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Pentair Pool Products MiniMax Plus, PowerMax MiniMax Plus HP Series Operation & Installation Manual: Maintenance; Maintenance Instructions; Relief Valve; Energy Saving Tips

Pool & spa heaters.
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It is recommended that you check the following items at
least every six months and at the beginning of every
swimming season.
1. Examine the venting system. Make sure there are no
obstructions in the flow of combustion and ventila-
tion air.
2. Visually inspect the main burner and the pilot burner
flame. The normal color of the flame is blue. When
flame appears yellow, burners should be inspected
and cleaned; see Figure 10.
3/8 to 1/2 in.
Figure 9.


1. If possible, keep pool or spa covered when not in
use. This will not only cut heating costs, but also
keep dirt and debris from settling in the pool and
conserve chemicals.
2. Reduce the pool thermostat setting to 78° F. or
lower. This is accepted as being the most healthy
temperature for swimming by the American Red
3. Use an accurate thermometer.
4. When the proper maximum thermostat settings have
been determined, tighten the thermostat knob


If the pool is being used occasionally, do not turn the heater
completely off. Set the thermostat down to 65° F. This


If the pool won't be used for a month or more, turn the
heater off at the main gas valve. For areas where there is
no danger of water freezing, water should circulate
through the heater all year long, even though you are not
heating your swimming pool. The MiniMax Plus should
not be operated out doors at temperatures below 0° F. for
propane and -20° F. for natural gas. Where freezing is
Rev. G 1-22-04
Blue Flame
Figure 10.
3. Keep the heater area clear and free from
combustibles and flammable liquids.

Relief Valve

In some installations, a
relief valve is required
on the MiniMax Plus.
Test the relief valve at
least once a year by
lifting the valve lever.
(A.S.M.E. version varies
slightly and has the relief
valve pre-installed at
5. Set time clock to start circulation system no earlier
than daybreak. The swimming pool loses less heat at
this time.
6. For pools that are only used on the weekends, it is
not necessary to leave the thermostat set at 78° F.
Lower the temperature to a range that can be
achieved easily in one day. Generally, this would be
10° F. to 15° F., if pool heater is sized properly.
7. During the winter or while on vacation, turn the
heater off.
8. Set up a regular program of preventative
maintenance for the heater each new swimming
season. Check heat exchanger, controls, burners,
operation, etc.
will keep the pool and the surrounding ground warm
enough to bring the pool up to a comfortable swimming
temperature in a shorter period of time.
possible, it is necessary to drain the water from the
heater. This may be done by opening the drain valve
located at the inlet/outlet header (see Figure 11.) allow-
ing all water to drain out of the heater. It would be a
good practice to use compressed air to blow the water
out of the heat exchanger. (See additional notes under
Important Notices in Introduction on page 3.)
Figure 11.
A.S.M.E. Version
P/N 471048


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