice Switching Off Function You can turn off the daily Sudoku print by selecting the function as described above and by switching off the automatic printing under point 12. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 35: Settings On The Device, Entering The Date And Time, Selecting The Language, Selecting The Country

    12 Settings on the Device Cursor Navigation 1 Notice Navigating in the Editor You can move the cursor using [. Use C to delete individual characters. Press STOP to close the menu and return to the starting mode. Entering the Date and Time 1 Press OK, 91 and OK.

  • Page 36: Reducing Transmission Speed, Switching Page Adjustment On And Off, Setting The Ring Tones

    Printing Numbers and Entries List of Numbers The list of numbers and entries contains the last ten calls received and numbers dialled as well as the saved entries and groups. Press OK, 23 and OK. The list is printed. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 37: Starting Initial Installation

    Printing Call Log Call Log The call log contains the last 50 dialled numbers. 1 Press OK, 41 and OK. 2 Using [ indicate whether you would like to turn printing on or off. 3 Confirm with OK. 4 Switch on printing: Use [, to select whether the call list should be printed immediately or after every 50 calls.

  • Page 38: Settings On The Cordless Telephone, Selecting The Language, Setting The Ring Tones

    Automatic Picking up and Hanging up the Phone These functions enable you to accept or end call by picking up the cordless telephone from the charging station or placing it back into the charging station respectively. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 39: Resetting The Cordless Telephone, Displaying Call Logs And Events

    Switching Automatic Picking Up On/Off 1 Press [, and using [ to select SETTINGS . 2 Confirm with OK. 3 Using [ select AUTO PICKUP . 4 Confirm with OK. 5 Switch the function on/off using õ EDIT ENTRY . 6 Confirm with OK.

  • Page 40: Devices

    You can register in all up to five cordless telephones with your device. Using only original cordless phones as addi- tional cordless phones ensures optimum use of all func- tions. You can get original cordless telephones through our order service or at specialist shops. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 41: Registering Cordless Telephone

    GAP Compatible Notice GAP Compatible Additional cordless telephone must be GAP- compatible. Registering Cordless Telephone Registering Cordless Telephone You must first bring the cordless telephone and then your device (= base station) in the registration mode to register a cordless telephone. 1 On the cordless telephone, press [, and using [ select SETTINGS .

  • Page 42: Using Additional Telephones (easylink)

    (i.e. a function that changes the number of rings as soon as new messages have been recorded), deactivate this function. If the external answering machine records fax signals, but your device cannot receive faxes, inspect the connection of the external answering machine Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 43: Service, Checking The Ink Film Reserve, Changing The Ink Film

    15 Service Disruptions Notice Troubleshooting Should disruptions occur, follow the instruc- tions on the display and on the error report. Checking the Ink Film Reserve 1 Press OK, 46 and OK. 2 The number of pages that can still be printed with the ink film is shown on the display.

  • Page 44: Fixing A Paper Jam

    Device can Close with a Snap! Lock the cover of the device completely into place when opening the device. You could be injured if the cover falls while you are work- ing on the device. 3 Carefully pull out the paper. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 45: Fixing A Document Jam

    4 Turn the blue gear wheel forward to tension the ink film. The ink film must not have any creases. 5 Close the device. Insert the paper tray in the opening provided for it behind the paper feeder. Insert paper again.

  • Page 46: Cleaning

    7 Turn the blue gear wheel forward to tension the ink film. The ink film must not have any creases. 8 Close the device. Insert the paper tray in the opening provided for it behind the paper feeder. Insert paper again. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 47: Displaying The Battery Charge, Changing The Batteries In The Cordless Telephone, Checking The Firmware Version

    Displaying the Battery Charge The charge indicator on the display shows the charge level of the battery. If the charge is too low, the display illumi- nation is switched off and the hands-free function is not available. Place the cordless telephone into the charging station.

  • Page 48: Power Cycling

    If it is a voice call, the device continues to ring. Check the installation of the device. Connect the telephone cable to the socket marked LINE. Insert the telephone plug into your PTT line socket. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 49

    Problems with the Connection Fax transmissions are constantly interrupted. You hear a whistling tone or silence in the handset. No fax reception or a short fax audio signal as message on the answering machine Problems with the Cordless Telephone Cordless telephone does not function or does not function as expected.

  • Page 50: Appendix, Technical Data, Guarantee

    This guarantee does not affect the Customer statutory rights. Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 51

    B) Exclusions From Guarantee Sagem Communications shall have no liability under the guarantee in respect of: •) Damage, defects, breakdown or malfunction due to one or more of the following: – Failure to properly follow the installation process and instructions for use –...

  • Page 52: Declaration Of Conformity (doc)

    Sagem Communications is not responsible, if this information is applied to other devices. This user manual is a document that does not represent a contract. Errors, printing errors and changes are reserved.Copyright È 2009 Sagem Communications Austria GmbH Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 53

    Appendix · Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

  • Page 54

    Philips · PPF 650...

  • Page 55

    Appendix · Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

  • Page 56: Customer Information

    Telephone: 08 45 - 090 03 15 Fax: 08 70 - 124 02 02 Spaltenumbruch PHILIPS and the PHILIPS’ Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. and are used by SAGEM COMMUNICATIONS under license from Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. SAGEM COMMUNICATIONS...

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