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Safety Information - Panasonic C1303U Operating Instructions Manual

Mp3 cd player/receiver
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Table of Contents

Safety Information

Read the operating instructions for the unit and all other compo-
nents of your car audio system carefully before using the system.
They contain instructions about how to use the system in a safe and
effective manner. Panasonic assumes no responsibility for any prob-
lems resulting from failure to observe the instructions given in this
This pictograph intends to alert you to the presence of
important operating instructions and installation
instructions. Failure to heed the instructions may
result in severe injury or death.
Observe the following warnings when using this
❑ The driver should neither watch the display nor operate
the system while driving.
Watching the display or operating the system will distract the driv-
er from looking ahead of the vehicle and can cause accidents.
Always stop the vehicle in a safe location and use the parking
brake before watching the display or operating the system.
❑ Use the proper power supply.
This product is designed for operation with a negative grounded
12 V DC battery system. Never operate this product with other bat-
tery systems, especially a 24 V DC battery system.
❑ Keep batteries and insulation film out of reach of infants.
Batteries and insulation film can be ingested, so keep them out of
the reach of infants. If an infant ingests a battery or insulation film,
please seek immediate medical attention.
❑ Protect the Deck Mechanism.
Do not insert any foreign objects into the slot of this unit.
❑ Do not disassemble or modify the unit.
Do not disassemble, modify the unit or attempt to repair the prod-
uct yourself. If the product needs to be repaired, consult your
dealer or an authorized Panasonic Servicenter.
❑ Do not use the unit when it is out of order.
If the unit is out of order (no power, no sound) or in an abnormal
state (has foreign objects in it, is exposed to water, is smoking, or
smells), turn it off immediately and consult your dealer.
❑ The remote control unit should not lie about in the car.
If the remote control unit lies about, it could fall on the floor while
driving, get wedged under the brake pedal, and lead to a traffic
❑ Refer fuse replacement to qualified service personnel.
When the fuse blows out, eliminate the cause and have it replaced
with the fuse prescribed for this unit by a qualified service engi-
neer. Incorrect replacement of the fuse may lead to smoke, fire,
and damage to the product.
This manual uses pictographs to show you how to use the product
safely and to alert you to potential dangers resulting from improper
connections and operations. The meanings of the pictographs are
explained below. It is important that you fully understand the mean-
ings of the pictographs in order to use this manual and the system
This pictograph intends to alert you to the presence of
important operating instructions and installation instruc-
tions. Failure to heed the instructions may result in
injury or material damage.
Observe the following warnings when installing.
❑ Disconnect the lead from the negative (–) battery termi-
nal before installation.
Wiring and installation with the negative (–) battery terminal con-
nected may cause electrical shock and injury due to a short circuit.
Some cars equipped with the electrical safety system have specific
procedures of battery terminal disconnection.
❑ Never use safety-related components for installation,
grounding, and other such functions.
Do not use safety-related vehicle components (fuel tank, brake,
suspension, steering wheel, pedals, airbag, etc.) for wiring or fix-
ing the product or its accessories.
❑ Installing the product on the air bag cover or in a location
where it interferes with airbag operation is prohibited.
❑ Check for piping, gasoline tank, electric wiring, and other
items before installing the product.
If you need to open a hole in the vehicle chassis to attach or wire
the product, first check where the wire harness, gasoline tank, and
electric wiring are located. Then open the hole from outside if pos-
❑ Never install the product in a location where it interferes
with your field of vision.
❑ Never have the power cord branched to supply other
equipment with power.
❑ After installation and wiring, you should check the nor-
mal operation of other electrical equipment.
The continuation of their using in abnormal conditions may cause
fire, electrical shock or a traffic accident.
❑ In the case of installation to an airbag-equipping car,
confirm warnings and cautions of the vehicle manufactur-
er before installation.
❑ Make sure the leads do not interfere with driving or get-
ting in and out of the vehicle.
❑ Insulate all exposed wires to prevent short circuiting.

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Table of Contents

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