LG RCWFL Series Installation Manual

Water-cooled oil free inverter centrifugal chiller
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Water-cooled Oil Free
Inverter Centrifugal Chiller
Be sure to read the precautions for safety before installation and use it correctly.
The content is to ensure the safety of users and to prevent property damage.
Keep the instruction manual in a place that is easily accessible to all users.
Only authorized persons can use the product.
Model : RCWFL Series(100 ~ 300 RT)
P/NO : MFL68928605 (Rev 0)


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for LG RCWFL Series

  • Page 1 The content is to ensure the safety of users and to prevent property damage. Keep the instruction manual in a place that is easily accessible to all users. Only authorized persons can use the product. Model : RCWFL Series(100 ~ 300 RT) www.lge.com P/NO : MFL68928605 (Rev 0)
  • Page 2 For your records Staple your receipt to this page in case you need it to prove the date of purchase or for warranty purposes. Write the model number and the serial number here: Model number : Serial number : You can find them on a label on the side of each unit. Dealer’s name : Date of purchase :...
  • Page 3: Cautions For Safety _ Warning/Caution

    - Otherwise, this may cause fire and electric shock. • Do not disassemble, repair and remodel the product arbitrarily. - LG does not take any responsibility for the product abnormality due to arbitrary disassembly, repair and remodel- ing. • Make sure to have groundings...
  • Page 4 • Do not keep or use combustibles or inflammables in the vicinity of the product. - This may cause fire and product failure. • Remodeling of the control panel is prohibited. - Disconnection or forced operation of the protection devices such as the pressure switch and temperature sensor or using other parts may cause fire or explosion.
  • Page 5: Caution

    • Do not change the settings. - Do not change the settings of the control device or safety device. Operating the product with improper settings may cause product damage. Consult with the experts in the proper field when changing the control settings. •...
  • Page 6 • Provide proper protective facilities for the noise when installing in places such as the hospital or the communication base station. - Inverter equipment, personal generators, high frequency medical devices and telecommunication equipment may cause malfunction or failure of the product. On the other hand, the product generates the noise that disturbs medical devices or video broadcasting.
  • Page 7 - It guarantees the performance of the product and reduces a possibility of tube damage due to corrosion, precipi- tate, moss, etc. LG does not take responsibility for damage of the Chiller caused by unhandled or inadequately handled cold water. • Consult with a specialist about proper cold water treatment.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    5-1. Precautions for bring-in 9-1. Wiring diagram of the power panel on- 5-2. Moving method site 5-2-1. Moving by crane 9-1-1. LG Wiring diagram of the power 5-2-2. Moving using a Roller panel on-site 18 6. PRODUCT INSTALLA- 9-2. Main Power Cord Connection 9-3.
  • Page 9: Overview

    2. OVERVIEW 2-1. General Instruction This manual describes the handling method of the oil-free inverter Centrifugal Chiller that uses R-134a, applying an AC Smart Premium controller. 2-2. Product Structure Figure 1 represents the general structure and part composition of the oil free Inverter Centrifugal Chiller. As the location of the control board, shape of the water box, direction of inlet/outlet of the cold water/cooling water and some piping differ based on models and customer specifications, check the approved drawing matching with the site for the details.
  • Page 10: Basic Model

    2-3. Nomenclature The nomenclature of the Centrifugal Chiller is as shown in the figure 2. W: Water-cooled R : R-134a Code of Compressor air-conditioning Code of Condenser 1 : R123 K: Water-cooled heat pump C: Chiller L: Oil free Inverter Code of evaporator F: Centrifugal compressor Figure 2: Naming Convention of a Model...
  • Page 11: Preparation Before Installation

    3. PREPARATION BEFORE INSTALLATION 3-1. Check Site Information • Consult the following below with a person in charge of the site for a safe and accurate installation by inspecting the site in advance and reviewing needs before installing the Centrifugal Chiller. 1) Work range and product Data: Check the site installation work range and approved documents.
  • Page 12: Secure Installation Service Space

    (Maintain 0.5 mm for each 1 m) 5) Basic construction is out of scope of LG Electronics. Please work according to the approved foundation drawings. LG Electronics is not responsible for any equipment problems due to inappropriate foundation design and construc- tion.
  • Page 13: Long-Term Storage And Place

