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Helpful Hints - Philips DVD727 Owner's Manual

Digital video disc player.
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Disc will not play.
Make sure the Disc label is facing up. If you are playing a two-sided Disc, make sure the label of the
side you want to play is facing up. Details are on page 16.
Check the Parental controls. Details are on pages 28-30.
Check the Region Code of the DVD.The DVD must be coded for All regions or Region 1 in order
to play on this DVD Player. Details are on page seven.
See if the Disc is defective by trying another Disc. Make sure the Disc is not scratched or warped.
Carefully clean the Disc. Details are on page six.
You must finalize CD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs before playing them on this Player.
If you are playing a CD-R or CD-RW you made, make sure it contains at least 3 MB of data. Details
are on page 34.
An Audio CD will not play.
Some Audio CDs available on the market are copy protected.These discs will not play on this DVD
Player. See your retailer for options regarding non-protected Audio CDs.
The DVD logo does not appear on the TV screen after you remove a Disc.
Reset the DVD Player by switching it off, then on again.
The DVD Player does not respond to the remote control.
Aim the remote at the remote sensor on the front of the Player (not toward the TV).
Remove any obstacles between the DVD Player and the remote control. Move closer to the Player
and try the remote again.
Inspect or replace the batteries in the remote control. Details are on page eight.
Press the DVD/TV button on the remote once, then try the remote again. If the remote is in TV
mode, it cannot control the Player. Pressing DVD/TV switches the remote between TV and DVD
Player modes.
The DVD Player will not select some features, such as Angles, Subtitles, or
multi-language Audio.
The feature may not be available on the Disc. If it is not, the
the Disc case to see if the Disc has the feature. If the Disc does not have the feature, the DVD
Player cannot create the feature.This is not a malfunction of the Player.
Or, the feature may not be available at the present time. Some features are only available during
playback, while other items can be accessed only when play is stopped.Try stopping or starting
playback, then try the feature again.
The DVD Player does not work.
Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet for a few minutes. Reconnect the power cord
and try to operate the Player again as usual.
The DVD Player turns itself off.
If there is no activity at the DVD Player or with its remote control for 15 minutes and playback is
stopped, the Player will turn itself off.This is an energy-saving feature that cannot be altered. Press
STANDBY-ON y on the Player or POWER y or PLAY 2 on the remote to turn on the Player.
Disc play is irregular or DVD Disc menu operation is faulty.
Due to the inconsistency of Disc formats provided by various Disc manufacturers, your DVD Player
may require a playability enhancement or upgrade. As DVD technology has advanced, these
enhancements have become both common and easy to complete.
Please contact Philips at 1-800-531-0039 for assistance.
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will appear on the TV screen. Check


Table of Contents

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