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Haier HSU-12LV03 Service Manual page 9

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If the switch is kept pressed for 5 seconds, buzzer ring two times and unit enter enter test run
Press the switch again, and then closes.
The unit can receive remote control.
Enter emergency operation from timer mode, then timer is cancelled.
Test run:
1) The temperature sensor of inlet air doesn't work, and compressor starts (but subject to the
limit of 3 minute delay excluding the first time), and high wind, cooling, and air door is
open.The indoor fan motor runs, running indicator lights up, compressor relay and the one
of outdoor fan motor is closed
2) During test run:
The prevention of freezing of evaporator doesn't work.
Over current control doesn't work.
The control of current peak expiration doesn't work.
Temperature control doesn't work.
Temperature expiration control doesn't work.
The test run is over after 30 minutes,then the unit turn off
2.5 Executive function after 2 seconds by remoter control:
After receiving remote control signal, the mainboard doesn't enter the corresponding
instruction task until 2 seconds elapse.
The memory function of power down is available, and the auto recovery function of power on is
optional. (In auto, heating, cooling, or defrosting status, press the "sleeping" button 10 times within 5
seconds, and the auto recovery function of power on can be set on/off. If the buzzer rings 4 times, the
the auto recovery function of power on is available; If the buzzer rings 2 times, the the auto recovery
function of power on is unavailable.)
2.6 Alarm from indoor fan motor: 120 seconds later after the indoor fan motor is charged, and the impulse
from fan motor is not detected, then stop outputting voltage to indoor fan motor, send alarm signals. mode of malfunction:
Air Conditioner
PCB number
The SW2 Select "25"OR"35"



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