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Measuring Gas Pressure; Adjusting Co (Carbon Dioxide) - Bosch Therm 8000 S Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Condensing gas water heater
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▶ The following operations must be carried
out by a qualified technician.

8.2 Measuring gas pressure

Confirm gas pressure after installation.
Connecting manometer
▶ Shut off gas supply.
▶ Remove the front cover (see Fig. 23).
▶ Loosen screw inside left test point fitting (do not remove)
and connect manometer tube to test point.
Fig. 48 Gas pressure test port (left tapping)
Static Pressure Test
▶ Turn gas supply back on.
▶ Record static gas pressure reading in Table 8.
Static Gas Pressure Reading
Pressure: ___________________ Date: ___________
Operating Gas Pressure Reading
Pressure: ___________________ Date: ___________
Table 8
Operating Pressure Test
▶ Press ON/OFF button to turn off the appliance.
Therm 8000S
▶ Press and hold "Program" button and press ON/OFF button
to turn appliance ON (Fig. 49 ).
Fig. 49 Gas tuning mode
▶ As soon as '188' is displayed, release "Program" button
, and the display reads P2.
▶ Press
until P1 appears.
NOTE: While in this mode the appliance will
run constantly at maximum power and allow
maximum water flow.
For inlet gas pressure adjustment see values in Table 9 :
Gas type
Table 9
▶ Turn on high volume of hot water flow (at least 15 l/m) and
burner will light. If heater display reverts to P2, open more
hot water fixtures to allow sufficient flow. Press
P1 reappears on the display.
▶ Operate all other gas appliances on same gas piping system
at maximum output.
▶ Record lowest operating gas pressure reading in Table 8 .
Gas pressures lower than 2 kPa for Natural Gas or 3.0 kPa
for Butane will result in insufficient degree rise to the hot
water being used, reduced hot water volume, possible error
code faults and must be corrected.
Check gas pipes dimensions.
8.3 Adjusting CO
(carbon dioxide)
The CO
can only be adjusted by a certified
gas technician with a calibrated CO
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