Panasonic DP-3530 Operating Instructions Manual

Digital imaging systems.
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Digital Imaging Systems
(For Copy & Network Scan Functions)
Model No.
with Options
Before operating this equipment, please read these instructions completely
and keep these operating instructions for future reference.

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Digital Imaging Systems Operating Instructions (For Copy & Network Scan Functions) DP-3530/4530/6030 Model No. with Options Before operating this equipment, please read these instructions completely and keep these operating instructions for future reference. English...

  • Page 2: Useful Office Functions, Multi-tasking Job Table

    Getting To Know Your Machine Useful Office Functions Copy • Copy up to Ledger size. Capable of copying text/photos/ halftone originals. Scan/File • Monochrome scanner capability when optional Network Scanner Module (DA-NS600) is installed. Scanning resolution up to 600 dpi. •...

  • Page 3: Operating Instructions Outline

    Operating Instructions Outline Getting To Know Your Machine Before Starting Making Copies Function Options Problem Solving Others ● Precautions (See pages 7-13) ● Quick Operation Chart (See pages 14 and 15) ● Adding Paper, Replacing the Toner Bottle, Removing a Misfed Paper and Error Codes (See pages 14-29) ●...

  • Page 4: Symbols/icons

    Getting To Know Your Machine Symbols/Icons The following Symbols/Icons are used throughout this operating instructions manual. Place original(s) on the ADF Place original(s) on the Platen (Book) Place original on the Platen (Sheet) Press any Hard Key on the control panel or touch any Button on the touch panel display Press Hard Key Touch any Button...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Getting To Know Your Machine Table of Contents Getting To Know Your Machine Useful Office Functions ... 2 Multi-Tasking Job Table ... 2 Operating Instructions Outline ... 3 Symbols/Icons ... 4 Precautions ... 7 Operation Chart ... 14 ■ Quick Operation Chart ... 14 ■...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Getting To Know Your Machine Table of Contents Insertion/Overlay ... 56 Other Features ... 60 Function For Key Operator ... 70 Examples ... 76 Combined Function Table ... 80 Accessories Components ... 81 Finisher ... 82 Network Scanner (Option) Registering your PC/Document Scanning ... 84 Problem Solving Troubleshooting ...

  • Page 7: Precautions

    Getting To Know Your Machine Precautions ■ Laser Safety LASER SAFETY This unit employs a laser. Only qualified service personnel should attempt to service this device due to possible eye injury. CAUTION: USE OF CONTROLS, ADJUSTMENTS OR PERFORMANCE PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE.

  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Machine, For Your Safety

    Precautions For Your Safety To prevent severe injury and loss of life, read this section carefully before using the Panasonic DP-3530/4530/6030 to ensure proper and safe operation of your machine. ■ This section explains the graphic symbols used in this Operating Instructions manual.

  • Page 9: Operating Safeguards

    Never touch a power cord with wet hands. Danger of electric shock exists. If the power cord is broken or insulated wires are exposed, contact your Service Provider for a replacement. Using a damaged cord can cause fire or electric shocks. Stop operation immediately if your machine produces smoke, excessive heat, unusual noise, or smell, or if water is spilt onto the machine.

  • Page 10: Consumable Safeguards

    Getting To Know Your Machine Precautions CAUTION Do not place a magnet near the safety switch of the machine. A magnet can activate the machine accidentally, resulting in injuries. Do not use a highly flammable spray or solvent near the machine. It can cause fire. When copying a thick document, do not use excessive force to press it against the document glass.

  • Page 11: Illegal Copies

    Output Tray more often to avoid paper jams. ■ Use of other than genuine Panasonic supplies can damage the printer. This may void the warranty of the printer and supplies. Be sure to use only genuine Panasonic Toner (DQ-TU15E) designed for the machine.

  • Page 12

    Getting To Know Your Machine Precautions Ventilation ■ The machine should be installed in a well-ventilated area to minimize the ozone density in the air. WARNING For USA FCC WARNING: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 13

    ■ Key Operator Password ● The Initial Machine Modes can be checked or changed with the Function Modes, however, these modes require the Key Operator Password. For Key Operator : When setting up this machine, please consult with the authorized service provider, and decide on the Key Operator Password together, then record it and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

  • Page 14: Operation Chart, Quick Operation Chart

    Getting To Know Your Machine Operation Chart ■ Quick Operation Chart Turn the Main Power Switch On (Back side of the Original Copier) (See page 13) Turn the Power Switch on the Left Load Paper side of the machine to the ON position.