    It is recommended to have an inspection by a professional service center after a long-term storage. LG Electronics does not take any responsibility for all problems due to inspections by agencies other than LG Elec- tronics or service centers (engineer) that we approved.
  • Page 14: 14 4. Product Takeover

    4) Raise contents of the problem to the deliverer if there is product damage or part abnormality during inspection and call a person in charge at LG Electronics. Damaged products should not be installed without an approval of LG Electronics...
  • Page 15: 15 5. Product Bring- In/Moving

    Secure the minimum required entrance for bring-in and be careful not to damage the product when delivering the product. The measurement in Table 3 is the reference information about the standard model of LG Electronics. Make sure to check the approved drawing for the product measurement to enter. Proceed with installation after consulting with LG Electronics or the agency that LG Electronics approved for the condition of the site.
  • Page 16: Moving Method

    General Product Weight As the product weight shown below is about the standard product of LG Electronics, the product weight may change depending on the conditions of the site. Check the weight and size in the approved drawings for the site.
  • Page 17: Evaporator

    Table 5. Minimum chain length for the products lifting Spreader Maximum Minimum Evaporator Capacity Weight Chain Length Length (mm) (kg) (mm) 100RT 2,300 2,000 2,100 200RT 4,300 3,000 3,100 300RT 5,330 3,650 3,750 Figure 6. Lifting up by a Crane 5-2-2.
  • Page 18: Precautions For Installation

    6. PRODUCT INSTALLATION 6-1. Precautions for installation 1) When considering the place for the Centrifugal chiller, secure enough space to allow the installation of the at- tached device, wiring, piping and maintenance access. Check the level and strength of the base for installation. Refer to the product specification, product dimension, and foundation drawing for the parts to lift the Centrifugal Chiller, product weight, and operating weight.
  • Page 19: Product Horizontalizing

    Contact LG Electronics if anchor applications other than Set Anchor Bolt are needed. Figure 9. The installation work of isolation pads and Anchor Bolts 2) Option (anti-vibration spring) Contact LG Electronics for the anti-vibration specification and installation method when installing the optional anti-vibration spring. CAUTION Adjustment of the anti-vibration spring should be implemented after the pipes are filled with the refrigerant or water.
  • Page 20: Precautions Of Installation Of The Refrigerant Fill Product

    Make sure to pay special attention to the following for the machine that is delivered with the refrigerant filled and comply with the following precautions about refrigerant leakage accidents when delivering or installing. LG Electronics does not take any responsibility for problems due to not complying with the precautions. 6-4-1. Checklists before Delivery and Installation 1) Check if ventilation facilities are prepared in the machine room in which the Centrifugal Chiller will be installed.
  • Page 21: 21 7. Piping Installation

    10) Use of inappropriate water can cause sediments, corrosion and scaling to damage the product. Therefore, check and manage the water quality standard. LG Electronics does not take any responsibility for the problem caused by using water with quality beyond the warranty range.
  • Page 22: Location Of The Cold Water/Cooling Water Piping

    Refer to the Figure 11 shown below for piping design and water plan by using information related to the water box. The Figure describes the Nozzle in Head Type standard product. Contact LG Electronics for a non-standard specifica- tion such as Marine Type.
  • Page 23: Order Of Fastening The Water Piping Bolts

    7-3. Order of Fastening the Water Piping Bolts Flange bolt using the flat gasket or O-ring should be fastened diagonally and fastened diagonally after moving 90˚ as shown in the picture below. Improper fastening of the flange connection part may cause leakage and water leakage. 1) Fastening the piping flange bolt.
  • Page 24: Installing Refrigerant Gas Discharge Pipe Of Safety Valve

    7-4. Installing Refrigerant Gas Discharge Pipe of Safety Valve The safety valve is a device preventing damage from a pressure increase by discharging refrigerant gas to the outside to protect the turbo chiller in case the internal pressure of Centrifugal chiller increases due to the occurrence of an abnormal temperature in the machine room is caused by fire, etc.
  • Page 25 This requires a lot of costs and time. CAUTION LG Electronics does not take any responsibility for corrosion-related problems due to water quality management problems as corrosion accidents are caused by external factors mostly. Prevent accidents by enough management Causes of scale adhesion and corrosion are various and counter actions are not uniform.
  • Page 26: 26 8. Cold Insulation

