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Radio; Frequency Adjustment - Panasonic C1303U Operating Instructions Manual

Mp3 cd player/receiver
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Table of Contents
Radio (AM/FM)
selects a band in the radio source.
Auto Preset Memory)
[APM] (
executes APM in the radio source. (Hold it
down for more than 2 seconds.)
[SRC] (Source)
selects a source.
Press [SRC] to select the radio source.
Press [BAND] to select a band.
[TUNE ]] [TUNE []
down/up the frequency. (Hold it
down for more than 0.5 seconds
and release it for seek tuning.)
Preset buttons [1] to [6]
selects a preset station in the radio source,
and presets the current station. (Hold it down
for more than 2 seconds.)
Select a station.

Frequency adjustment

[TUNE]]: Lower
[TUNE[]: Higher
Note: Hold down either of them for more than 0.5 sec-
onds and release it for seek tuning.
Preset station selection
Press the corresponding preset button from
[1] to [6] to tune in a preset station.
[DISP] (Display)
switches the information on
the display.

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Table of Contents

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