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GE AF-600 Installation And Start-Up Instructions Manual

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Thanks information – DEH40639
Installation and Start-up Instructions for AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels – DEH40632
Operating and Troubleshooting Instructions for AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels –
AF-600 FP User's Guide (DET – 609) - DEH40637 (Not Included)
Appendices – Table of Contents (Current Ratings and Fuse Sizes) – DEH40636
In-Warranty Information Form – DEH40638
Appendix B – Wire Sizes, Torque and Estimated Watt loss Details – DEH40635
Product Drawings – Electrical and Mechanical (Not Included)
Table of Contents
AN 12-1007, Rev.04, 04/04/2012



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  Summary of Contents for GE AF-600

  • Page 1 Table of Contents Section Topic Thanks information – DEH40639 Installation and Start-up Instructions for AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels – DEH40632 Operating and Troubleshooting Instructions for AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels – DEH40634 AF-600 FP User’s Guide (DET – 609) - DEH40637 (Not Included) Appendices –...
  • Page 2 GE Drives wishes to thank you for choosing our adjustable frequency controller product. We are committed to being the world’s leading supplier of AC adjustable speed drives by providing the highest quality products as well as the best documentation and product support available in the industry.
  • Page 3 INSTALLATION AND START-UP INSTRUCTIONS FOR AF-600 REDUNDANT DRIVE PANELS The following information is provided for reference use during the installation of your AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels. Please note that all equipment shall be installed in accordance with the 2008 edition of NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) along with applicable local codes. This document provides information pertaining to: inspections, environment, installation, and wiring.
  • Page 4 All wall-mounted enclosures must be mounted on a non-flammable or heat resistant surface. Some enclosure configurations of AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels require ventilation to keep the components and inverter within their thermal recommendations. The enclosure door and sides contains grilles at the bottom and top to allow for air to circulate through the enclosure.
  • Page 5 CAUTION: Failure to cover components from metal shavings may result in damage to equipment. GROUNDING All panels/enclosures must be grounded. All exposed metal parts are connected to ground to prevent contact with a dangerous voltage if electrical insulations fail. Each panel contains a grounding bus with provisions for connecting a field-grounding conductor.
  • Page 6 (1) inch separation. AF-600 Redundant Drive Panels require no additional control wiring to operate properly. Additional control interfacing to your control panel can be accomplished through the panel mounted customer terminal board “CTB1”.
  • Page 7 Torque values for connecting to “CTB1” are located in the Appendices. If your application requires wiring to the AF-600 FP inverter I/O control terminal board, use 16 to 18 AWG wire. Connections on the inverter I/O terminal board should be tight enough such that a slight tug on the wire will not result in the wire coming partially or completely out of the terminal board.
  • Page 8 OPERATING AND TROUBLESHOOTING INSTRUCTIONS FOR AF 600 REDUNDANT DRIVE PANELS Your AF 600 Redundant Drive Panel comes with an AF 600 FP Adjustable Frequency Drive from GE Drives mounted on or in an enclosure, which contains the following equipment. ...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Operator Devices page 3 Customer Terminal Board page 5 AF 600 Drive Terminal Board I/O page 6 Adjustments page 7 AF 600 FP Drive Function Code Changes page 8 Troubleshooting page 10 NOTE: The terms drive and inverter are used interchangeably in this document.
  • Page 10: Operator Devices

    1. Operator Devices Your Redundant Drive panel is equipped with several panel door mounted operator devices, which may include the following: one (1) through-the-door, lockable, input device disconnect handle; two (2) operator selector switches; and five (5) indicator lights. The operation of these devices is explained in this section. Refer to the Drive Terminal Board I/O section of this manual and wiring diagrams for specifics on wiring connections.
  • Page 11 CAUTION: Failure to insert enough time delay between operation of the motor from the drive1 and operation from drive2 can result in a protective trip of the drive. The time delay is to ensure a safe transition. Hand/Off/Auto Selector This selector is also referred to as the H-O-A switch. In the “Off” position power will be removed from the motor in both drive “drive 1”...
  • Page 12: Customer Terminal Board

