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Commissioning And Startup - LG RCWW Operation & Maintenance Manual

Water-cooled screw chiller
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6-3. Commissioning and startup

• When the chiller is started at the site, operate safely following the checking sequence below.
Supply power
Check the display
status in the
control panel
the run button
Start oil pump
Start compressor
Startup complete
Run in progress
Figure 54 Commissioning procedure
1) Supply power to the control panel and the starter
panel and check.
2) Supply power to oil heater 8 hours before startup.
3) Start the chilled water pump. Close the pump outlet
valve during the startup, and open the air outlet valve,
and then carefully open the valve a little to let the
water flow while avoiding water hammering.
If water flows out continuously after air is expelled out
of the air outlet, close the air valve.
4) Start a cooling water pump. Care is needed as in 3)
5) Check whether the display window in the control
panel is working.
Check whether the current status of the chiller is dis-
played as operational in the display window.
6) Check the rotating direction of the compressor motor
If the rotating direction is opposite, stop the chiller and
change 2 phases out of the 3 phases.
7) Check the operation current
When the startup is complete, the operation current
will increase. Make sure that the operation current
does not exceed the motor's rated current.
8) Check all kinds of pressure status
9) Check for the operation sound and vibration
10) Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature
11) Cooling water inlet/outlet temperature
6. Commissioning



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