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Cautions For Safety _ Warning/Caution - LG RCWW Operation & Maintenance Manual

Water-cooled screw chiller
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It can be dangerous when moving, installing and placing the system for its high pressure, electric
devices and heavy weight especially when lifting the unit in a limited space(rooftop, lifted struc-
ture, etc.).
Please read carefully the warnings and cautions on this manual and the labels attached on the
unit, and follow the instructions.
Please follow the following instructions to prevent any injury or property damage
It may result in an injury or damages when neglecting the instructions on in this manual.
The seriousness of the result can be classified as the following signs.
• Please note that any failure of system resulted by user's careless maintenance, natural disaster
or the failure of the power cable shall not be warranted regardless of the warranty period.
• Please note that any part of this manual can be revised without notice for the product improve-
It can result in serious injury or death when the directions are ignored.
It can result in minor injury or product damage when the directions are ignored.
This is the symbol to call attention for the issues and operations that may cause danger.
To prevent the occurrence of the danger, read carefully and follow the instructions.
This is the symbol showing the how-to-use instruction in order to prevent danger.
1-1. Warning
• Have all electric work done by a licensed electrician according to "Electric Facility Engineering Standard" and "Interior
Wire Regulations" and the instructions given in this manual and always use a special circuit.
- If the power source capacity is inadequate or electric work is performed improperly, electric shock or fire may result.
• Ask the dealer or an authorized technician to install the chiller unit.
- Improper installation by the user may result in water leakage, electric shock, or fire.
• For re-installation of the installed product, always contact a dealer or an Authorized Service Center.
- There is risk of fire, electric shock, explosion, or injury.
• Make sure to equip the circuit breaker and fuse.
- Improper wiring or installation may cause fire or electric shock.
• Do not disassemble, repair or reconfigure the unit.
- LG Electronics is not responsible for the any damage or loss from the arbitrary disassembly, repair or reconfigura-
tion of the unit.
• Make sure to ground the unit properly.
- There is risk of fire or electric shock.
• Do not store or use flammable gas or combustibles near the chiller unit
- There is risk of fire or failure of product.
• Do not reconstruct to change the settings of the protection devices.
- If the pressure switch, thermal switch, or other protection device is shorted and operated forcibly, or parts other
than those specified by LGE are used, fire or explosion may result.
• Install the unit on a foundation where the heavy weight can be supported.
- Insufficient strength of the foundation to support the chiller operation may cause the unit failure or injury.
• Installing the product in small space requires separate measures to keep the leakage of the refrigerant within the
safety limits in case of any leakage.
- Consult the authorized dealer for appropriate measures to prevent the refrigerant leakage from exceeding the
safety limits. The leakage of refrigerant exceeding the safety limit may result in dangerous situations due to the
lack of oxygen level in the room.



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