    Emergency Stop This operator is used to shut off the panel output in case of Emergency. To restart the panel, Reset the E-stop by turn to release. Power On Indicator This white light on the panel door indicates that the circuit breaker/disconnect switch is closed and that AC power is present at the panel input terminals.
  • Page 13: Af 600 Drive Terminal Board I/O

    CTB1-1 through CTB1-3 Customer Safety Interlocks. Put normally closed contacts between CTB-1 and CTB-3. CTB-2 and CTB-3 provide an additional connection point if required. An open circuit between these positions will cause the bypass and drive output contactors to drop out resulting in power being removed from the motor.
  • Page 14: Adjustments

    Relay 1 – 01,02,03 Normally open inverter fault contacts. These contacts are utilized to energize an interposing relay for bypass panel control logic and to provide customers with a drive fault status via higher rated normally open contacts than those inherent to the drive.
  • Page 15: Af 600 Fp Drive Function Code Changes

    protection. UL listed Class J time-delay fuses are provided with your panel. These fuses have been sized in accordance to NEC section 450-52 and Table 450-152. NEC states fuses of this type are to be sized at 175% of motor full-load amps (FLA).
  • Page 16 Relay 1 (E24) Set to “9” Alarm Relay 2 (E24) Set to “5”Running Electronic Overload (F10) Set to “4” Elec OL Trip 1 Motor Thermistor Input (F12) Set to “0” None Auto-Reset (Times) (H04) Set to “13” Infinite Auto Reset Drive Programming Auto-Tune In the event that it is desired to “auto-tune”...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    6. Troubleshooting Drive1 and Drive2 Motor Rotation If careful attention to phase rotation is not made during connection of the panel to the three-phase power supply and motor, then there is only a one chance in four that the motor will rotate correctly in both drive1 and drive2 modes.
  • Page 18 AF-600 FP User’s Guide DET -609 AF 600 FP User’s Guide for up to 60HP @ 208V @ & up to 125HP @460/575 To be inserted here along with any other GEI for any Options, which may be included DEH40637...
  • Page 19 Appendices – Table of Contents Table A 460 VAC Panel Current Ratings and Maximum Allowable Fuse Sizes In-Warranty Information Form DEH40636 AN 11-1018, Rev.02, 09/26/2011...
  • Page 20 Table A AF 600 Redundant Drive Panels – 460 VAC Current Ratings and Maximum Fuse Sizes VAC Panel VAC Panel Max Allowable Hp Rating Current Rating Fuse Size 33.25 43.75 54.25 63.00 82.25 103.25 127.75 166.25 206.50 253.75 DEH40636 AN 11-1018, Rev.02, 09/26/2011...
  • Page 21 In-Warranty Information Form The purpose of this form is to provide specific information to GE Drives to aid in expediting part replacement and/or troubleshooting assistance for AF-600 FP Redundant Drive panels. The following information is required prior to any assistance being provided.
  • Page 22 Once all the required information above is acquired, contact the following number for assistance: GE Industrial Systems 1-800-533-5885 Phone: (24hrs.) VI. To aid in part replacement please fill complete the following: To: ______________________ From: _____________________ Fax: _____________________ Fax: ______________________ Phone: ____________________...
  • Page 23 Appendix B – Wire Sizes, Torque and Estimated Watt loss Details Table 1 Wire Sizes and Torque Requirements for 460 VAC Panels Table 2 UL508 Requirement- Tightening torque Table A Redundant drive panel In-Warranty Information Form Table 1 Minimum Wire Maximum Device AF - 600 Hp Rating(s)
  • Page 24 Table 2 UL508 Requirement Table 54.1 , Tightening torque for screws Tightening torque (lb in.) Hexagonal head - external drive Slotted head no 10 and large socket wrench Slot width Test wire size installed - 0.047 in connector (AWG) Slot width - 0.047 inch inch or other or less and slot length...
  • Page 25 Table 54.2 , Tightening torque for slotted head screws smaller than No. 10 intended for use with 8 AWG or smaller conductors Tightening torque, Slot width of screw Slot length of screw Slot width of screw 0.047 in smaller than 0.047 in larger <5/32 5/32...
  • Page 26 Table A Redundant drive panel Estimated Watt Loss (Watts) at Ratings 460V 1009 1258 1527 1912 2039 DEH40635 AN 12-1007 Rev.02, 04/04/2012...