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Installation Guide
Installing the Device
Communication Ports
Technical Specifications
Dimension Drawings


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Preface Introduction Installing the Device RUGGEDCOM i802 Communication Ports Technical Specifications Dimension Drawings Installation Guide Certification 01/2016 RC1004-EN-03...
  • Page 2 Warranty Siemens warrants this product for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase, conditional upon the return to factory for maintenance during the warranty term. This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Attempted service by unauthorized personnel shall render all warranties null and void.
  • Page 3 RUGGEDCOM i802 Installation Guide Contacting Siemens Address Telephone E-mail Siemens Canada Ltd. Toll-free: 1 888 264 0006 Industry Sector Tel: +1 905 856 5288 300 Applewood Crescent Fax: +1 905 856 1995 Concord, Ontario Canada, L4K 5C7...
  • Page 4 RUGGEDCOM i802 Installation Guide...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    RUGGEDCOM i802 Installation Guide Table of Contents Table of Contents Preface ....................... Alerts ..............................vii Related Documents ..........................vii Accessing Documentation ........................vii Training ............................viii Customer Support ..........................viii Chapter 1 Introduction ......................1.1 Feature Highlights ........................1 1.2 Description ..........................2 Chapter 2 Installing the Device ....................
  • Page 6 RUGGEDCOM i802 Table of Contents Installation Guide Chapter 5 Dimension Drawings ..................Chapter 6 Certification ......................6.1 Standards Compliance ....................... 21 6.2 Agency Approvals ........................21 6.3 EMC and Environmental Type Tests .................... 22...
  • Page 7: Preface

    Installation Guide Preface Preface This guide describes the RUGGEDCOM i802 (i-Series) product line. It describes the major features, installation, commissioning and important technical specifications. It is intended for use by network technical support personnel who are responsible for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the device.
  • Page 8: Training

    Siemens sales representative. Customer Support Customer support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for all Siemens customers. For technical support or general information, contact Siemens Customer Support through any of the following methods: Online Visit
  • Page 9: Introduction

    Gigabit Ethernet. With up to nine Ethernet ports, the RUGGEDCOM i802 is the perfect choice for a wide variety of demanding industrial environments such as those found in process control applications (oil and gas, petro-chemical, metals and mining, wind farms).
  • Page 10: Description

    • CSA/UL 60950 safety approved to 85 °C (185 °F) Section 1.2 Description The RUGGEDCOM i802 features various ports, controls and indicator LEDs on the front panel for connecting, configuring and troubleshooting the device. Figure 1: RUGGEDCOM i802 1. Failsafe Alarm Relay 2.
  • Page 11: Communication Ports

    Activity No link/activity • Communication Ports – Receive and transmit data, as well as provide access to the RUGGEDCOM ROS Web interface. For more information about the various ports available for the RUGGEDCOM i802, refer to Chapter 3, Communication Ports.
  • Page 12 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 1 Installation Guide Introduction Description...
  • Page 13: Installing The Device

    Section 2.1 Mounting the Device The RUGGEDCOM i802 can be equipped with a DIN rail bracket pre-installed on the back of the chassis. The bracket allows the device to be slid onto a standard 35 mm (1.4 in) DIN rail.
  • Page 14: Connecting Power

    Section 2.2 Connecting Power The RUGGEDCOM i802 supports a single low DC power supply with reverse polarity and dual independent inputs. This allows for two redundant DC power sources with the same nominal voltage to be connected. To connect power to the device, do the following: IMPORTANT! •...
  • Page 15 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 2 Installation Guide Installing the Device Figure 3: Terminal Block Wiring – Single DC Power Supply Input 1. Positive Terminal 2. Negative Terminal 3. GND Terminal 4. Chassis Ground Terminal Connect the negative wire from the power source to the negative terminal (P1- or P2-) on the terminal block.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Failsafe Alarm Relay (if Equipped)

    2. Common 3. Normally Closed Section 2.4 Inserting/Removing the MicroSD/MicroSDHC Card The RUGGEDCOM i802 accepts a microSD/microSDHC card to support the following features: • Configuration update and backup • Redundant firmware image • Greatly expanded logging capability • Fault-tolerant firmware update CAUTION! Configuration hazard –...
  • Page 17: Connecting To The Device

