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Disposal Information - Siemens VS04G188GB Instructions For Use Manual

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To prevent you from being exposed to
risks, vacuum cleaner repairs and the
fitting of replacement parts must only
be carried out by the authorised after-
sales service.
The vacuum cleaner should be
protected from moisture and sources
of heat.
Switch off the vacuum cleaner when it
is not in use.
At the end of its life, the vacuum
cleaner should be disposed of in an
appropriate manner.

Disposal information

The packaging is designed to protect
the vacuum cleaner from being
damaged during transport.
It is made of environment-friendly
materials and can be recycled.
Dispose of unneeded packaging at
recycling stations.
Used vacuum cleaners
Used vacuum cleaners still contain
many recyclable materials.
Therefore, please take used vacuum
cleaners to your retailer or recycling
centre so that they can be recycled.
For current disposal methods, please
enquire at your appliance dealership or
local council.
Please note
The mains socket must be protected
by a 16A fuse.
If a fuse should be tripped when you
switch on the vacuum cleaner, this
may be because other electrical
appliances which have a high current
draw are connected to the same
power circuit.
To prevent the fuse from tripping,
select the lowest power setting before
switching the vacuum cleaner on, and
increase the power only once it is