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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Yamaha XMAX 250 YP250R

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL YP250R 1C0-F8199-E1...
  • Page 3 EAU10110 Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling! As the owner of the YP250, you are benefiting from Yamaha’s vast experience and newest technology regarding the design and manufacture of high-quality products, which have earned Yamaha a reputation for dependability.
  • Page 4 Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality. Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your scooter and this manual. If you have any questions concerning this manual, please consult your Yamaha dealer. EWA12410 s WARNING PLEASE READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY BEFORE OPERATING THIS SCOOTER.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION EAUS1171 YP250 OWNER’S MANUAL ©2005 by YAMAHA MOTOR SPAIN S.A. 1st edition, May 2005 All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of YAMAHA MOTOR SPAIN S.A. is expressly prohibited. Printed in Spain.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY INFORMATION .....1-1 OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING Changing the brake fluid ....6-16 POINTS ..........5-1 Checking and lubricating the throttle DESCRIPTION........2-1 Starting a cold engine ......5-1 grip cable ........6-16 Left view ...........2-1 Starting off ........5-1 Lubricating the front and rear brake Right view .........2-2 Acceleration and deceleration ..5-2 levers ..........6-16...
  • Page 7: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION EAU10260 Safe riding ved in accidents do not even SCOOTERS ARE SINGLE TRACK Always make pre-operation have a current driver’s license. VEHICLES. THEIR SAFE USE AND checks. Careful checks may help • Make sure that you are quali- OPERATION DEPENDENT prevent an accident.
  • Page 8 Modifications made to this scooter control. Wear a face shield or goggles. not approved by Yamaha, or the • The operator should keep both Wind in your unprotected eyes removal of original equipment, may hands on the handlebar and...
  • Page 9 If electrical been specifically designed for use on accessories are added to the accessories exceed the capacity this scooter. Since Yamaha cannot handlebar or front fork area, of the scooter’s electrical system test all other accessories that may be...
  • Page 10 SAFETY INFORMATION Gasoline and exhaust gas • Do not park the scooter on a EAU10371 Further safe-riding points GASOLINE IS HIGHLY FLAMMA- slope or soft ground, otherwise Be sure to signal clearly when BLE: it may fall over. making turns. •...
  • Page 11 SAFETY INFORMATION Always wear a helmet, gloves, trousers (tapered around the cuff and ankle so they do not flap), and a bright colored jacket. Do not carry too much luggage on the scooter. An overloaded scooter is unstable.
  • Page 12: Description

    DESCRIPTION EAU10410 Left view 1. Storage compartment (page 3-11) 4. V-Belt filter (page 6-10) 2. Spring preload (page 3-11) 5. Sidestand (page 3-12) 3. Air filter (page 6-10)
  • Page 13: Right View

    DESCRIPTION EAU10420 Right view 14 13 12 6. Rear brake pads (page 6-14) 11. Front brake pads (page 6-14) 7. Grab bar 12. Coolant reservoir cap (page 6-9) 8. Fuel cap (page 3-8) 13. Coolant level window (page 6-9) 9. Battery (page 6-18) 14.
  • Page 14: Controls And Instruments

    DESCRIPTION EAU10430 Controls and instruments PUSH 16. Rear brake lever (page 3-8) 20. Main switch (page 3-1) 17. Left handlebar switches (page 3-7) 21. Right handlebar switch (page 3-7) 18. Speedometer and multi-function panel (page 3-4) 22. Throttle grip (page 6-12) 19.
  • Page 15: Instrument And Control Functions

    Yamaha dealer to have Do not expose any key to and is used to lock the steering. them re-registered. Do not use the excessively high temperatures.
  • Page 16: Indicators, Indicator Lights And Warning Light

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS on until the key is turned to “OFF”, accident. Make sure that the vehi- even if the engine stalls. cle is stopped before turning the key to “OFF” or “LOCK”. EAU10660 PUSH EAU33461 All electrical systems are off. The key Indicators, indicator lights can be removed.
  • Page 17: Speedometer

    If the warning light does not come on EAU11591 EAU12110 Speedometer Fuel gauge for a few seconds, then go off, have a Yamaha dealer check the electrical 1 2 3 circuit. EAUS1310 Immobilizer system indicator light The electrical circuit of the indicator light can be checked by turning the key to “ON”.
  • Page 18: Coolant Temperature Gauge

