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Smart+connected controller 200
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The Cisco Smart+Connected Controller 200 provides intelligent control for the Cisco Smart+Connected
Residential Solution, allowing residents to manage lighting, security, temperature, and multimedia,
while also providing a portal into the community from the residence. The Cisco Controller 200 integrates
a broad range of devices using a variety of protocols (Internet Protocol [IP], ZigBee HA, infrared [IR],
serial, and more). By combining wired and wireless technologies, the Cisco Controller 200 provides
flexibility in extending the capabilities of the Cisco Smart+Connected Residential Solution to any device
located anywhere in the residence. All of these services can be controlled through simple and intuitive
touchscreen displays or on-screen TV navigators managed through one of the Cisco Smart+Connected
Universal Remotes.
While individual Cisco Controllers can support a single room or small residence, additional Cisco
Controllers can be added to provide on-screen TV navigation in other rooms. Cisco Controllers can also
be added in groups to provide coordinated control throughout a large residence or building. These
compact devices are easy to mount behind a TV or on a wall, so that residents can enjoy the power of
on-screen control virtually anywhere.
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Features and Benefits
The Cisco Controller 200 is an entry-level device for one-room residential units where digital
high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) output to the TV is not required. In larger installations, the
Cisco Controller 200 can be used as an auxiliary Cisco Controller to support on-screen TV navigation
in additional rooms, to offload processing tasks, or to act as a ZigBee Access Point (ZAP).

Package Contents

The following items are included in the Cisco Controller 200 box:
Cisco Smart+Connected Controller 200 Reference Guide
Cisco Controller 200
Cisco Smart+Connected Controller 200
AC to DC power adapter with power cord
IR emitters (4)
Universal Mounting Plate
Screws (4)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents