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Troubleshooting Tip - Black & Decker 2755 Instruction Manual

Adjustable clutch driver/drill
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Dual Range Gearing
The dual range feature of your driver/drill allows you to shift gears for
greater versatility.
To select the low speed, high torque setting, turn the tool off and permit the
unit to stop. Slide the gear shifter forward (towards the chuck - position 1),
as shown in Figure 6.
To select the high speed, low torque setting, turn the tool off and permit the
unit to stop. Slide the gear shifter back (away from chuck - position 2).
N N O O T T E E : Do not change gears when the tool is running.
Refer to the chart below to determine the available speeds of your model of

Troubleshooting Tip!

If you are having trouble changing gears, make sure that the dual range gear
shifter is either completely pushed forward or completely pushed back.
Catalog No.
Low Range
High Range
0 - 400
0 - 1100
0 - 400
0 - 1200
0 - 450
0 - 1400
0 - 400
0 - 1200
0 - 450
0 -1450
Keyless Chuck
Your tool features a keyless chuck for greater convenience. To insert a drill
bit or other accessory, follow the steps listed below.
1. Lock the trigger switch in the OFF position as shown in Figure 5c.
2. Grasp the rear half of the chuck with one hand and use your other hand
to rotate the front half counterclockwise, as shown in Figure 7. Rotate
far enough so that the chuck opens sufficiently to accept the desired
3. Insert the bit or other accessory about 3/4" into the chuck and tighten
securely by holding the rear half of the chuck and rotating the front
portion in the clockwise direction.
To release the accessory, repeat step 2 listed above.
W W A A R R N N I I N N G G : : Do not attempt to tighten drill bits (or any other accessory) by
gripping the front part of the chuck and turning the tool on. Damage to the
chuck and personal injury may result. Always lock off trigger switch when
changing accessories.
F F i i g g u u r r e e 7 7
H H e e l l p p f f u u l l H H i i n n t t ! !
Be sure to tighten chuck with two hands- one
on both the rear sleeve and the forward sleeve
for maximum tightness.



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