  • Page 15: Problem Solving

    Select desired settings Adjust the Manual Exposure Select type of Original(s) Copy Jobs BASIC MENU Tab (See pages 34-41) ZOOM/EFFECTS Tab (See pages 50-55) ■ Problem Solving Adding Paper (See pages 14-17) Replacing Toner Bottle (See pages 16 and 17) Replacing Toner Waste Container (Call your Service provider)

  • Page 16

    Getting To Know Your Machine Operation Chart ■ Problem Solving ● Adding Paper (1550-Sheet Paper Tray 1) ● Adding Paper (3000-Sheet Large Capacity Paper Tray (LCT) (Option)) Paper Feed Tray Do not touch the tray while it is moving. ● Replacing Toner Bottle/Replacing Toner Waste Container Replace Toner Bottle Replace Toner Waste Container...

  • Page 17

    ATTENTION ● For optimum copy quality it is recommended that only Panasonic Brand toner is used in the copier. Store toner in a cool dark area with low humidity. Do not unseal the toner bottle unless you are...

  • Page 18

    Getting To Know Your Machine Operation Chart ■ Problem Solving (Common Operation) ● Replacing the Staple Cartridge (Common Operation) (When optional Finisher is installed.) Add Staples ● 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS330) ● 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS600)/2 Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher (DA-FS605) Staple Cover When supplying the Saddle Stitcher Unit with staples (DA-FS605 only) Lower Front Cover...

  • Page 19

    Check the operation Staple Cartridge Empty Empty Staple Cartridge Number of Copies (Max. 999) Empty For DA-FS330: When the Staple is jammed Jammed Staple ● The following message will be displayed on the Touch Panel Display: "Can Not Complete Confirm Staple Unit" Tape Stitcher Unit Tape...

  • Page 20

    Getting To Know Your Machine Operation Chart ■ Problem Solving (Continued) ● 1-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher (DA-FS355A) Finisher Front Cover Tape ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Locations) DA-FS330 DA-FS355 DA-FS355A Copier Paper Feed Unit Finisher i-ADF Blue Mark Staple Cartridge DA-FS600 DA-FS605 Misfed Location Indicator ●...

  • Page 21

    Staple Cartridge Finisher Front Cover ● User Error Codes (U Code) U4, U12 U31, U33, U34 Code Check Points Front Cover is open. Finisher is separated from the machine. Right Cover is open. Right Lower Cover is open. Left Cover is open. Finisher Staple Cover/Upper Cover is open.

  • Page 22

    Getting To Know Your Machine Operation Chart ■ Problem Solving (Continued) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Paper Entry Area) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Paper Transport Area) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Paper Exit/Fuser Area) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Reverse Area) Right Cover Magnet Heat Roller Cover...

  • Page 23

    Paper Transport Knob Fuser Knob Left Cover Close the Right Cover. Push and Turn Magnet Heat Roller Cover Caution Surface...

  • Page 24

    Getting To Know Your Machine ■ Problem Solving (Continued) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Automatic Duplex Unit (ADU)) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (i-ADF) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (System Console) When the optional System Console (DA-DS603/DS604) is installed. Knob 5 (Left) ADF Cover Exit Guide Right Lower Cover...

  • Page 25

    Automatic Duplex Unit Push and turn ADF Tray Knob 5 (Centre) Green Labelled Tab Exit Guide ADF Cover Knob 5 (Right) Misfed Paper Right Lower Cover...

  • Page 26

    Getting To Know Your Machine ■ Problem Solving (Continued) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (Large Capacity Paper Tray) (Option) When the optional Large Capacity Paper Tray (DA-MA301) is installed. ● Removing a Misfed Paper (2-Bin Finisher) (Option) When the optional 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS600/605) is installed.

  • Page 27

    Door Punch Cover Finisher Upper Cover Latch Misfed Paper Push and Turn Punch Cover Misfed Paper Saddle Exit Cover...

