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Smart+connected controller 200
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Table 1
Connections Options
Video Out Options
Serial Port (up to 2) or
IR Out (up to 4)
USB (1 port)
Power Plug
Composite or component ports for displaying navigation menus on a
monitor or TV. Use the component jack to display either standard or
high-definition video. Use the composite port to display standard
definition video.
The default video output mode is NTSC over composite. In
this mode, some bleed-through of the NTSC signal on the
component video output connections occurs. However, the
video image will not appear correctly in this mode. The Cisco
Controller 200 can be configured to output over component
using NTSC (standard definition) or 720p (high definition).
To configure the video mode to use the component video
outputs, make the appropriate bindings for the desired video
output mode in Composer Pro.
3.5 mm jacks for up to four IR emitters. These ports can also be used
for a combination of IR emitters and up to two serial devices.
Ports 1 and 2 can be configured independently for serial devices, such
as receivers or disc changers. See the
Blaster" section on page 8
Used to connect an external USB storage device (such as
FAT32-formatted devices).
See the
"Setting Up External Storage Device (Optional)" section on
page 9
for more information.
A RJ-45 for a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection to the dwelling
For use with the included DC power supply.
Cisco Smart+Connected Controller 200 Reference Guide
"Setting Up IR Emitters or IR
for more information.
Connecting Devices


Table of Contents

Table of Contents