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Kärcher 260 M plus Manual

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260 M plus
5.960-217 11/01



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  Summary of Contents for Kärcher 260 M plus

  • Page 1 260 M plus 5.960-217 11/01...
  • Page 2 Before first use of the unit read these operating instructions and act in accordance with them. Keep these operating instructions in a safe place for later use or for a subsequent owner. 1 On/Off Switch 8 Dirt blaster 2 Detergent outlet connection 9 Washing Brush 3 High-pressure outlet 10 High-pressure hose...
  • Page 3 Safety Notes Use of the unit as authorized Use this unit exclusively for non-industrial purposes – for cleaning machines, vehicles, buildings, tools, facades, terraces, garden imple- ments, etc., with high-pressure water jet (if necessary with the addition of cleaning agents). –...
  • Page 4 Environmental protection Dispose of packaging The packaging materials are recyclable. Please hand in the packaging for recycling. Dispose of old equipment In the development of this appliance careful attention has been given to its ability to be easily recycled. Nevertheless, it contains parts or substances which should not go into the household rubbish.
  • Page 5 Operation Serious danger! Vehicle tyres and tyre valves can be damaged by the high-pressure jet and become perforated. The first sign of this is a discoloration of the tyre. When cleaning them maintain a distance of at least 30 cm. Never grasp the power plug with wet hands.
  • Page 6 Operation High pressure operation 1 Use spray lance with high pressure nozzle or dirtblaster 2 Turn switch to “I”. 3 Release safety catch on spraygun 4 Press lever 5 Caution: recoil 6 Safety instructions Switching off • Release the lever. During breaks in work and when leaving the unit secure it against inadvertent switching on by pressing the safety button.
  • Page 7 Operation Adding detergent 1Remove spray lance ! No detergent in high-pressure mode 2 Connect detergent suction hose to detergent outlet connection 3 Suspend detergent suction hose in detergent reservoir 4 Switch on high-pressure cleaner 5 Release safety catch on handgun 6 Press lever Recommended cleaning method 1.
  • Page 8 Finishing operations 1 Unit switch to ”0” 2 Unplug power plug 3 Close the water supply tap. Separate the unit from the water connection 4 Press the lever on the spraygun until the unit is without pressure. 5 Engage safety catch on handgun Care and Maintenance Cleaning Before long periods of storage, e.g.
  • Page 9 Problem Checklist Faults often have simple causes which you can rectify yourself with the aid of the following summary. In case of doubt or of faults or remedies not mentioned here apply to the authori- zed customer service. Danger of electric shock! Repair work on the unit can only be carried out by the authorized customer service.
  • Page 10 Special accessories Special accessories expand the scope of use of your machine. You can obtain further information from your Kärcher dealer. 1 Rotary nozzle 2 Spray guard for rotary nozzle 3 Pipe-cleaning set (7.5 m/15 m) 4 Rotating wash brush 5 Wash brush 6 Wet blasting set 7 Flexible spray lance...
  • Page 11: Spare Parts

    Spare Parts EU Declaration of Conformity We hereby declare that the equipment described below conforms to the relevant fundamental safety and health requirements of the appropriate EU Directives, both in its basic design and construction as well as in the version marketed by us.This declaration will cease to be valid if any modifications are made to the machine without our express approval.
  • Page 12 J Kärcher (Japan) Co., Ltd. Irene Kärcher Building No.2, Matsusaka-Daira 3-chome Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun Miyagi, 981-3408 Karcher Cleaning Systems Sdn.Bhd. No. 8, Jalan Serindit 2 47100 Puchong, Selangor Kärcher México, S.A. de C.V. Av. 1ero de Mayo no.225 Naucalpan, Edo. de México C.P.