  • Page 28

    Getting To Know Your Machine ■ Problem Solving (Continued) ● Removing a Misfed Paper (2-Bin Finisher) (Option) When the optional 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS330) is installed. ● Removing a Misfed Paper (1-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher) (Option) When the optional 1-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher (DA-FS355A) is installed. ●...

  • Page 29

    Finisher Entry guide Trash Box Upper Cover Stitch Tray Finisher Knob A Misfed Paper When paper cannot be removed: Upper Cover Finisher Front Cover Finisher Guide Finisher Finisher...

  • Page 30: Energy Star

    This product will automatically “power down” after a specified period of non-use. The use of this ultimately benefit the environment. The default functions can be adjusted depending on your office requirements. Please ask your authorized Panasonic dealer for more details. ® Partner, Panasonic has determined that this product meets ®...

  • Page 31: Control Panel

    Control Panel ORIGINAL COPY SIZE SIZE Keys Keys COPY Key ● To use the unit as a photocopier. ENERGY SAVER Key ● Saves power while the copier is not in use. INTERRUPT Key ● Interrupts other copy or print jobs while making copies. FUNCTION Key ●...

  • Page 32: Touch Panel Display

    Before Starting Touch Panel Display ● Use only gentle finger pressure to activate the Touch Panel Display. DO NOT USE SHARP NOTE OBJECTS such as pens, fingernails etc., as this may damage the panel. ● Touch Panel Display Brightness Adjustment: To adjust the brightness of the Touch Panel display, press and while holding down the "C"...

  • Page 33

    ■ Touch Panel Display Indications Warning Indications : Add Toner : Add Paper Original Icon Original Size Indication Multi-Size Feeding / Job Build and SADF Mode Indication Rotate Mode Indication Number of Copies / Original(s) Machine / User Error Code Indication (E1-01, U13, etc.) Copy Icon Copy Size Indication Reserve a Job Button...

  • Page 34: Basic Menu, Copying The Same Size Originals (1:1), Positioning Original(s), Using The Adf

    Making Copies Basic Menu ■ Copying the Same Size Originals (1:1) Copy size is automatically selected. 100% ■ Positioning Original(s) On the i-ADF Note 1) Once after setting originals , pressing Start button, do not press originals as it may cause original jam. Note 2) When originals with clipped or stapled, take off clips or staples, then set originals neat.

  • Page 35: Copying On Heavy Paper (post Cards, Etc.) (35 Lb Max.)

    Adjust the Manual Exposure Select type of Original(s) When copying a thick Booklet, open the ADF and verify that the ADF Hinge was returned to original position if the rear of the ADF was raised. ■ Copying on Heavy Paper (Post Cards, etc.) (35 lb max.) Select Sheet Bypass and touch the Size Change button Load paper...

  • Page 36: Copying With Preset Ratios (reduction/enlargement), Proof Copying, Tandem/remote Copying

    Making Copies Basic Menu ■ Copying with Preset Ratios (Reduction/Enlargement) Letter Ledger Ledger Letter ■ Proof Copying Allows you to make one proof set, before proceeding to copy a large multi-set with various settings. Proof copy Multi copy ■ Tandem/Remote Copying Requires installation of optional Hard Disk Drive (DA- HD60), Network setup (See pages 71, 78 and 79) and Parameter registration.

  • Page 37

    The Correct ratio is automatically selected. Reduction and enlargement ratios (%) ORIGINAL COPY SIZE SIZE Ledger Legal Ledger Legal Letter-R Invoice-R Number of Copies (Max. 999) For Tandem For Remote ● Press the PROOF SET button again if the Proof Copying mode was reset. NOTE Letter-R Invoice-R Number of Copies...

  • Page 38: Tandem/remote Copy Settings (registration 1), Tandem/remote Copy Settings (registration 2), Tandem/remote Copy Settings (editing)

    Making Copies Basic Menu ■ Tandem/Remote Copy Settings (Registration 1) Input the Key Operator ID Code if required. ■ Tandem/Remote Copy Settings (Registration 2) If installing the machine on a Network with a different subnet mask, you must first register it before being able to use the Tandem/Remote Copying function.