    Connecting to the Device The following describes the various methods for accessing the ROS console and Web interfaces on the device. For more detailed instructions, refer to the ROS User Guide for the RUGGEDCOM i802. RS232 Console Port Connect a PC or terminal directly to the RS232 console port to access the boot-time control and ROS interfaces.
  • Page 18: Communication Ports

    Chapter 2 RUGGEDCOM i802 Installing the Device Installation Guide IMPORTANT! The console port is intended to be used only as a temporary connection during initial configuration or troubleshooting. Connection to the console port is made using an RJ45-to-DB9 console cable. The following is the pin-out for the...
  • Page 19: Communication Ports

    Communication Ports Communication Ports The RUGGEDCOM i802 can be equipped with various types of communication ports to enhance its abilities and performance. To determine which ports are equipped on the device, refer to the factory data file available through ROS. For more information on how to access the factory data file, refer to the ROS User Guide for the RUGGEDCOM i802.
  • Page 20 Chapter 3 RUGGEDCOM i802 Communication Ports Installation Guide WARNING! Electric shock hazard – risk of serious personal injury and/or equipment interference. If shielded cables are used, make sure the shielded cables do not form a ground loop via the shield wire and the RJ45 receptacles at either end.
  • Page 21: Fiber Optic Ethernet Ports

    RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 3 Installation Guide Communication Ports Section 3.2 Fiber Optic Ethernet Ports Fiber optic Ethernet ports are available with LC (Lucent Connector) connectors. Make sure the Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) connections of each port are properly connected and matched to establish a proper link.
  • Page 22 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 3 Installation Guide Communication Ports Fiber Optic Ethernet Ports...
  • Page 23: Technical Specifications

    RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 4 Installation Guide Technical Specifications Technical Specifications The following sections provide important technical specifications related to the device and available modules: • Section 4.1, “Power Supply Specifications” • Section 4.2, “Environmental Specifications” • Section 4.3, “Failsafe Alarm Relay Specifications”...
  • Page 24: Failsafe Alarm Relay Specifications

    Section 4.5 Fiber Optic Ethernet Port Specifications The following details the specifications for fiber Ethernet ports that can be ordered with the RUGGEDCOM i802. NOTE • All optical power numbers are listed as dBm averages. To convert from average to peak add 3 dBm.
  • Page 25: Mechanical Specifications

    RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 4 Installation Guide Technical Specifications Fixed Fast Ethernet Transceivers Tx λ Power Connector Cable Tx min. Tx max. Rx Sensitivity Rx Saturation Distance Mode (typ.) Budget Type Type (μm) (dBm) (dBm) (dBm) (dBm) (typ.) (km) (nm) (dB)
  • Page 26 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 4 Installation Guide Technical Specifications Mechanical Specifications...
  • Page 27: Dimension Drawings

    RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 5 Installation Guide Dimension Drawings Dimension Drawings NOTE All dimensions are in millimeters, unless otherwise stated. 11.7 77.5 95.3 99.5 56.5 Figure 11: Overall Dimensions...
  • Page 28 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 5 Installation Guide Dimension Drawings...
  • Page 29: Certification

    RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 6 Installation Guide Certification Certification The RUGGEDCOM i802 device has been thoroughly tested to guarantee its conformance with recognized standards and has received approval from recognized regulatory agencies. • Section 6.1, “Standards Compliance” • Section 6.2, “Agency Approvals”...
  • Page 30: Emc And Environmental Type Tests

    CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-03, Safety Approved UL 60950-1, UL 508 Section 6.3 EMC and Environmental Type Tests The RUGGEDCOM i802 has passed the following EMC and environmental tests. IEC 61850-3 Type Tests Test Description Test Levels IEC 61000-4-2 Enclosure Contact ±...
  • Page 31 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 6 Installation Guide Certification Description Test Levels Enclosure Air ± 8 kV Radiated RFI Enclosure ports 35 V/m Fast Transient Signal ports ± 4 kV @ 5 kHz DC Power ports ± 4 kV @ 5 kHz Earth ground ports ±...
  • Page 32 RUGGEDCOM i802 Chapter 6 Installation Guide Certification EMC and Environmental Type Tests...

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