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GE Druck DPI 620 Safety And Quick Reference Manual

Advanced modular calibrator.
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Sensing & Inspection Technologies
Druck DPI 620
advanced modular calibrator
safety and quick reference guide - K0454
DPI 620: Channel 1 (CH1)
Measure (M) / Source (S) / Power (P)
a ±30 V (M)
b 0 to 12 V (S)
±2000 mV (M)
Figure C1
0 to 2000 mV (S)
d 0 to 4000 Ω (M/S)
e 0 to 50 kHz (M/S)
Switch (M)
g ±55 mA (M)
Figure C2
h 0 to 24 mA (S)
11 RTDs (M/S)
Figure C3 (2, 3, 4-wire)
12 TCs (M/S)
Figure C4
k ±300 Vac: AC probe
Figure C5 (Part: IO620-AC)
DPI 620: Channel 2 (CH2)
±30 V (M)
m ±2000 mV (M)
n ±55 mA (M)
Figure D1
o 0 to 24 mA (S)
p 24 V loop (P)
q Switch (M)
DPI 620 + MC 620 + PM 620
Pressure* (M)
Figure E1
Gauge: 25 mbar to 200 bar (0.36 to 3000 psi)
Absolute: 350 mbar to 1000 bar (5 to 15000 psi)
Note: Maximum pneumatic pressure: 500 bar (7250 psi)
* Caution: To prevent damage to the PM 620 module, only
use it within the specified pressure limit on the label.
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= See figure or


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 A1.1 DPI 620: Channel 1 (CH1) Measure (M) / Source (S) / Power (P) a ±30 V (M) b 0 to 12 V (S) Druck DPI 620 ±2000 mV (M) Figure C1 0 to 2000 mV (S) Note: = See figure or d 0 to 4000 Ω...
  • Page 2 DPI 620 DPI 620 DPI 620: CH1 DPI 620: CH1 A2.1 A2.2 V, mV, Ω, Hz, A1.1 ( a, b, c, d, e, f ) A1.1 ( g, h ) DPI 620: CH1 DPI 620: CH1 A1.1 ( i ) A1.1 ( j ) A2.2 DPI 620...
  • Page 3: Quick Reference

    Quick Reference WARNING: Before you use this instrument, read and understand the “Safety” section. It is dangerous to ignore the specified warnings. Start operations (S1 to S4) Install the battery. Refer to Section 5. Power on/off sequence ➀ ➀ First display Normal output Press and hold Press...
  • Page 4 Touch-screen operations (maximise, minimise, set voltage) Maximise Minimise Set voltage ➀ Alternative options for step Menu sequence Task* Channel Select Settings Settings “Function” Function None Current Units Voltage Utility Caption * A channel can only have one function at a time. Quick Reference K0454 Issue 1 - [EN] English...
  • Page 5 Overview The advanced modular calibrator (AMC) is part of a set of hand-held modules that you can quickly put together to include a wide range of calibrator functions. Advanced modular calibrator, DPI 620: This is a battery-powered instrument for electrical measure and source operations and HART®...
  • Page 6 For operating conditions, see Table 1. • To prevent an explosion or fire, use only the GE specified battery, power supply and battery charger. • To prevent battery leakage or heat generation, only use the battery charger and power supply in the temperature range 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F).
  • Page 7 (Ω); resistance temperature detectors (RTD): 3W, 4W = 3-wire, 4-wire RTD input; switch operation; current (mA+, mA-): COM = Common connector You can also use the GE specified AC probe (Part: IO620-AC) to measure AC voltages (maximum: 300 Vac). Channel 1 connectors for thermocouples.
  • Page 8 USB type A connector for connections to external peripherals (USB flash memory or optional external modules). USB mini-type B connector for communication with a computer. +5V DC power input socket. This supply also charges the battery. Sealed speaker unit. Liquid crystal display (LCD): Colour display with touch-screen. To make a selection, lightly tap on the applicable display area.
  • Page 9 Installation Before you start: • Read and understand the “Safety” section. • Do not use damaged equipment. Note: Use only original parts supplied by the manufacturer. 5.1 AMC battery See figure A3 (front cover). Step Procedure When the power is off, loosen the five screws (a) and remove the cover (b).
  • Page 10 Practice (SEP) Approved CE Marked Battery power Lithium-Polymer battery (GE Part number: 191-356) Capacity: 5040 mAh (minimum), 5280 mAh (typical); Nominal voltage: 3.7 V. Charge temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) Note: When the instrument senses the temperature is outside this range, it stops charging.
  • Page 11 Customer service Visit our web site:

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