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Setting Up The Tv With Your Pc - Samsung PS50C687 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Basic Features
How to watch the 3D image
To watch in 3D, wear 3D glasses and
press the power button on the glasses.
Viewing 3D TV motion pictures for long
periods may cause eye fatigue and/or
3D 3D
Using the LEFT / RIGHT keys on the remote control,
Using the LEFT / RIGHT keys on the remote control,
select the icon suitable for the picture on screen.
select the icon suitable for the picture on screen.
1. Press the 3D button.
To watch in 3D, wear 3D Active Glasses and press the
power button on the glasses.
2. Select OK, then press the ENTERE button.
3. Using the ◄ or ► buttons on your remote control,
selects the 3D Mode of the image you want to view.
Some 3D modes may not be available depending
on the format of the image source.
Supported formats and operating specifications for
Standard HDMI 3D
The 3D formats indicated below are recommended by
the HDMI association and must be supported.
Source signal format
1920x1080p @ 24Hz x 2
1280x720p @ 60Hz x 2
1280x720p @ 50Hz x 2
The mode is automatically switched to 3D mode for the 3D
video input in one of the formats above.
Before using 3D function...
You may notice a small amount of screen flickering
when watching 3D images in poor light conditions
(from a strobe light, etc.), or under a fluorescent lamp
(50Hz ~ 60Hz) or 3 wavelength lamp. If so, dim the
light or turn the lamp off.
3D mode is automatically disabled in following cases:
when changing a channel or the input source, or
accessing Media Play or Internet@TV.
L Move E Enter e Exit
L Move E Enter e Exit
L Move E Enter e Exit
Standard HDMI 1.4 3D
1920x2205p @ 24Hz
1280x1470p @ 60Hz
1280x1470p @ 50Hz
Some Picture functions are disabled in 3D mode.
PIP and Data broadcasts (MHEG / MHP) are not
supported in 3D mode.
3D Active Glasses from other manufacturers may not
be supported.
When the TV is initially powered on, may take some
time until the 3D display is optimized.
The 3D Active Glasses may not work properly if there
is any other 3D product or electronic devices turned
on near the glasses or TV. If there is a problem, keep
other electronic devices as far away as possible from
the 3D Active Glasses.
When watching pictures from a 50Hz 3D source with
its Game mode On, visually-sensitive viewers may
see some flicker on bright images.
Photos of Media Play are shown in "2D → 3D"
mode only.
If you lie on your side while watching TV with 3D
active glasses, the picture may look dark or may not
be visible.
Be sure to stay within the viewing angle and optimum
TV viewing distance when watching 3D pictures.
– Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy proper 3D
The ideal viewing distance should be three times
or more the height of the screen. We recommend
sitting with viewer's eyes on a level with the screen.
Picture Reset (OK / Cancel)
Resets your current picture mode to its default settings.

Setting up the TV with Your PC

Set the input source to PC.
Auto Adjustment
Adjust frequency values/positions and fine tune the settings
Not available when connecting with an HDMI/DVI cable.
■ Coarse / Fine: Removes or reduces picture noise. If the
noise is not removed by Fine-tuning alone, then adjust
the frequency as best as possible (Coarse) and Fine-
tune again. After the noise has been reduced, readjust
the picture so that it is aligned to the centre of screen.
■ Position: Adjust the PC screen position with direction
button (▲ / ▼ / ◄ / ►).
■ Image Reset: Resets the image to default settings.



Table of Contents

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