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Set The Drying Time, Dry; Prewashing, Pre Wash; Rinse, Drain And Spin Only, Rinse+Spin - LG WM3997H*A Owner's Manual

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Set the drying time,
Drying options are easily selected with the
DRY button. For the most even drying,
make sure all articles in the clothes load
are similar in material and thickness. Do not
overload the washer by placing too many articles
into the drum. Items must be able to tumble freely.
If you open the door and remove the load before
the washer has finished the DRY cycle, remember
to press the START/ PAUSE button.
By pressing the DRY button, you can select:
LOW TEMP - For delicate fabrics
DAMP - For damp drying fabrics
NORMAL - For general drying
MORE - For heavier fabrics
30/60/90/120 - For timed drying
y The capacity of the machine for washing
clothes is twice as much as when drying
clothes. If the machine is to be used to dry a
load, then the wash load must be reduced by
half for effective drying performance. If a full
load is washed, remove half the clothes prior
to starting the dry cycle.
Drying Guide–Automatic Dry
Electronic sensors measure the temperature of the
exhaust to increase or decrease the drying temperature
for faster reaction time and tighter temperature control.
Recommended DRY settings by fabric type:
a) Perm Press – LOW TEMP
b) If clothes are to be ironed – DAMP
c) Cotton/Towels – NORMAL
d) Diapers – MORE
y On Automatic Dry settings, the estimated
drying time may vary from the actual drying
time. The type of fabric, size of the load, and
the selected dryness level affect drying time.
Drying Guide–Timed Dry
• Press the Dry button repeatedly to select the
drying time in 30 minute increments:
30–60–90–120 minutes.
• Timed dry can last up to 120 min. When selecting
Dry only, drying will start after the final Spin cycle.
• Drying times can vary greatly depending on dampness,
room temperature, and type of fabric. You may need to add
additional time. Your own experience will be your best guide.
Drying Tips
Woolen Articles
Do not tumble dry woolen articles. Pull them to
their original shape and dry them flat.
Woven and Loopknit Materials
• Some woven and loopknit materials may shrink when dried.
• Always stretch them out immediately after
Permanent Press and Synthetics
• Do not overload your dryer.
• Take out permanent press articles as soon as
the dryer stops to reduce wrinkles.
Fiber or Leather Materials
Always check the manufacturer's instructions.
Baby Clothes and Night Gowns
Always check the manufacturer's instructions.
Rubber and Plastics
Do not dry any items made from or containing
rubber or plastics, such as:
a) Aprons, bibs, chair covers
b) Curtains and table cloths
c) Bathmats
Do not dry fiberglass articles in your dryer. Glass particles
left in the washer could be picked up by your clothes the
next time you use the washer and irritate your skin.
Pre Wash
Pre-wash for 16 minutes when clothes are covered
in dirt or dust. This feature is suitable for heavily
soiled items.
Press the Power button and turn the cycle
selector knob in either direction to select the
desired cycle.
Press the Pre Wash button.
- The indicator light will turn on.
You can now modify other cycle settings and add
options (see pages 25-28), or proceed to step 4 to
begin the cycle.
Press the Start/Pause button.
Rinse, drain and spin only,
Use this cycle to rinse detergent from the load.
1 Press the Power button and turn the cycle
selector knob in either direction to select the
desired cycle.
2 Press the Rinse+Spin button.
3 Press the Spin Speed button repeatedly to set
the spin speed.
- The indicator light for the selected spin speed
will turn on.
Press the Start/Pause button.


Table of Contents

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