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU12171 EAUM1480 a clock Coolant temperature gauge Multi-function display an ambient temperature display a service indicator (which is dis- played when periodic maintenan- ce and lubrication is necessary) NOTE: For the UK, the distance traveled is displayed in miles and the tem- perature reading is displayed in °F.
  • Page 19 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS Odometer and tripmeter modes reserve tripmeter manually, it will Distance Time Average speed Pushing the “MODE” button switches reset itself automatically and the dis- Distance the display between the odometer play will return to the prior mode after mode “Total”...
  • Page 20 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS Ambient temperature display Service indicator When periodic maintenance and lubri- cation is necessary (See page 6-3.), “OIL” will appear in the display until the Service indicator reset is made. To reset the service indicator: 1. Turn the key to “ON”. 2.
  • Page 21: Anti-theft Alarm (optional)

    This motorcycle can be equipped EAUS1020 with an optional anti-theft alarm by a Dimmer switch “ ” Yamaha dealer. Contact a Yamaha Set this switch to “ ” for the high dealer for more information. beam and to “ ” for the low beam.
  • Page 22: Front Brake Lever

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS NOTE: EAU12900 EAU12950 Front brake lever Rear brake lever Even if the key is turned from “f” to “e” with the hazard lighting on, the hazard lighting will continue to flash regardless of the hazard switch posi- tion.
  • Page 23: Fuel

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EWA11140 Never attempt to refuel the s WARNING scooter while smoking or near Make sure that the fuel tank cap is an open flame. properly installed before riding. Take special care not to spill gasoline over the engine or muffler when refueling imme- EAU13230 Fuel...
  • Page 24: Catalytic Converter

    Use only unleaded gasoline. as well as to the exhaust system. The use of leaded gasoline will cause unrepairable damage to Your Yamaha engine has been desig- the catalytic converter. ned to use regular unleaded gasoline Never park the vehicle near...
  • Page 25: Storage Compartment

    INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EAU14540 To close the storage compartment EWA10961 s WARNING Storage compartment Push the storage compartment lid Do not exceed the load limit of into the original position, and then 5kg (11,02 lb) for the storage remove the key. EWA10960 compartment.
  • Page 26: Sidestand

    Yamaha dealer absorber assembly in direction (a). To repair it if it does not function pro- decrease the spring preload and the- perly.
  • Page 28: Pre-operation Checks

    PRE-OPERATION CHECKS EAU15591 The condition of a vehicle is the owner’s responsibility. Vital compo- nents can start to deteriorate quickly and unexpectedly, even if the vehicle remains unused (for example, as a result of exposure to the elements). Any damage, fluid leakage or loss of tire air pressure could have serious consequences.
  • Page 29: Pre-operation Check List

    • Make sure that operation is smooth. • Check cable free play. Throttle grip 6-12 • If necessary, have Yamaha dealer adjust cable free play and lubricate cable and grip housing. • Make sure that operation is smooth. Control cables •...
  • Page 30 Chassis fasteners — • Tighten if necessary. Instruments, lights, signals • Check operation. — and switches • Correct if necessary. • Check operation of ignition circuit cut-off system. Sidestand switch 3-12 • If system is defective, have Yamaha dealer check vehicle.
  • Page 31: Operation And Important Riding Points

    For maximum engine life, never their functions before riding. instructions prior to operating the accelerate hard when the engine is Consult Yamaha dealer vehicle for the first time. cold! regarding any control or func- 1. Turn the key to “f”.
  • Page 32: Acceleration And Deceleration

    OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS 1. While pulling the rear brake lever ase the speed, turn the throttle grip in covers become extremely slip- with your left hand and holding direction (a). To reduce the speed, pery when wet. Therefore, slow the grab bar with your right hand, turn the throttle grip in direction (b).
  • Page 33: Engine Break-in

    (1000 mi). For this reason, you should during the engine break-in period, read the following material carefully. immediately have a Yamaha dealer Since the engine is brand new, do not check the vehicle. put an excessive load on it for the first 1600 km (1000 mi).
  • Page 34: Periodic Maintenance And Minor Repair

    If you do not have the tools or expe- general guide under normal riding rience required for a particular job, EAU17380 conditions. However, DEPENDING have a Yamaha dealer perform it for Owner’s tool kit ON THE WEATHER, TERRAIN, GEO- you. GRAPHICAL LOCATION, AND INDIVI-...
  • Page 35: Periodic Maintenance And Lubrication Chart