  • Page 39

    Button Names on the QWERTY Keyboard To input upper case letter(s). To input numbers and/or symbols. Select the registered machine name Select the registered machine name Scroll to 08/10 Machine name (up to 15 characters) To move the cursor (_) to the left or right side. To erase the character before the cursor.

  • Page 40: Job Queue, Completion Notice

    Desktop of your PC when the Copy Job is completed. Before using the Completion Notice, install the Panasonic-DMS included with the machine. Copy is completed. Pop up screen ● The PRINT JOB QUEUE requires the Key Operator’s Password, however, the COPY JOB NOTE QUEUE does not require a password.

  • Page 41

    ● This Completion Notice is available only when connected to the Network. NOTE To reset the Completion Notice, press the CANCEL button. Input password (4-digit) Select the desired PC Address 2 times Number of Copies...

  • Page 42: Book 2-sided Copy

    Making Copies 2-Sided/Original ■ 1-Sided 2-Sided, 2-Sided 1-Sided 2-Sided Copy 2-Sided 1-Sided Copy 2-Sided 2-Sided Copy ■ Book 2-Sided Copy Book 2-Sided Copy (1st Page BLANK) (1st Page IMAGED) Copy 1-Sided, 2-Sided 2 Copy only) Blank Page Platen Ex : Ledger size original Book Mark ∗...

  • Page 43

    When clearing the 2-Sided Copy: Bind position Original format Copy format Number of Copies From Platen: When "Last Original?" message is displayed. Ex: 2 originals Touch "NO" button. Place next original on the platen. Press Start Key. Touch "YES" button. Number of Copies When "Last Original?"...

  • Page 44: Page Copy, Booklet Copy

    Making Copies 2-Sided/Original ■ 2 Page Copy Copying two facing pages or a Ledger size original on two separate Letter size sheets. ■ N in 1 Copy From two/four/six 1-Sided originals, side by side, to 1-Sided pages. ● 2 in 1 Copy ●...

  • Page 45

    Copy Format ∗ Original Copy direction N in 1 mode layout ex. 2 in 1 ● Copy is automatically reduced. 2 in 1: 65 %, 4 in 1: 50 %, 6 in 1: 38 % (ex. Letter to Letter- size) ∗...

  • Page 46: Multi-size Feeding, Job Build And Sadf Mode

    Making Copies 2-Sided/Original ■ Multi-Size Feeding Use this function when copying mixed Ledger/Letter size originals using the ADF. Original size can be detected automatically then can be copied full size (1:1) or same size. Combination of Multi-Size Feeding Copies Originals Full Size Reduction Legal...

  • Page 47

    Select Sorting/Finishing settings etc. Number of Copies Number Place the next original of Copies within 5 sec. of last ejected copy. Number of Place the next original within Copies 5 sec. of last ejected copy. (ex. 5) (30 sheets) If “Another Original? YES or NO”...

  • Page 48: Sort/finish, When Using Sort Mode

    Making Copies Sort/Finish ■ When using Sort Mode Copy is stored on the Tray. Non-Sort Sort Multiple copy sets are sorted automatically. Shift-Sort When optional Finisher is installed. Offset stacking using electronic sorting ● DA-FS330 (Letter/Lower Bin only) ● FS355A/FS600/FS605 (Letter, Letter-R, Legal, Ledger) Staple Sort Staple Positions:...

  • Page 49

    Staple Position ex. Top left corner Platen ● Overflow When overflow indicator appears on the display, remove excess copies from the bin. Sort mode When the optional Finisher (See pages 82 and 83) is installed, this screen will change as follows: For DA-FS330 For DA-FS600/FS605 Number...

  • Page 50: Zoom/effects, Zoom, Auto Zoom, Edge, Book

    Making Copies Zoom/Effects ■ Zoom Copies with variable zoom ratios from 25 % to 400 % in 1 % increments. ■ Auto Zoom The copy Zoom Ratio adjusts automatically to the selected paper size. Fit to paper length or width Fit to paper length and width ■...