    5) When working cold insulation, consider that the temperature sensor and others can be separated for replace- ment. 6) Use cold insulation materials with an equal or higher thermal conductivity and quality than those specified by LG Electronics. 7) Install the cold insulation material firmly using adhesive and completely close the gap between the insulation ma- terial and the insulating part so that air does not get into it.
  • Page 27: 27 9. Electric Wiring

    9. ELECTRIC WIRING Precautions for electric installation WARNING • Ground as prescribed before supplying the power when installing and remove the ground most late when re- moving. It may cause electric shock or fire. • Use a proper measuring instrument. It may cause injury or electric shock.
  • Page 28 Transportation (Power panel, Inverter) • Precautions for handling Do not let power panel and inverter tilted. Be careful not to cause an impact to the components inside the control panel and the inverter as they are fragile. Components inside the power panel and the inverter should not be soaked with water or oil. Never fail to keep power panel and inverter indoors (For indoor type) Do not load the goods on the top of the power panel and inverter.
  • Page 29 Storage (Start-up panel) • Storage Place The power panel and inverter should be kept indoors, which shall be dry and free from dusts. If it is inevitable to keep the system outdoors, do not store the system longer than two weeks, and keep in mind of the following conditions: Cover them with tents or by making a roof to prevent the power panel and inverter from being exposed to rain or other water.
  • Page 30 Inspection Check if there is any damage to the parts attached on the product or control devices during delivery or transportation. Check if there is any problem for spare part or separately packed parts. Environment Conditions Check if the installation status or environment is the same as the table shown below. Item Specification Remarks...
  • Page 31 • Installation (start-up panel) - Installation place Check the floor, pillar, and wall of the installation place and layout drawing of the start-up panel - Status of the floor Design the skid by checking the foundation drawing, and clean the installation part after making horizontality by in- vestigating the horizontality of the installation part and polishing bumps.
  • Page 32 • Other Precautions Only specialists that LG Electronics approved can handle the control devices or tools. Do not move to the front of the control devices. Cut off all the power when connecting the power cord and control signal line.
  • Page 33: Wiring Diagram Of The Power Panel On-Site

    9-1. Wiring diagram of the power panel on-site 9-1-1. LG Wiring diagram of the power panel on-site Inverter start-up ** The diagram shown above is a reference diagram. As it may change depending on the design improvements and customer requests, please refer to the approved diagram.
  • Page 34: Main Power Cord Connection

    9-2. Main Power Cord Connection 3 phase power supply 1) Verify whether the ratings marked on the nameplate of the power panel and inverter is same with the power supplied, and same with the electric data marked on the name plate of the chiller. 2) If the enclosure of the power panel and inverter should be cut to provide electrical access, be careful to prevent debris from falling inside the enclosure.
  • Page 35: Control Board Site Connection Diagram

    9-3. Control Board Site Connection Diagram Control Board Power Supply The control board should be supplied with the 3 phase 3wire power. (Including ground wire) 1. The nominal voltage is 220/380/440VAC, 60/50Hz and allowed range is ±10% of them. This may change depending on the power environment of the consumer. 2.
  • Page 36: Precaution For Motor Protection

    9-4. Precaution for motor protection Customers provided with the Chiller may have concerns about protection and safety of the Chiller compressor medium voltage, but the LG Chiller has a safety function in the inverter for the protection of the medium voltage as shown below.
  • Page 37 Appendix 1. Installation Checklists • Inspection before Installation Inspection items Result Note Have you acquired information related to equipment installation of the site for Chiller? (heat source flow diagram, machine room layout diagram, foundation drawing, electric drawing) Have you acquired the general progress schedule related to the Chiller and surrounding construction? (Check equipment delivery and piping connection schedule) Have you check the size of equipment entrance? Have you established bring in flow and delivery plan of the equipment?
  • Page 38 2. Centrifugal Chiller Interface Diagram (1/2) h Control Power Lead-in Wire: Above F-CV 6SQ h Control Signal Wire: F-CVV 2.5SQ h Motor Analog Signal Wire: F-CVVSB1.5SQ...
  • Page 39 2. Centrifugal Chiller Interface Diagram (2/2) → Turbo Chiller second power supply construction cable table The table shown above may change depending on the conditions of the site.
  • Page 40 3. Control panel wiring diagram...
  • Page 41 3. Control panel wiring diagram...

Table of Contents