    The annual checks must be performed every year, except if a kilometer-based maintenance is performed instead. From 50000 km, repeat the maintenance intervals starting from 10000 km. Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and technical skills. ODOMETER READING (x 1000 Km)
  • Page 36 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR ODOMETER READING (x 1000 Km) ANNUAL CHECK ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB √ √ √ √ √ • Check for cracks or damage. 8 * Brake hose • Replace. Every 4 years √ √ √ √...
  • Page 37 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR ODOMETER READING (x 1000 Km) ANNUAL CHECK ITEM CHECK OR MAINTENANCE JOB √ √ √ • Check vehicle for oil leakage. Final transmission oil √ √ √ • Change. 23 * V-belt • Replace. Every 20000 km Front and rear brake √...
  • Page 38: Removing And Installing Cowlings And Panels

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU18712 Remove the screws, and then take EAUS1280 Removing and installing Checking the spark plug the cowling off. cowlings and panels The spark plug is an important engine To install the cowling The cowlings and panels shown need component, which is easy to check.
  • Page 39 2. Clean the surface of the spark problems yourself. Instead, have a plug gasket and its mating surfa- Yamaha dealer check the motorcycle. ce, and then wipe off any grime from the spark plug threads. 2. Check the spark plug for electro- 3.
  • Page 40: Engine Oil

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR NOTE: 5. Insert the dipstick into the oil filler Make sure the spark plug wire is fas- hole, and then tighten the oil filler tened in the clamp as shown. cap. To change the engine oil 5.
  • Page 41: Final Transmission Oil

    If any leakage is found, have a 4. Remove the oil filler cap and Recommended engine oil: Yamaha dealer check and repair the See page 8-1. drain bolt to drain the oil from the scooter. In addition, the final trans- Oil change quantity: final transmission case.
  • Page 42: Coolant

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU20070 Tightening torque: Coolant Final transmission oil drain bolt: The coolant level should be checked 22 Nm (2,2 m•kgf, 15,91 ft•lbf) before each ride. In addition, the coo- lant must be changed at the intervals 6.
  • Page 43 Screws Have a Yamaha dealer change the ted against frost and corrosion. coolant. 6-10...
  • Page 44: Elements

    The carburetor is an important part of the engine and requires very sophisti- cated adjustment. Therefore, all car- buretor adjustments should be left to a Yamaha dealer, who has the neces- sary professional knowledge and 2. Remove the air filter element, and experience.
  • Page 45: Adjusting The Throttle Cable Free Play

    To prevent and adjusting the throttle cable free this from occurring, the valve clearan- play. ce must be adjusted by a Yamaha dealer at the intervals specified in the 1. Remove cowling A (See page 6-5). periodic maintenance and lubrication chart.
  • Page 46 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EWA10500 EWA10450 Check the tire condition and air s WARNING s WARNING pressure before each ride. The tire air pressure must be Because loading has an enormous checked and adjusted on cold impact on the handling, braking, tires (i.e., when the temperatu- performance and safety characte- re of the tires equals the...
  • Page 47: Cast Wheels

    Front tire: motorcycle, note the following points brake lever ends. If there is free play, Size: regarding the specified wheels. have a Yamaha dealer inspect the 120/70-15 56S The wheel rims should be chec- Manufacturer/model: brake system. Michelin Gold Standard...
  • Page 48: Checking The Brake Fluid Level

    If a brake pad is damaged or if replace the brake pads as a set. the lining thickness is less than 4,0 EAU22580 mm (0,16 in), have a Yamaha dealer Checking the brake fluid replace the brake pads as a set. level...
  • Page 49: Changing The Brake Fluid

    Yamaha dealer check the cause. EAUM1360 Changing the brake fluid Have a Yamaha dealer change the The operation of the centerstand and brake fluid at the intervals specified in sidestand should be checked before the periodic maintenance and lubrica- each ride, and the pivots and metal- tion chart.
  • Page 50: Checking The Front Fork

    Therefore, the opera- does not move up and down smo- tion of the steering must be checked othly, have a Yamaha dealer check as follows at the intervals specified in or repair it. the periodic maintenance and lubrica- tion chart.
  • Page 51: Checking The Wheel Bearings

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR play can be felt, have a Yamaha EWA10760 To charge the battery s WARNING dealer check or repair the stee- Have a Yamaha dealer charge the Electrolyte is poisonous and ring. battery as soon as possible if it seems dangerous since it contains to have discharged.
  • Page 52: Replacing The Fuses

    30.0 A the battery. If you do not have follows. access to a sealed-type (MF) 1. Turn the key to “OFF” and turn off battery charger, have a Yamaha ECA10640 the electrical circuit in question. CAUTION dealer charge your battery.
  • Page 53: Replacing A Headlight Bulb

    4. If the fuse immediately blows 3. Remove the headlight bulb hol- away from a lit headlight bulb, and again, have a Yamaha dealer der according to the following do not touch the bulb until it has check the electrical system.
  • Page 54: Replacing A Front Turn Signal Light