  • Page 51

    Same vertical and horizontal ratio 25% - 400% or Keypad Fit to paper length or width Fit to paper length and width Same vertical and horizontal void value 5 - 99 mm or Keypad 5 - 99 mm or Keypad ●...

  • Page 52: Margin, Centering, Image Repeat, Inverse

    Making Copies Zoom/Effects ■ Margin Shifts image to right, left, up or down. ■ Centering Copy image can be centered automatically on selected paper. ■ Image Repeat Creates continuous copy image on one sheet. Minimum original size: 20 x 20 mm ■...

  • Page 53

    5 - 99 mm Margin area or Keypad Paper Size (Paper Tray) Paper Size (Paper Tray) Number of Copies Number of Copies Number of Copies Number of Copies If a part of the copied image is missing when using the Margin mode, change the Margin Reduction setting to Yes.

  • Page 54: Stamping (page Numbering), Stamping (date Stamp), Stamping (issue Number Stamping)

    Making Copies Zoom/Effects ■ Stamping (Page Numbering) Page numbers can be automatically stamped on each page. The page numbering format can be changed in function mode. Default format is "-n-". (See page 67) ■ Stamping (Date Stamp) The date can be automatically stamped on each page.

  • Page 55

    ORIENTATION Stamping position ORIENTATION Stamping position ORIENTATION Stamping position Number of Copies Stamping start page (Max. 999) From 1, 2 or 3 From 3rd page From 2nd page ● Multiple copy sets will be From 1st page sorted automatically. Number of Copies (Max.

  • Page 56: Insertion/overlay, Cover, Page Insertion, Ohp Interleaving, Presentation

    ● Certain types of transparency film may not be compatible and may damage your machine. NOTE Consult with an authorized Panasonic dealer for advice regarding non-standard paper types. (Panasonic has tested "3M PP2500" transparency film and found it to be compatible.) ADF only Copied...

  • Page 57

    Cover Page mode Cover (Front) Cover (Front+Back) Blank Copy Page Insertion mode Paper Size ∗ Paper Tray Blank Copy Load OHP film onto the Sheet Bypass OHP Interleaving mode Load OHP film onto the Sheet Bypass Presentation mode ∗ The size and orientation of the printed copy and recording paper should match. NOTE ∗∗...

  • Page 58: Overlay, File Edit, Form Overlay

    Making Copies Insertion/Overlay ■ Overlay Overlays a second image onto the first by using a second original. 1st-page ■ File Edit Up to three ∗ editing functions available in the Form Overlay feature. ∗ : To Add a new file ∗ (HDD = Max.

  • Page 59

    Density for 1st page image REGISTER Density for registered image ERASE FILE NAME EDIT Select a file Number of Copies From Platen: (Max. 999) Same procedures as for Form Overlay To cancel the registration, touch "CANCEL" button. Enter the file name Number of Copies (Max.

  • Page 60: Other Features, Job Memory, Double Exposure

    Making Copies Other Features ■ Job Memory Five Copy Jobs can be stored in Memory (M1 to M5) for recall at a later time. Set up the copy job to be stored. NOTE: When the M5 Key is used, the Double Exposure Mode should be set to "Off"...

  • Page 61

    To recall a job stored in memory M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 Number of Copies (Max. 999) The following steps, illustrate how to make multiple copies when the Sort Mode is selected. (See page 48) 1: YES Continues to copy another original, repeat steps 1 and 3- to step 6.

  • Page 62: Skyshot Mode, Concurrent Copying

    Making Copies Other Features ■ Skyshot Mode Skyshot allows copying a manuscript without generating dark borders even if the Platen Cover or ADF is opened. Two types of Skyshot modes can be selected: 1) Digital Skyshot Mode : The scanning area (size) is not pre-determined. 2) Manual Skyshot Mode : The scanning area (size) is pre-registered into memory (M1 and M2) in advance.

  • Page 63: Interrupt Mode, Function

    Manual Skyshot Mode ● Set 07 Manual Skyshot Mode in Copier Settings first. (See page 67) Platen Upper- Left Corner ∗ Scanning is completed ■ Interrupt Mode This mode can interrupt other copy jobs while making copies/printing. Other Job set ●...

