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Energy-Saving Tips; Setting The Temperature Controls - Kenmore 970F27012 Use & Care Manual

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Energy Saving Tips
• The appliance should be located in the
coolest area of the room, away from heat
producing appliances or heating ducts,
and out of direct sunlight.
• Let hot foods cool to room temperature
before placing in the unit. Overloading
the appliance forces the compressor to
run longer. Foods that freeze too slowly
may lose quality or spoil.
• Be sure to wrap foods properly, and wipe
containers dry before placing them in the
unit. This cuts down on frost build-up inside.
• Shelves should not be lined with aluminum
foil, wax paper, or paper toweling. Liners
interfere with cold air circulation, making
the unit less efficient.
• Organize and label food to reduce door
openings and extended searches. Remove
as many items as needed at one time, and
close the door as soon as possible.
Setting the
Temperature Control
Cool Down Period
• For safe food storage, allow 4 hours for
the appliance to cool down completely.
The unit will run continuously for the first
several hours. Foods that are already
frozen may be placed in the appliance
after the first few hours of operation.
Unfrozen foods should NOT be loaded
into the unit until the freezer has operated
for 4 hours.
• When loading the appliance, the freezer
will freeze only 3 pounds of fresh food
per cubic foot of space at one time.
Distribute packages to be frozen evenly
throughout the unit. It is not necessary to
turn the control knob to a colder setting
while freezing food.
Temperature Control
Electromechanical Temperature Control
(upright models)
The electromechanical temperature control
is located inside the appliance on lower
back wall. The temperature is factory
preset to provide satisfactory food storage
temperatures. However, the temperature
control is adjustable to provide a range of
temperatures for your personal satisfaction.
To adjust the temperature setting, turn the
temperature control knob clockwise or
counterclockwise. Allow several hours for the
temperature to stabilize between adjustments.