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Track/File Selection; Folder Selection (Mp3) - Panasonic C1303U Operating Instructions Manual

Mp3 cd player/receiver
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Table of Contents
Player (Disc Player)
Disc slot
takes a disc in with the printed side facing up.
The power will be turned on automatically when
a disc is loaded.
A disc which has both CD-DA data and MP3
data on it may not be reproduced normally.
( y / 5 ) (Pause/Play)
toggles pause/play in the
player source.
[3] (SCROLL)
scrolls the information on display.
¡ Do not insert a disc when the
¡ Refer to the section of "Notes on Discs" and "Notes
on MP3.
¡ This unit does not support 8 cm {3"} discs.
¡ If you insert an 8 cm {3"} disc and cannot eject it, turn ACC of
your car off once and turn it on again, then press [u] (Eject).
Press [SRC] to select the Disc Player
Select a desired portion.

Track/file selection

Press [6] / [7].
Note: To perform fast forward/reverse, hold down
either of them.
Disc Player (CD-DA disc):
Previous/next track
Disc Player (MP3 disc):
Previous/next file
Printed side up
[SRC] (Source)
selects a source.
¡ Do not insert foreign objects into the disc slot.
indicator lights.
[6] [7]
skip to the previous/next
track/file in the player mode.
Hold down either of them for
fast reverse/fast forward.
[u] (Eject)
ejects the disc.
[DISP] (Display)
switches the information on
the display.
] [
skip to the previous/next folder in MP3 mode.
[4] (RANDOM)/[5] (SCAN)/[6] (REPEAT)
toggles on/off each play mode.

Folder selection (MP3)

Press [
] / [
Disc Player (MP3 disc):
Previous/next folder
Press [BAND] ( y / 5 ).
Press again to cancel.

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Table of Contents

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