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One For All Home Producer URC 9800 User Manual: Learning Functions Onto The 1l Through 6l Keys

One for all user guide remote control urc 9800.
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The 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, and 6L keys can be used to
customize those functions that are unique to your
home entertainment needs. For example, the
Home Producer does not offer Tracking Up or Down
for a VCR. However, with the learning feature, you
can add these as well as many other functions to
the Home Producer.
NOTE: Please have your original remote controls handy before
performing learning.
1 (Device Key) Press and release the Device key
(e.g., VCR) where you want Home
Producer to learn new feature(s).
Press and hold SETUP until the
display screen changes from the
device you selected [e.g., VCR and
the TIME] to [TIMED SEQ].
x 2 Press MENU – twice, the display
will change to [CONFIGURE].
Press SELECT, the display will
change to [THEATR SEL]. Press
MENU + twice, the display will
x 2 change to [IR LEARNER].
x 2
Press SELECT, the display screen
will change to [IR LEARN]. Press
SELECT again.
The display screen will change from
[IR LEARN] to [VCR].
Home Producer is now ready to learn new features.
NOTE: At this point, you can press a different device key (e.g.,TV)
to learn features in a different mode.
6 (Device Key) Press and release the Device key
(e.g., TV) in which you would like to
learn your new function.
NOTE: Steps 7 through 9 need to be completed within
10 seconds. Please read the next three steps before proceeding.
Press and release the (1~6) L key
where you want to assign a compo-
nent's feature. The Home Producer's
red light will flash rapidly.
Place your original remote control
about 2 inches apart (nose-to-nose)
from the Home Producer.
NOTE: If the Home Producer has trouble learning a feature, try
moving your original remote control to the left or right during the
learning process.The position of the IR LED transmitter on your
original remote control may be offset.
On your original remote control,
press and hold the key (feature) you
want learned until the red light on
the Home Producer blinks twice and
the display will read [SUCCESS}. If
the red light on the Home Producer
does not blink twice or the display
reads [ERROR], stop and repeat
step 7 to 9.
NOTE: You can now repeat steps 6 through 9 to learn additional
functions on the other (1~6) L keys and in different modes.
Once the Home Producer has
learned all desired features, press
and release ESC to exit out of
learning mode.
To test a new feature, press and
release a desired device key, fol-
lowed by the (1~ 6) L key where a
corresponding feature was learned.


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