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Samsung ps63c7700yw User Manual Page 32

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Advanced Features
The picture may appear corrupted or have static for some channels when the TV is connected to the Samsung Wireless LAN
Adapter. In such a case, connect the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter using a USB cable in a place that is not affected by
radio interference.
Method: Connect via an extension cable
Network Setup (Samsung Auto
This function is available in APs (Access Points) that support
Samsung Auto Configuration. If your AP does not, you can
connect through PBC (WPS), auto, or manually.
This function is available when SWL(Samsung
Wireless Link) is set to Off.
You can check for equipment that supports Samsung
Auto Configuration on
How to set up using Samsung Auto Configuration
1. Place the AP and TV next to each other and turn them
Because the booting times of applications differ,
you may have to wait for approximately 2 minutes.
If the LAN cable connected the WAN port of AP
during Samsung Auto Configuration, you are able
to complete until internet connection test. If you
do not connect, Samsung Auto Configuration will
check only device connecting of AP (Not check
2. After 2 minutes, connect the Samsung Wireless LAN
Adapter to the TV. When the Samsung Wireless LAN
Adapter is established, the pop-up window appears.
3. As soon as a connection is established, place the AP in
parallel with the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter giving a
gap no larger than 25cm.
The Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter should be installed in an
interference-free area in order to avoid interference between the
adapter and tuner.
4. Wait until the connection is automatically established.
5. After the connection is established, locate the sharer at
Network Setup (PBC (WPS))
How to set up using PBC (WPS)
If your router has a PBC (WPS) button, follow these steps:
1. Connect your TV to your LAN as described in the
2. Turn on your TV, press the
3. Use the ▲ or ▼ button to select Network in the Setup
4. On the Network screen, select Network Type.
5. Set Network Type to Wireless.
6. Select Network Setup. The Network Setup screen
If Samsung Auto Configuration does not connect
your TV to your AP, a pop-up window appears
on the screen notifying you of the failure. Reset
the AP, and then try again. If the connection fails
again, choose one of the other connection setup
methods, PBC (WPS), auto, or manual.
the desired location.
If the AP settings have been changed or it is the
first time you use the new AP after purchase, you
need to set up again beginning from Step 1.
previous section.
remote, use the ▲ or ▼ button to select Setup, and
then press the ENTERE button.
menu, and then press the ENTERE button.
button on your



Table of Contents

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