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Safety Devices; Pressure Controller; Low-water Thermostat; Safety Thermostat - Kärcher 1102 VAPORAPID Operating Manual

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6. Safety devices

This steam cleaner is equipped with several
safety devices which provide multiple levels of
safety. The most important safety devices are
described below.

6.1 Pressure controller

The pressure controller maintains the level of
pressure inside the boiler as constant as possi-
ble. When the maximum operating pressure
inside the boiler of 40 psi is reached, the heater
is switched off. When steam is drawn off and
the pressure drops, the heater is switched on

6.2 Low-water thermostat

As the water in the boiler is used up, the tempe-
rature of the heater increases. The low-water
thermostat switches the heater off and the red
low-water warning lamp (A6) illuminates. The
heater is prevented from switching on again
until the boiler has either cooled down or has
been refilled with water.

6.3 Safety thermostat

If the low-water thermostat fails and the cleaner
overheats, the safety thermostat will switch off
the cleaner. Contact your local Kärcher service
agent so that the safety thermostat can be re-

6.4 Safety cap

The safety cap seals in the steam pressure as it
builds up inside the boiler. If the pressure con-
troller is defective and the steam pressure insi-
de the boiler rises above 58 psi, an overpressu-
re valve opens inside the safety cap and steam
is discharged into the open. Contact your local
Kärcher service agent before you attempt to
use the cleaner again.

7. General information

7.1 Warranty

These Karcher products are warranted by Kar-
cher to be free of defects in workmanship and
materials under normal household use for a pe-
riod of one year (12 months). For commercial,
industrial or rental use, the above warranty app-
lies for 30 days. In the event of warranty
claim, please call our toll free number.
Customer Service
Alfred Karcher Inc.
9000 Rochester Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
P.O. Box 39000
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
Phone Number (toll free): 1 800 537 4129
Fax Number: 1 909 481 6694

7.2 Disposal information

This appliance has been manufactured in ac-
cordance with VDI Directive 2243 concerning
recycling. When the cleaner is no longer requi-
red for use, the materials used in its manufac-
ture can be recovered for re-use.


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