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Omron M10-IT Instruction Manual: Important Safety Information

Digital automatic blood pressure monitor.
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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information
Consult your doctor during pregnancy, arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis.
Use the unit only to store the designated users measurement results.
Please read this section carefully before using the unit.
(General Usage)
• Always consult your doctor. You should never stop or change the
dosage of medication prescribed by your doctor.
• Do not leave the unit unattended with infants or persons who cannot
express their consent.
• Do not use the unit for any purpose other than measuring blood
• Use only the approved arm cuff for this unit. Use of other arm cuffs
may result in incorrect measurement results.
• Do not disassemble the unit or arm cuff.
• Make sure that the air tube is not wrapped around other parts of your
body when taking measurements at night. This could result in injury
when the air pressure in the air tube is increased.
• Do not wrap the arm cuff tightly when taking measurements at night.
This could result in injury.
• Do not inflate the arm cuff over 299 mmHg.
• Do not allow objects to come into contact with the USB connector on
the right of the unit when taking measurements.
(Optional AC Adapter Usage)
• Use only the original AC adapter designed for this unit. Use of
unsupported adapters may damage and/or may be hazardous to the
unit. Plug the AC adapter into the appropriate voltage outlet. Do not
overload power outlets or use extension cords.
• Do not use the AC adapter if the unit or the power cord is damaged.
Turn off the power and unplug the power cord immediately.


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