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Sleep Patterns; Winter Blues - Philips HF3429 Manual

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you suffer from severe mood swings or depression, make sure to consult
a professional, and do not use this device for self-treatment. This product
has not been approved by FDA for treatment of seasonal affective
disorder (SAD).
light - a natural energizer
Today's busy modern lifestyles demand peak performance all day long.
Even the fittest person suffers energy dips, particularly when deprived of
natural daylight, such as in an office in winter. Daylight is essential to
well-being, keeping fit, and feeling energized throughout the day – just like
healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Philips goLITE BLU mimics the
natural energizing power of daylight on a bright sunny day. It stimulates
special receptors in the eye to trigger the body's natural response to
sunlight. This helps you to fight energy dips, to feel more energetic, active
and alert, and to improve your mood.

sleep patterns

The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to
time certain internal functions. Properly timed rhythms regulate energy,
mood, sleep, appetite and digestion. Nature's cues no longer govern our
modern lifestyle. Our day no longer starts at sunrise and ends at sunset,
and working days are getting longer. Moreover, our activities often extend
well into the night. Many people tend to get too little sleep during the
week, which diminishes their energy levels during the day. Using goLITE
BLU at the right time of day can help you establish and reinforce regular
sleep patterns.
light via eyes
Research shows that a special photoreceptor in our eyes is responsible
for regulating our energy, mood and sleep/wake cycles. This receptor
responds mostly to the blue light of the summer sky. We do not get much
of this light in autumn and winter. Most indoor light does not provide
enough of this essential color. This appliance helps you to be at your best
by delivering the wavelength, color and intensity of light to which our
body responds most efficiently.

Winter blues

Lack of light during the darker winter months causes many people to
experience a noticeable drop in energy level and low spirits as fall sets in.
These symptoms, known as 'winter blues', may cause you to feel low,
listless and fatigued for weeks or even months. This affects both personal
performance and mood. Blue light therapy is a successful method to fight
these winter blues symptoms. It provides your body with summer vitality
throughout the dark winter months.
Features (Fig. 1)
Light panel
Socket for small plug
Charge indicator
Time indicator bar
Intensity increase and decrease buttons
On/off button
Small plug
Note: Product illustrations are located on the inside of the front and back
covers of this instruction booklet.
To operate the appliance corded, connect it to an electrical outlet. For
more flexibility, charge the rechargeable battery. Charging takes
approximately 3 to 4 hours.
Note: You can use the appliance while it is charging. The charging time is
longer when you use the appliance while it is charging.
Fold out the stand and place the appliance on a table (Fig. 2).
Insert the small plug into socket on the appliance (Fig. 3).
Put the adapter in an electrical outlet.
The charge indicator pulsates green during charging. When the
battery is fully charged, the charge indicator turns solid green. It
continues to light up solid green for 1 hour (Fig. 4) and then
switches off.
Note: When the battery is fully charged, it contains enough energy for about
1 hour of use at full intensity.