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Safety - Haier 1U12LC2VHA Installation Manual

Ductless split air conditioner
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Be sure to read the safety precautions before conducting work. The items are classified into "Warning" and "Caution." The
"Warning items are especially important since they can lead to death or serious injury if not followed closely. The "Caution"
items can also lead to serious accidents under some conditions if they are not followed. Therefore, be sure to observe all safety
precautions listed here.
∆ This symbol means be careful when doing this procedure or touching this equipment.
ᴏ This symbol indicates a prohibited action.
This symbol means that an action must be taken; the action will be listed next to the symbol.
After the repair work is complete, be sure to conduct a test operation to ensure that the equipment operates properly;
explain the safety precautions for operating the equipment to the customer.
Disconnect the power cable from electrical socket
before disassembling equipment for repair. Working
on equipment that is connected to a power supply
can cause an electrical shock.
If the refrigerant gas discharges during the repair
work DO NOT touch the discharging refrigerant gas.
The refrigerant gas can cause frostbite.
Before disconnecting the suction or discharge pipe
of the compressor at the welded section, recover
the refrigerant gas in a well-ventilated area. If
refrigerant gas remains inside the compressor, the
refrigerant gas or the refrigerating machine oil will
discharge when the pipe is disconnected and may
cause injury.
If the refrigerant gas leaks during the repair work,
ventilate the area. The refrigerant gas can generate
toxic gases when it contacts flames.
The step-up capacitor supplies high-voltage
electricity to the electrical components of the
outdoor unit. Be sure to discharge the capacitor
completely before conducting repair work. A
charged capacitor can cause electrical shock.
Be sure to use parts listed in the service parts
of the applicable model and appropriate tools to
conduct repair work. Never attempt to modify
the equipment. The use of inappropriate parts or
tools can cause electrical shock, excessive heat
generation, or fire.
When relocating the equipment make sure that
the new installation site has sufficient strenght to
withstand the weight of the equipment. If the new
installation site does not have sufficient strength
and if the installation work is not conducted
securely, the equipment can fall and cause injury.
Read These Safety Precautions
Be sure to install the product correctly by using the
standard installation frame provided. Incorrect use
of the installation frame and improper installation
can cause equipment to fall, resulting in injury.
Do not repair the electrical components with wet
hands. Working on equipment with wet hands can
cause electrical shock.
Do not clean the equipment by splashing water.
Washing the unit with water can cause an electrical
Make sure that the unit is grounded when reparing
the equipment in a wet or humid place to avoid
electrical shocks.
Be sure to turn off the power switch when cleaning
the equipment; the internal fan rotates at a high
speed and may cause injury.
Do not tilt the unit when removing it. Water inside
the unit can spill, wetting the floor.
Be sure to check that the refrigeration cycle section
has cooled down sufficiently before conducting
repair work. Working on the unit when the
refrigerating cycle is hot can cause burns.
Use the welder in a well-ventilated place. Using
the welder in an enclosed room can cause oxygen
Be sure to use a dedicated power circuit for the
equipment; follow appropriate technical standards
for the electrical equipment, the internal wiring
regulations, and the instruction manual for
installation when conducting electrical work.
Insufficient power circuit capacity and improper
electrical work can cause an electrical shock or fire.

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