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Removing And Installing The Battery Pack; Tool Operation - Black & Decker 2755 Instruction Manual

Adjustable clutch driver/drill
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Removing and Installing the Battery Pack

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C C A A R R T T O O N N . .
To install the battery pack into the tool handle, align the base of the tool with
the notch inside the tool's handle and slide the battery pack firmly into the
handle until you hear the lock snap into place as shown in Figures 2 and 3.
To remove the battery pack from the tool, press the release buttons, as
shown in Figure 3, and firmly pull the battery pack out of the tool handle.
Insert it into the charger as described in the charger section of this
instruction manual.
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To turn the tool "ON," squeeze the trigger switch. To turn the tool "OFF,"
release the trigger switch (Figure 4). Your driver/drill is equipped with a
brake. The chuck will stop as soon as the trigger switch is fully released.
Your driver/drill is equipped with a variable speed switch which enables you
to select the best speed for a particular application. The farther you squeeze
the trigger, the faster the tool will operate.
Use lower speeds for starting holes without a centerpunch, drilling in metals
or plastics, driving screws and drilling ceramics, or in any application
requiring high torque. Higher speeds are better for drilling in wood, wood
compositions and for using abrasive and polishing accessories. For
maximum tool life, use variable speed only for starting holes or fasteners.
N N O O T T E E : Continuous use in variable speed range is not recommended. It may
damage the switch and should be avoided.
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