  • Page 64: Using Function Modes To Change The Initial Copy Modes, Procedure

    Function ■ Using Function Modes to Change the Initial Copy Modes General Copier Settings Settings General Copier Settings for Settings for Key Operator Key Operator General Settings: ■ Procedure Select the desired Function Mode ● Please refer to the appropriate operating instructions manual for function settings on options. NOTE Printer Settings...

  • Page 65

    Copier Settings: Printer Settings: <When Optional accessories are installed> Scanner Settings: Fax/Email Settings: Set the desired Function Parameter(s). Set the desired Function Changing the Initial Copy Modes ● Default function of each copy mode (See page 67) For Key Operator: Paper size priority, Original mode, Contrast, Job Build and SADF mode, Original size of Manual Skyshot mode, etc.

  • Page 66: General Settings

    Function ■ General Settings Screen Modes 00 Power On Default Mode 01 Manual Add Toner 02 Sort Memory Status 01/01 03 Departmental Counter 04 Key Operator Mode Function Selects mode. ● COPY, PRINTER, SCANNER ∗ , FAX ∗ Adds toner manually. ●...

  • Page 67: Copier Settings

    ■ Copier Settings Screen Modes 00 Margin Value Default 01 Edge Value Default 02 Book Value Default 01/05 03 Margin Reduction Def. 04 2-Sided Mode Default 05 Reduce N in 1 For Space 06 Digital Skyshot Mode 07 Manual Skyshot Mode 02/05 08 Auto Contrast Adjust 09 N in 1 Default Mode...

  • Page 68: Scanner Settings

    02/02 08 Scanner Settings Print 09 XMF File Type ∗ Address Book is not necessary to set in this function setting, your PC can be registered with Panasonic-DMS. (See page 84) Function Sets the original setting. ● Text, T/P (Text/Photo), Photo Sets the default compression mode setting.

  • Page 69: Printer Settings

    ■ Printer Settings Screen Modes 00 Number Of Prints 01 Paper Size 01/04 02 Paper Tray 03 Print Direction 04 Auto Tray Selection 05 2-Sided Print 06 Bind Edge 02/04 07 Resolution 08 Font (PCL) 09 Symbol Table (PCL) 10 Pitch (PCL) 11 Point Size (PCL) 12 Lines/Page (PCL) 03/04...

  • Page 70: For Key Operator, General Settings

    Function For Key Operator ■ General Settings Screen Modes 00 Paper Size 01 Auto Reset Time 01/10 02 Power Save Mode Timer 03 Sleep/Shutdown Timer 04 Language Default 05 Special Paper Tray 1 06 Special Paper Tray 2 02/10 07 COPY Output Bin ∗∗∗ 08 PRINTER Output Bin ∗∗∗...

  • Page 71

    ■ General Settings Screen Modes 15 Fold Position (A3/LDR) 16 Fold Position (B4) 04/10 17 Fold Position (A4/LTR-R) 19 Language Sel. Priority 20 Date Time Setting 21 Weekly Timer 22 DHCP Default 05/10 23 TCP/IP Address 24 TCP/IP Subnet Mask 25 TCP/IP Default Gateway 26 DNS Server Address 27 Hard Disk Initialize...

  • Page 72

    Function For Key Operator ■ General Settings Screen Modes 30 Sleep/Shutdown Select 31 Print General Settings 32 Corona Wire Cleaning 07/10 33 MAC Address 34 Address Book Group ID 35 Tandem User Parameter 36 Community Name (1) 37 Community Name (2) 08/10 38 Device Name 39 Device Location...

  • Page 73

    ■ General Settings Screen Modes 45 Special Paper Tray 3 46 Special Paper Tray 4 47 Special Paper Tray 5 10/10 48 Data Deletion Of HD ■ Copier Settings Screen Modes 00 Paper Size Priority 01 Original Mode Default 01/05 02 Text Contrast 03 T/P Contrast 04 Photo Contrast...

  • Page 74

    “Level 1 or 2” setting consumes less Toner than “None” setting, however, the copy quality will diminish slightly. Toner saving is based on the Panasonic 6 % density Test Chart (N910653): Level 1: Uses approximately 10 % less Toner than None setting.

