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Intended Use; Safety Information - Siemens VS04G188GB Instructions For Use Manual

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Please keep this instruction manual
When passing the vacuum cleaner on to
a third party, please also pass on this
instruction manual.

Intended use

This vacuum cleaner is intended for
domestic use and not for commercial
This vacuum cleaner should only be
used in accordance with these
instructions for use.
The manufacturer will not accept any
responsibility for damage caused by
improper use or incorrect operation.
Therefore, please note the following
The vacuum cleaner must only be
operated with:
the manufacturer's original dust bags
manufacturer's replacement parts,
accessories and optional accessories
The vacuum cleaner is not to be used
vacuuming persons or animals
vacuuming up:
– insects or spiders
– hazardous, sharp-edged, hot or
burning substances
– damp or liquid substances
– highly flammable or explosive
substances and gases
– ash and soot from solid fuel heaters
and central heating boilers

Safety information

This vacuum cleaner complies with the
recognised rules of technology and the
relevant safety regulations. We confirm
that it complies with the following
European directives: 89/336/EEC
(amended by Directives 91/263/EEC,
92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC). 73/23/EEC
(amended by Directive 93/68/EEC).
Always observe the information on the
rating plate when using the vacuum
cleaner and connecting to the power
Never use the vacuum cleaner without
a dust collector or dust bag fitted.
=> This can damage the vacuum
Only allow children to use the vacuum
cleaner under supervision.
Keep suction away from your face when
using the hand grip, nozzles or pipe.
=> Risk of injury.
Never carry the vacuum cleaner by the
power cord.
Fully extend the power cord if the
vacuum cleaner is to be used
continuously for several hours.
When disconnecting the appliance
from the mains, pull the plug, not the
power cord.
Do not pull the power cord around
sharp corners or allow it to become
Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the
mains before carrying out any work on
Do not use the vacuum cleaner if it is
damaged. Unplug the power cord from
the mains if a fault is detected.