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    Welcome to the world of Midland electronics Congratulations on your purchase of a high quality MIDLAND product. Your 2-way radio represents state-of-the-art high-tech engineering. Designed for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) operation, this compact package is big on performance. It is a quality piece of electronic equipment, skillfully constructed with the finest components.

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    IMPORTANT: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by MIDLAND RADIO CORP. could void your right to operate this unit. Your radio is set up to transmit a regulated signal on an assigned frequency. It is against the law to alter or adjust the settings inside the COMMUNICATOR to exceed those limitations.

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    LCD DISPLAY 1. KEY LOCK ICON – Indicates KEY LOCK mode is on. 2. VOX ICON – Indicates when VOX mode is active. 3. NOAA WEATHER (WX) BAND ICON– Indicates when the radio is in Weather Band mode. 4. CHANNEL NUMBER – Changes from 1~36 on GMRS/FRS band (1~10 on WX band).

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    BATTERY INSTALLATION Your LXT600 Series radio operates with either a NiMH battery pack or optional 3 AAA alkaline batteries. The belt clip should be removed (see below) to ease installation or removal of the batteries. To install the batteries: 1. With the back of the radio facing you, remove the belt clip (see diagram below) for easy access, then remove the Battery Cover by pressing down on the top center and sliding it down from the radio.

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    CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK Your LXT600 Series is equipped for using a rechargeable NiMH battery pack which can be recharged by inserting the AC adapter into the radio charge jack, or with optional desktop charger (as described below). Initial charge time is 24 hours.

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    OPERATING YOUR RADIO POWER ON/OFF AND VOLUME Rotate the POWER/VOLUME knob clockwise to turn the radio on and increase the volume level. Rotate the control counter-clockwise to reduce the volume level and to turn the radio off. During Power On, the radio will beep 2 times with different tones, the LCD will display all icons for 1 second and the LCD display will indicate the last channel selected.

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    SCAN button. CALL ALERT Your LXT600 Series can transmit a call alert for a fixed length of time. To send a call alert, press the CALL button. The TX icon will appear while transmitting a call alert and a tone can be heard on the speaker for confirmation.

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    SETTING PRIVACY CODES Your LXT600 Series has 121 Privacy Codes available to use in channels 1~22. The selected Privacy Code may be different for each channel. To select a Privacy Code for the current channel press the MENU button twice, and then the ▲\▼ buttons to select one of the 38 CTCSS Privacy Codes.

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    PTT button or press the MENU button to move to the next feature setting. SILENT OPERATION Your LXT600 Series has a SILENT OPERATION mode. In this mode, all “beeps” and “tones” are disabled. To turn the SILENT OPERATION mode on, press the MENU button until the display shows a “bP”...

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    NOAA WEATHER RADIO/SCAN Your LXT600 Series has a NOAA WEATHER RADIO function, to enable the user to receive weather reports from designated NOAA stations. Your LXT600 Series also has a NOAA WEATHER SCAN function to enable the user to scan all 10 channels of the NOAA WEATHER RADIO.

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    Note : The WX Alert is automatically ON during WX SCAN mode. EXTERNAL SPEAKER/MICROPHONE JACK Your LXT600 Series can be used with an optional external speaker/ microphone or headset, freeing your hands for other tasks. To use an optional speaker / microphone or headset: l Insert the plug(s) into the SPK/MIC jacks.

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    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM SOLUTION No Power - Check battery installation and/or replace batteries - Confirm the radios have the same channel settings. - Make sure that you are within range of the other Cannot Receive transceivers. Messages - Buildings and other structures may interfere with your communication.

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    SPECIFICATIONS Channels 36 GMRS/FRS Channels +121 Privacy Codes 10 NOAA Weather (WX) Band Channels Operating Frequency UHF 462.5500 ~ 467.7125 MHz Power Source 3 AAA Alkaline or 3.6V Rechargeable NiMH battery pack GMRS/FRS FREQUENCY CHART (MHz) CH. No CH. Freq CH.

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    LIMITED WARRANTY Midland Radio Corporation will repair or replace, at its option without charge, any Midland FRS/GMRS transceiver which fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within three years following the initial consumer purchase. This warranty does not apply to water damage, battery leak or abuse.

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    ACCESSORIES Accessories can be purchased at or by filling in the form on the following page and mailing it to the address on the form. AVP-1 AVP-H4 - 2 Ear Wrap - 2 Over the Ear Headsets Mic. Headsets w/ PTT - $39.99 - $19.99...

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    TACTICAL HEADSETS - Earphone Mic - Tactical Action with Boom Boom Mic with Tactical PTT - $39.99 - $99.99 - Action Throat - Earphone Mic Mic with with PTT Tactical PTT and Pneumatic Earphone - $29.99 - $109.99...

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    ACCESSORIES ORDER FORM Please send Money Order or fill in Visa/MasterCard information and mail to the address below. Please DO NOT send cash or checks. Make Money Order payable to Midland Radio Corporation. Name: ������������������������������������������������ Address: ���������������������������������������������� City: �������������������� State: ������� Zip Code: �������...

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    We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think of your new Midland product at or by visiting us at Note: Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice. MIDLAND is not responsible for unintentional errors or omissions on its packaging.

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