    5. Install the bulb cover, and then Tail/brake light bulb connect the coupler. 6. Install the cowling. 7. Have a Yamaha dealer adjust the headlight beam if necessary. EAUT1260 Replacing a front turn signal 4. Remove the defective bulb by...
  • Page 55: Replacing The License Plate Light Bulb

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR ECA10680 ECA11190 CAUTION CAUTION Do not overtighten the screws, Do not overtighten the screw, otherwise the lens may break. otherwise the lens may break. EAUS1150 EAUS1260 Replacing the license plate Replacing the auxiliary light light bulb bulb 1.
  • Page 56: Troubleshooting

    The following troubleshooting charts represent quick and easy procedures for checking these vital systems your- self. However, should your scooter require any repair, take it to a Yamaha dealer, whose skilled technicians have the necessary tools, experience, and know-how to service the scooter properly.
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting Charts

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU25921 Troubleshooting charts Starting problems or poor engine performance EWA10840 s WARNING Keep away open flames and do not smoke while checking or working on the fuel system. 6-24...
  • Page 58 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR Engine overheating EWA10400 s WARNING Do not remove the radiator cap when the engine and radiator are hot. Scalding hot fluid and steam may be blown out under pressure, which could cause serious injury. Be sure to wait until the engine has cooled. After removing the radiator cap retaining bolt, place a thick rag, like a towel, over the radiator cap, and then slowly rotate the cap counterclockwise to the detent to allow any residual pressure to escape.
  • Page 59: Scooter Care And Storage

    SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE EAU26090 ducts onto seals, gaskets and thinner, fuel (gasoline), rust Care wheel axles. Always rinse the dirt removers or inhibitors, brake While the open design of a scooter and degreaser off with water. fluid, antifreeze or electrolyte. reveals the attractiveness of the tech- Cleaning Do not use high-pressure was-...
  • Page 60 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE After normal use ECA10790 6. Wax all painted surfaces. CAUTION Remove dirt with warm water, a mild 7. Let the scooter dry completely Do not use warm water since it detergent, and a soft, clean sponge, before storing or covering it.
  • Page 61 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE NOTE: 2. Drain the carburetor float cham- EWA10950 s WARNING Consult a Yamaha dealer for advice ber by loosening the drain bolt; To prevent damage or injury from on what products to use. this will prevent fuel deposits sparking, make sure to ground the from building up.
  • Page 62 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE information on storing the bat- tery, see page 6-18. NOTE: Make any necessary repairs before storing the scooter.
  • Page 63: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Lubrication system Air filter Wet sump Overall length Air filter element Oil type or grade 2210 mm Oil-coated paper element Overall width Engine oil Recommended fuel 790 mm SAE10W30SE Recommended fuel Overall height Recommended engine oil grade Unleaded fuel 1380 mm API service SE, SF, SG type or higher Fuel tank capacity...
  • Page 64 SPECIFICATIONS Operation Rear Front suspension Centrifugal automatic type 220kPa (31,29 psi) (2,2kgf/cm2) Front fork travel Chassis Loading condition 110.0 mm 90-max. Frame type Rear suspension Front Steel tube underbone Rear shock absorber assembly travel 210kPa (29,86 psi) (2,1 kgf/cm2) Caster angle 95.0 mm Rear 28.00 degree...
  • Page 65 SPECIFICATIONS Headlight fuse 15.0 A Signaling system fuse 15.0 A Ignition fuse 5.0 A Radiator fan fuse ECU fuse 5.0 A Backup fuse 5.0 A Reserve fuse 5.0 A Reserve fuse 10 A Reserve fuse 15.0 A Reserve fuse 15.0 A Reserve fuse 30.0 A...
  • Page 66: Consumer Information

    (See page 3-10.) Record the information on this label in the space provided. This information will be needed when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. 1. Key tag The vehicle identification number is 2. Master key stamped into the frame.
  • Page 67: Storage Compartment

    INDEX Front and rear brake lever free play..6-14 Replacing a headlight bulb ......6-20 Front brake lever ........3-8 Replacing the auxiliary light bulb.....6-22 Acceleration and deceleration ....5-2 Front storage compartment .....3-11 Replacing the fuses .........6-19 Adjusting the carburetor ......6-11 Fuel ............3-9 Replacing the license plate light bulb..6-22 Adjusting the shock absorber Fuel gauge ..........3-3...
  • Page 68 YAMAHA MOTOR ESPAÑA, S.A. PRINTED IN SPAIN 2005.05-Bengar Gràfiques, S.L.

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