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Sanyo FXD-MP900 Operating Instructions Manual page 19

Full panel detachable fm stereo/mw receiver compact disc/mp3-cd player with cd changer controller with remote controller iso mounting with removable trim ring
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This unit is not compatible with packet writing methods.
The following three methods are used to record data (file) to disc, however, please be aware that
this unit is not compatible with "packet writing methods."
This unit plays discs recorded using "Disc-At-Once" and "Track-At-Once" methods.
1. Disc-At-Once
Data to be written is prepared beforehand and recorded in a single operation.
Additional data cannot be added.
2. Track-At-Once
Recorded per track unit (piece of music). Additional data can be added.
3. Packet writing
According to the space on the disc, tracks are further divided for recording. This is recordable.
• Do not attach the extension ".mp3" to files other than MP3 files. If a disc with such
a file is played, it will be mistakenly recognized and it may cause excessive noise to
be emitted, damaging the speaker.
• This unit may not be able to play certain discs depending on disc conditions, recording
software or the recorder used for writing the data. In such cases, refer to the instruction
manual of the equipment used.
• No extension is attached when using a Macintosh, so be sure to attach an ".mp3"
extension at the end of the file before writing onto the disc.
• This unit is not compatible with WAVE files.
• This unit is not compatible with an m3u playlist.
• This unit is compatible with multisession recorded. However, be sure to properly close
the session. Disc with a session that has not been closed cannot be played properly. When
a disc is initially inserted, some time will be required for reading the data before
play can begin.



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