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Charging & Battery - INOKIM QUICK 2 User Manual Manual

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Your INOKIM has an external charger. Connect the charging cable
to INOKIM's charging socket under the footboard, on the right side at
the rear.
Than connect the chargers electric cable to an electrical outlet.
Charging Light Red - Battery is charging.
Charging Light Green - Charging is complete.
Avoid long periods of time with an uncharged or fully charged
o maximize your INOKIM's battery performance, fully charge it for 9
hours, once a month, or after each use of twelve hours.
Unplug INOKIM from the outlet before installing, removing the battery
or performing any maintenance. It is dangerous to work on INOKIM
when plugged into an AC outlet. Electrical shock can cause serious
injury and damage the scooter.
Do not attempt to open the battery. Do not insert anything in the
battery and do not attempt to open its case with any tool. Inserting
an object into openings or in the battery can cause electrical
shock, injury, burns or fire. Any attempt to open the battery case will
damage it and cause release of dangerous toxic substances.
Charge the battery only using tools approved by INOKIM.
Remove the battery and carry INOKIM according to all applicable
local and national requirements.
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