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Picture Menu - Samsung PS50C687 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Basic Features
(in Channel Manager)
You can view, modify or delete a show you have reserved to
■ Change Info: Change a show you have reserved to
■ Cancel Schedules: Cancel a show you have reserved
to watch.
■ Information: Display a show you have reserved
to watch. (You can also change the reservation
■ Select All / Deselect All: Select or deselect all reserved
Fine Tune
(analogue channels only)
If the signal is weak or distorted, fine tune the channel
Fine tuned channels are marked with an asterisk "*".
To reset the fine-tuning, select Reset.

Picture Menu

Changing the Preset Picture Mode
Select your preferred picture type.
■ Dynamic: Suitable for a bright room.
■ Standard: Suitable for a normal
■ Movie: Suitable for watching movies in
a dark room.
Adjusting Picture Settings
Cell Light / Contrast / Brightness /
Sharpness / Colour / Tint (G/R)
Your television has several setting options for picture quality
In analogue TV, Ext., AV modes of the PAL system,
the Tint (G/R) function is not available.
In PC mode, you can only make changes to Cell
Light, Contrast and Brightness.
Settings can be adjusted and stored for each
external device connected to the TV.
Economical Solutions
Eco Solution
■ Energy Saving (Off / Low / Medium / High / Picture
in order to reduce power consumption. If you select
Picture Off, the screen is turned off , but the sound
remains on. Press any button except volume button to
turn on the screen. Until the screen turned on again, it
becomes about 4 seconds disturbance.
■ Eco Sensor: To enhance your power savings; the
picture settings will automatically adapt to the light in the
Min Cell Light: When Eco Sensor is On, the minimum
screen brightness can be adjusted manually.
■ No-Signal Power Off (Off / 15 min / 30 min / 60 min):
To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, set how long
you want the TV to remain on if it's not receiving a signal.
Changing the Picture Options
Advanced Settings
(available in Standard / Movie mode)
You can adjust the detailed setting for the screen including
colour and contrast.
In PC mode, you can only make changes to Dynamic
Contrast, Gamma and White Balance.
Black Tone
Dynamic Contrast
Expert Pattern
RGB Only Mode
Colour Space
White Balance
■ Black Tone (Off / Dark / Darker / Darkest): Select the
black level to adjust the screen depth.
■ Dynamic Contrast (Off / Low / Medium / High): Adjust
the screen contrast.
: This adjusts the brightness of the TV
If you adjust the Cell Light, the Eco Sensor will
be set to Off.
If Eco Sensor is On, the display brightness
may change (become slightly darker or brighter)
depending on the surrounding light intensity.
Disabled when the PC is in power saving mode.
Advanced Settings
U Move E Enter R Return
: Off
: Medium
: 0
: Off
: Off
: Native



Table of Contents

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