Troubleshooting Guide - Honeywell HL10 Series User Manual

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The following troubleshooting guide addresses the most common problems. If problems persist, call
customer service. Unplug and disconnect the appliance from the power source before attempting to
The air conditioning
unit does not start
Runs only a short
Runs but not cooling
Will not run and Power
Will not run and
button is blinking
WATER FULL indicator
(water full indicator)
is on
Heater* is not
switching ON
(This applies to
Portable Air
Conditioner models
with built-in Heating*
function only).
No electricity.
Batteries in the remote control need
to be replaced.
The power cord is not properly
plugged in.
The safety LCDI plug has tripped
(USA / Canada / Mexico only).
The thermostat temperature setting
is too close to the room
Air outlet is blocked.
There are tight bends in the air
exhaust hose.
A door or window is open.
The air filter is dirty.
The exhaust hose is detached.
Temperature setting is too high.
Air outlet or intake is blocked.
Room exceeds recommended size.
Large size or number of windows
are decreasing cooling effectiveness.
Excess water condensation inside
the tank.
Heating* function not activated yet.
The ambient temperature is too high.
Temperature setting is too low.
Heating* is activated only when the
ambient temperature is below 25°C
Check for power.
Change remote control batteries.
Remove and reconnect the
power cord.
Reset the safety LCDI plug, if
problem persists contact our
customer support (USA /
Canada / Mexico only).
Lower the set temperature.
Make sure the exhaust hose is
properly connected.
Connect exhaust hose as per
instructions on page 4.
Make sure the window or door
is closed.
Clean the air filter.
Reinstall exhaust hose properly
(refer to Installation section).
Reduce temperature setting.
Remove blockage.
Move unit to smaller room.
Cover windows with curtains or
Drain the water (refer to Water
Condensation Drainage).
Check that the Heating* function
has been activated.
Increase temperature setting.
will be illuminated when the
Heater* is switched ON.
Switch on the Heating* function
when the ambient temperature
reaches below 25°C (77°F).
*Applicable for models with Heating feature only.

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