  • Page 75

    ■ Printer Settings Screen Modes 00 Job Completion Time 01 Page Protection 02 Error Page Print 01/03 03 Spool Function 04 Text Print 05 PS Configuration Print 06 Printer Settings Print 07 Font List Print (PCL) 02/03 08 Font List Print (PS) 09 Mailbox Data Holding 10 Delete Mailbox Data 11 Print Queue Delete...

  • Page 76: Examples, Changing The Auto Contrast Setting, Changing The Paper Size, Weekly Timer

    Function Examples ■ Changing the Auto Contrast Setting You can select whether to automatically adjust the copying density for Text and Photo originals. ■ Changing the Paper Size The Paper Trays are designed to accommodate Invoice, Letter, Letter-R, Legal and Ledger Size paper. Paper Tray ■...

  • Page 77

    ID Code (4-digit) Pull out the Paper Tray Note: It is recommended that the paper guide ( b ) is fixed in place with screws. Consult an authorized service provider for details on how to fasten the guide. ID Code (4-digit) Input time Ex.: 1700...

  • Page 78: Department Counter, Network Settings

    Function Examples ■ Department Counter The Department Counter feature can limit the number of copies, administer counters and Identification Code numbers for each department. (Maximum Number of Departments: 300) Contact your authorized service provider to enable the Department Counter feature. For Total Counter Displays the sum of all the Prints all the active...

  • Page 79

    ID Code (4-digit) For Department Counter Select Page Select Department ID Code (4-digit) ∗ When clearing the IP address, press the " " key to move to the next segment ∗∗∗ ∗∗∗ of the IP address ( For Maximum Prints Clear the counter (8-digit) Select Page...

  • Page 80: Combined Function Table

    Function Combined Function Table 2-SIDED/ORIG. Next Selections First Selections Book 2 Page N in 1 Booklet Multi-Size Feeding Job Build and SADF Sort Shift-Sort Rotate-Sort Staple-Sort Shift-Group Rotate-Group Non-Sort Punch Zoom Auto Zoom Edge Book Margin Stamping Image Repeat Centering Inverse Cover Insertion...

  • Page 81: Components

    Accessories Components ■ The DP-3530/4530/6030 is a digital photocopier which can produce images with great clarity. Furthermore, its copying functionality can also be greatly enhanced by the addition of the following options and supplies. We hope you find that the wide ranging capabilities will make your office-place more productive and efficient.

  • Page 82: Finisher

    Accessories Finisher 1. Components DA-FS600/FS605 5. Dispose the Punch Hole Residue ■ DA-FS600/FS605 with optional Punch Unit (DA-SP31) ■ DA-FS355A with optional Punch Unit (DA-SP41) ■ DA-FS330 DA-FS355A Punch Unit (Option: DA-SP31) For punching 3 holes on copies. 1 Bin Saddle Stitcher Tray When using the Booklet 2 Bin...

  • Page 83: Replacing The Staple

    DA-FS330 1 Bin 2 Bin Letter size only Electronic Shift Stapling Dispose the punch hole residue. 2. Operation (See page 48) 3. Replacing the Staple Cartridge (See pages 18-21) 4. Bin Capacity (See pages 92 and 93) Trash Box Punch Unit Front Cover Return the finisher to original position.

  • Page 84: Registering Your Pc/document Scanning, Registering Your Pc, Document Scanning

    System (PDMS) is installed and configured on your PC, document(s) can be scanned from the DP-3530/4530/6030 to PC. When using the network scanner, it is necessary first to make the Panasonic Communication Utility software start on your PC. Right-click on the icon. Select Scanner Configuration...

  • Page 85

    ∗ of the network (LAN), Select "Add Device" then, register the machine by following the steps below. Click OK. When the DP-3530/4530/6030 is installed on a different subnet mask ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ of the network. Click "Add". Select a destination (PC) ∗...

  • Page 86: Troubleshooting

    Problem Solving Troubleshooting Check Unit Does Not Operate Does the display light? Does the Energy Saver key flash (or light) and displays are turned OFF? (See page 62) Does any of the U## codes and messages appear on the display? (U1, U4, U6, U7, U11...etc.) Does the Add Staples indicator and message appear on the display?

