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Petrol Lawn Mower
Tondeuse Thermique
Rasaerba con motore a benzina
Cortadora de Césped a Gasolina
Cortador de Grama a Gasolina
Bensindriven gräsklippare
Bensindrevet gressklipper
FIN Bensiinikäyttöinen ruohonleikkuri
Benz na z les p aujmaš na
Benzinin žoliapjov
Bensiinimootoriga muruniiduk
Spalinowa kosiarka do trawy
Benzinmotoros f nyíró
Benzínová kosa ka
Benzínová seka ka na trávu
Kosilnica z bencinskim motorjem
Kositëse bari me naftë
Benzinska kosilica za travu
Ma in de tuns iarba pe baz de
Instruction manual
Manuel d'instructions
Istruzioni per l'uso
Manual de instrucciones
Manual de instruções
Instrukciju rokasgr mata
Naudojimo instrukcija
Instrukcja obs ugi
Használati utasítás
Návod na obsluhu
Návod k obsluze
Navodila za uporabo
Manuali i perdorimit
Priru nik s uputama za
Manual de instruc iuni


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   Summary of Contents for Makita PLM4627N

  • Page 1 Kosilnica z bencinskim motorjem Navodila za uporabo Kositëse bari me naftë Manuali i perdorimit Benzinska kosilica za travu Priru nik s uputama za uporabu Ma in de tuns iarba pe baz de Manual de instruc iuni benzin PLM4626N PLM4627N PLM4628N...
  • Page 2 A PLM4628N B PLM4626N C PLM4627N...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) CONTENTS SECTION 1 SYMBOLS MARKED ON THE PRODUCT (on the rear cover) ....... . .9 SECTION 2 GENERAL SAFETY RULES .
  • Page 9: Symbols Marked On The Product (on The Rear Cover)

    Explanation of general view Upper handle 10. Sideward flap 19. Bolt Brake control handle 11. Deck 20. Washer Choke lever 12. Spark plug 21. Locking knob Starter handle 13. Fuel cap 22. Lock nut Rope guide 14. Oil cap 23. The angle adjusting gear Locking lever 15.
  • Page 10: General Safety Rules

    • The operators must receive proper training in the use, adjustment and operation of the machine, including prohibited operations. Preparation • While mowing, always wear substantial footwear and Safety Label Found On Lawn Mower: KEEP HANDS AND long trousers. Do not operate the equipment when FEET AWAY barefoot or wearing open sandals;...
  • Page 11: Parts Description

    • Caution: The lawn mower shall not be operated without • Only use the recommended blades and spare parts by either the entire grass catcher or self-closing discharge the manufacturer. The use of non-genuine parts can opening guard in place. damage the machine and injure the operators.
  • Page 12: Technical Data

    4. TECHNICAL DATA Model PLM4626N PLM4627N PLM4628N Engine type B&S500E, 09P6 B&S500E, 09P6 B&S500E, 09P6 Self-propelled Engine displacement 140 cm 140 cm 140 cm Nominal Power 1.9 kW 1.9 kW 1.9 kW Blade width 460 mm 460 mm 460 mm...
  • Page 13: In 1

    6. “3 IN 1” (only for PLM4627N, - To fit: Raise the rear cover and hitch the grass catch bag on rear of mower. PLM4628N) - To remove: Grasp and lift the rear cover, remove grass catch bag. These lawn mowers can be retrofitted from its normal function, based on the application purpose: 7.
  • Page 14 cause serious personal injury to the operator and others as well as damage to property and surrounding objects. Keep hands and feet away from the rotating Do not cut wet grass. For effective mowing do not cut wet parts. Do not start the engine when standing in front of the grass because it tends to stick to the underside of the discharge opening.
  • Page 15: Maintenance Instructions

    When you change the blade, you must use the original filter foam element. The engine air cleaner element must type marked on the blade (Makita 263001451) (to order be serviced (cleaned) after 25 hours normal mowing. The the blade, please contact your local dealer or call our foam element must be serviced regularly if the mower is company, see cover page).
  • Page 16: Section 11 Storage Instructions (off Season)

    Clean every few hours under extremely dusty conditions. Poor engine performance and flooding usually indicates that the air cleaner should be serviced. CAUTION: The engine must have completely To service the air cleaner, refer to the separate engine cooled down before storing the lawn mower. manual packed with your unit.
  • Page 17: Section 12 Troubleshooting Guide

    12. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Engine does not start. Throttle choke not in the correct position Move throttle choke to correct position. for the prevailing conditions. Fuel tank is empty. Fill tank with fuel: refer to ENGINE OWNERS MANUAL.
  • Page 18: Section 13 Warranty

    Director like drills, drill bits, saw blades etc.; damage or defects Makita, Jan-Baptist Vinkstraat 2, 3070, Belgium resulting from abuse, accidents or alterations; nor the costs for transport. We reserve the right to reject any claim where the purchase cannot be verified or when it is clear that the product was not maintained properly.

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