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Haier HSU-12LV03 Service Manual page 7

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1.3 Dehumidifying mode: (Tr: inlet air temperature,Ts:the set temperature)
The background lighting of the LCD is aquamarine blue
Temperature control range : 16℃—30℃
Temperature control precision: ±1℃
control character:
When Tr (indoor temperature) > Ts (temperature setting) +2℃, compressor and outdoor fan
motor run continuosly with indoor fan motor runnig in accordance with the wind speed setting.
When Tr ranges from Ts to Ts +2℃, outdoor fan motor and compressor are on for 10 minutes
and off for 6 minutes, the indoor fan motor is off in 3 minutes after shutdown of compressor
and gives breeze in other time.
When Tr < Ts, outdoor fan motor and compressor are unavailable, and the indoor fan motor
enter breeze mode 3 minutes later after shut down of compressor.
When all the ranges alternate, there is ±1℃ difference.
Wind speed control:
Automation: When Tr >= Ts + 5℃, the wind speed is high.
When Ts+3℃≤ Tr <Ts+5℃, the wind speed is medium.
When Ts+2℃≤ Tr <Ts+3℃, the wind speed is low.
When Ts≤ Tr <Ts+2℃, the machine gives breeze intermittently.
When Tr < Ts, the indoor fan motor is shut off. in 3 minutes
When Tr < Ts, the machine gives breeze after 3 minutes
Manual operation: When the temperation sensor is off or the Indoor fan motor runs intermittently,
the indoor fan motor can not be operated by hand (compelling automatic operation), along with
the indoor fan motor can be operated in cooling mode. While controlling fan motor by hand in
cooling mode, the cooling ranges include wind speed setting and refriferation range, others are the
same as fan motor in automation mode.
compressor control:The compressor can't be controlled by temperature sensor in 2 minutes after
startup and also can't be started again at least 3 minutes later after shutdown. There are
3-minutes protection with power on for the first time (over 3 minutes with power off). The
compressor must be started again 3 minutes later after shutdown.
There is no 2-minutes limit when changing the temperature setting or shutting off the machine
through the remote controller, and the machine can be shut down immediately.
Controlling the position of air door: set the position of air door as required.
Protection of frost is available (disable in test run ): In order to prevent the indoor heat
exchanger from freezing (in refrigation or dehumidifying mode), the compressor will be shut
off when the temperature of the indoor coil pipe is or below 0℃ and the compressor runs
for over 5 minutes. When the temperature of the indoor coil pipe ascends to over 7℃, the
compressor is restarted (must meet a 3-minutes delay)
Timer on, Timer off and sleep control are available.
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