  • Page 87: Copier Care

    Check Marked Copies Is the copier Platen Glass or Platen Sheet dirty? Is the original an OHP film or a dark original? ■ If the measures outlined above do not solve the problem, call your Service provider. Copier Care ■ As a rule, clean weekly. Platen Sheet Action Clean the Platen Glass or Sheet.

  • Page 88: Replacing The Battery/set The Date And Time

    Problem Solving Replacing the Battery/Set the Date and Time The copier has an internal battery (Product No.: CR2032) which maintains the date and time. In the event the battery requires replacement, the following message will be displayed. Setting the Date and Time (if required): ●...

  • Page 89


  • Page 90: Specifications

    DP-4530 : Approx. 4.5 seconds DP-6030 : Approx. 3.5 seconds (Letter , from 1st Tray, platen) DP-3530 : 35 cpm (Letter size) DP-4530 : 45 cpm (Letter size) DP-6030 : 60 cpm (Letter size) Preset: 121%, 129%, 155%, 200% Variable: from 101 - 400% in 1% increments...

  • Page 91

    Supplied from copier Dimensions (W × D × H) 23.6 × 28.7 × 11.4 in (600 × 730 × 290 mm) Weight 63.5 lb (28.8 kg) Applicable Models DP-3530/4530/6030 ■ System Console 2 (DA-DS604) Combination Paper Tray × 2 Paper Size Invoice/Letter/Letter-R/Legal/Ledger Paper Weight 16 –...

  • Page 92

    Others Specifications ■ 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS600) Mode 1 Bin and 2 Bin Paper Size 1 Bin and 2 Bin Paper Weight Paper Capacity 1 Bin and 2 Bin Staple Paper Size Paper Weight Capacity Point Electrical Requirements Dimensions (W × D × H) Weight Applicable Models ■...

  • Page 93

    Dimensions (W × D × H) 21.7 × 23.7 × 18.3 in (550 × 600 × 464 mm) Weight 60 lb (27.2 kg) Applicable Models DP-3530/4530 ■ Punch Unit (DA-SP41) Paper Size Letter/Ledger : 3-hole Letter-R/Legal : 2-hole Paper Weight...

  • Page 94: Options And Supplies

    Others Options and Supplies ■ The DP-3530/4530/6030 is a digital photocopier which can produce images with great clarity. Furthermore, its copying functionality can also be greatly enhanced by the addition of the following options and supplies. We hope you find that the wide ranging capabilities will make your office-place more productive and efficient.

  • Page 95

    ■ Supplies Part Name Staple Cartridge Staple Cartridge Staple Cartridge Staple Cartridge Toner Toner Part No. FQ-SS66 Staple Cartridge Refills (3) for DA-FS600/605 FQ-SS50 Staple Cartridge Refills (3) for DA-FS605 (Saddle-Stitch) DQ-SS35 Staple Cartridge Refills (3) for DA-FS355A FQ-SS32 Staple Cartridge Refills (3) for DA-FS330 DQ-TU241G Toner for DP-3520/4520 DQ-TU351G...

  • Page 96: Sided/original Copy, Index

    Others INDEX ... 42 ... 42 ... 42 2PAGE ... 44 2-Sided/Original Copy ... 15, 42-47 Accessories ... 81 ACTIVE LED (GREEN) ... 31 Add Paper Indicator ... 86 Add Staples: 1-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher (DA-FS355A) ... 20 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS330) ... 18 2-Bin Finisher (DA-FS600)/ 2-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher (DA-FS605) ...

  • Page 97

    Making Copies With Opening the ADF ... 62 Margin ... 52 Marked Copies ... 87 Maximum Prints ... 79 Misfed Location Indicator ... 20 Misfed Paper (1-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher Only) ... 28 Misfed Paper (2-Bin Finisher) ... 26 Misfed Paper (2-Bin Finisher) ... 28 Misfed Paper (2-Bin Saddle-Stitch Finisher Only) ...

  • Page 98

    Others ZOOM ... 50 Zoom/Effects ... 15, 50-55...

  • Page 99

    Supplies Telephone Number Service Telephone Number Model and Serial Number Copyright © 2004 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation of law. The contents of these Operating Instructions are subject to change without notice.

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