Fuel Filter; Bevel Gear; Spark Plug - Husqvarna 543RS Operator's Manual

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Fuel filter
Fuel filter
When the engine runs short of fuel supply, check the fuel
cap and the fuel filter for blockage.

Bevel gear

The bevel gear is filled with the right quantity of grease at
the factory. However, before using the machine you
should check that the bevel gear is filled three-quarters
full with grease. Use HUSQVARNA special grease.
The grease in the bevel gear does not normally need to
be changed except if repairs are carried out.

Spark plug

The spark plug condition is influenced by:
Incorrect carburettor adjustment.
An incorrect fuel mixture (too much or incorrect type
of oil).
A dirty air filter.
These factors cause deposits on the spark plug
electrodes, which may result in operating problems and
starting difficulties.
If the machine is low on power, difficult to start or runs
poorly at idle speed: always check the spark plug first
before taking any further action. If the spark plug is dirty,
clean it and check that the electrode gap is 0,9-1,0 mm.
The spark plug should be replaced after about a month in
operation or earlier if necessary.
CAUTION! Always use the recommended spark plug
type! Use of the wrong spark plug can damage the piston/
cylinder. Check that the spark plug is fitted with a
0,9 - 1,0 mm

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents