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Oil Maintenance - LG RCWW Operation & Maintenance Manual

Water-cooled screw chiller
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7-6. Oil maintenance

Compressor oil change
- Lubrication system inspection
Mark the oil level on the compresssor sight glass and observe the level when the chiller is stopped. If the level goes
below the sight glass checking window, you need to check whether the oil recovery system is properly working. If
oil adding is needed, add oil through oil filling valve. To add oil against refrigerant pressure, a pump is needed. Refer
to oil adding amount by model, and the added oil should correspond to the chiller specifications. The added oil
should be recorded for its amount and date.
<Usable oil type>
LG genuine product oil
- Oil change
We recommend the oil to be changed in the first year of the operation and every 1 years based on the oil analysis
which is conducted every year.
1) Mark the present oil level.
2) Open the control circuit breaker and oil heater circuit breaker.
3) Open the oil filling valve slowly to drain the oil. Open the valve slowly against the chiller pressure.
4) After closing the service valves of the compressor, use the upper side valve to gradually reduce the pressure
within the oil filter, and then change the oil filter.
5) Refill oil into the machine using pump. To fill the oil to the level of middle or higher of the sight glass, about
50~60ℓ of oil is needed.
Oil level should be possible to be observed through the sight glass when chiller is stopped.
Oil filter change
- Oil filter change
Change oil filter every year or when the machine is disassembled for maintenance.
The chillers manufactured in LG Electronics are equipped with oil filter which can be separately changed while re-
frigerant is filled in the machine.
1) Check whether the compressor is in stop status and its electric breaker is in open state.
2) Closed oil filter separation valve.
3) When the oil filter housing is to be opened, do it slowly.
4) After changing filter and re-assembly, conduct vacuuming in the filter housing. When vacuuming is complete,
open the separation valve, and if oil is insufficient, add oil through oil filling valve.
Reduce pressure slowly since the oil filter housing is in high pressure.



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